Xanthous Crown

Physical Resitance 2.1 Bleed Resistance 21
Strike Defense 2.6 Poison Resistance 27
Slash Defense 2.6 Frost Resistance 24
Thrust Defense 2.1 Curse Resistance 27
Magic Defense 4.6 Poise 1.3
Fire Defense 2.2  
Lightning Defense 4.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 270
Dark Defense 4.6 icon_weight.png 3.0
Armor Type Helms

Xanthous Crown is a Helm Armor Piece in Dark Souls 3. It is part of the Xanthous Set.

Crown made in imitation of a divine creature of Oolacile, land of ancient, golden sorceries.

Xanthous clothing is the mark of a researcher of lost sorceries, and the oversized crown is emblematic of their work. Such a curious pursuit is surely nothing to be ashamed of.

Location/Where to Find

Notes and Tips

  • Can be exchanged with Picklepum the Crow for a Lightning Gem.
  • There's a high possibility that the grub you can find it on is indeed Yellowfinger herself after a failed rebirth. This would only make sense since she drops her crown and weapon.


  • The mooshed top of the crown is very mushroom-like in shape. The "divine creature" in the description could well be referencing Elizabeth of Oolacile.




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    • Anonymous

      There's a high possibility that the grub you can find it on is indeed Yellowfinger after a failed rebirth.

      • Anonymous

        Why do I see so many people wearing this crown farming the Ascended Knights at the Archives? It is honestly confusing me... Every time I go to farm there I see at least 1-3 different phantom players walking around there wearing this crown and I never see other phantom players that aren't wearing it, and I know it's not the same player because they are normally wearing different armors and wielding different weapons. Is it like some farming cult? It doesn't make much sense since the SoA can give 50% more souls, which is honestly a better option if you plan to farm the Ascended Knights.

        • Anonymous

          i got this twice in one playthrough


          i got it from killing heysel and the mangrub of heysel still showed up lmao

          • Anonymous

            This is hideous and absolutely one way to show players that they are nothing but wankers, little shytes or even haineous little *****es !

            • this is either wrong or incomplete information. there is not a single enemy in Rosaria's Bed Chamber. so, either this is meant to be the area where the sleeping giant is with the blobs in the water or there's something that triggers an enemy to spawn in Rosaria's Chamber... and even then, killing those blobs in that other area doesn't appear to drop the item (or, at the very least, it's one of those things where it'll require some grinding in order for it to drop).

              • Anonymous

                Wanted to add that I looted one of these off one of those little ambushing enemies with the over sized hoods on in the Cathedral on the bottom level where the giants are.

                • Anonymous

                  I've tested it and the blob enemy does not appear when you kill the abyss watchers, there must be some other conditions that should also be met. This F'ed up my roleplay build, so I thought I should warn other visitors to this wiki.

                  • Anonymous

                    This is a throwback to DS for those of you who don't know. you had to be a boss in someones level and if you killed the person you got this item. cool helm, just way to big to see anything.

                    • Anonymous

                      so i missed this invasion but picked it up later in the cathedral, can you get the others that you have missed or not? most invasions didn't happen for me, even after spending a lengthy time and kindled

                      • Anonymous

                        Yellowfinger Heysel Spawned in the waterlogged area just down from the Crucifixion Woods bonfire for me. Clear the shore or kill the crab to make this easier, though this guy was really easy.

                        • Anonymous

                          Killed a guy wearing it in pvp and my character automatically picked it up upon his death...... has this happened to anyone else?

                          • Anonymous

                            im about to go fight the last boss and i went to rosaria's chamber to see if i could do the black orb quest, I haven't been here in a long time. when i showed up via bonfire there was a slug creature between the bonfire and rosaria. It was watching me but didn't attack so i thought nothing of it. I tried to leave but couldn't access the bonfire. like when an enemy is nearby. So i killed the slug that wasn't attacking me. It dropped the xanthous crown and some stick thing. I ran all over the place trying to find yellowfingers in his map and he was nowhere to be found earlier in the game. Maybe this is a second chance spot if he's missed?

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