Golden Scroll is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Golden Scroll


A golden scroll chronicling the vast research of the xanthous scholars.

Give to a sorcerer to learn the arts of Oolacile.

In the lost land of Oolacile, the sorceries orchestrated light, and were said to shine in golden hues.


Golden Scroll Usage



Golden Scroll Location

  • Farron Keep bonfire: Exit the room and head straight through the swamp past the Wolf Gate. Once you pass several Basilisks, keep going until you notice a large rock formation starting to appear along the right. Keep walking past them. Once you get beyond the rocks, you will find a cave which has the scroll inside.
  • Faster Route: Farron Perimeter Bonfire; Head towards the sitting Ghru Grunt, turn right and go through the hole in the wall. When you drop, turn right towards the group of Basilisks. The cave is directly beneath you.
  • Golden Scroll Location
  • If this is still confusing, use this map and look for number 3.


Unlocked Spells




  • Player note 1




  • Just adjacent to where this item is found, a dead mushroom can be seen which resembles Elizabeth, the mushroom woman found in Oolacile Sanctuary in the first Dark Souls. As this scroll contains sorceries from Oolacile, it could be inferred from this that the corpse is in fact Elizabeth.



    • Anonymous

      13 Jan 2018 19:29  

      The description of where to go is wrong as *****. go to Farron keep perimeter then turn around and drop down the opening in the wall just before the sitting enemy. Then simply go to the right and there’s the cave opening.

      • Anonymous

        15 Feb 2017 17:50  

        Easy way is from FARON KEEP bonfire. Go through Wolfs Gate and hug right until you reach the candles on right. Drop down and hug wall until you get to the cave.

        • Anonymous

          Incorrect Spelling retrieval instructions23 Apr 2016 17:36  

          You do not get this sorcery from the Golden scroll. It is currently available in the sorcerer shop, while none of the other sorceries from the Golden scroll are, and I literally just picked up the Golden scroll, it's still in my inventory.

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