Grave Key is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Grave Key

Key to the barred door leading from the sewer below the Undead Settlement to a moist grave.

The grave, which no longer receives visitors, was once the site of a statue of Velka, Goddess of Sin, and was believed to pardon wrongdoing, and lift curses."


Grave Key Usage

  • Opens a door in the sewer that leads to Velka the Goddess of Sin.
  • From the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire in Undead Settlement, head across the bridge and into the sewer. On the lower level, you will find the door unlocked by this key.



Grave Key Locations

  • Sold by Shrine Handmaiden for 1500 souls (you need to give the Mortician's Ashes, located in the graveyard like area near the same bonfire where the giant shoots arrows at, to her to be able to purchase it)




  • This key is not necessary to free Irina or access the statue of Velka. Using Spook or the Silvercat Ring allows one to survive the fall.



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    • Anonymous

      Be carefull. The game does delete or drop items if you die. I purchased the Grave key and died allong the way. It is such a short distance from the Dilapidated bridge to the gate but I was invaded. The Key dissappeared and cannot be gotten from the Handmadien

      • Anonymous

        On the ledge to the right of the giant's tower entrance i got hit by a hollow manservant with the cauldron smash attack and i fell on my back in the area where you find like 3 titanite shards, with no damage taken

        • Anonymous

          From Road of sacrifices bonfire go up on the elevator once and go outside and stand where Eygon is at. Unequip all gear and roll into the right corner (facing opposite where you came from). Works with 10 vigor & no Life ring needed

          • Anonymous

            When standing at the stone bridge between Great Cursewood courtyard and the giant archer tower, look down and try to spot some wooden stairs that lead to a tunnel entrance below you. Walk off the cliff so you land on the stairs and you should survive. I have 11 HP stat(vigor?) and wore the Blue Tearstone Ring. Remove all your armor so you are lighter, might help.

            • Anonymous

              if you fall right behind the back of Eygon of Carim you don't die even without using spook or the ring. I did it at 12 vitality and managed to stay at very few hp but alive

              • Anonymous

                Common mistake, but the giant doesnt actually hurl spears at you at all, he shoots you with a huge bow and huge arrows. when you kill him you also get a ring called hawk ring that increases bow range, so it makes sense.

                • Anonymous

                  There seems to be a glitch that some people, myself included, are experiencing where the hand maiden doesn't sell the key even after you give her the ashes, no idea what causes it or how to fix it.

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