Shrine Handmaid

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250 0 Firelink Shrine Nothing

The Shrine Handmaid is an NPC in Dark Souls 3, located in Firelink Shrine. She is the primary Merchant available to the player, and her inventory of items available for purchase can be expanded by giving her Umbral Ash scattered throughout Lothric.


Shrine Handmaid Information

  • Located down the hallway, against the wall, between Blacksmith Andre and the Fire Keeper.
  • Offers Merchant services to the player throughout their journey -- allowing the player to both purchase items from and sell items to her. See a full list of her inventory below. The player is able to upgrade her stock by giving her different types of Umbral Ash scattered around Lothric.
  • She can be killed but will respawn when the area is reloaded. Every time she respawns, the price of her wares will increase by twenty percent.
  • Closely resembles the Handmaids encountered at the beginning of Dark Souls 2, including the armor set she wears, as well as her voice.
  • In the Untended Graves, there is an identical Shrine Handmaid, although she sells different items, such as the Wolf Knight Set, and does NOT respawn when killed. This "second" Shrine Handmaid drops the Priestess Ring if killed.
  • After killing Aldrich of the Deep while completing Sirris' questline, Sirris will leave a unique Budding Green Blossom with the Shrine Handmaid with a note that reads, "Good-bye, dear Grandmother. I will visit Grandfather, in the Pit of Hollows". This seems to suggest that the Shrine Handmaid is Sirris' grandmother. This is further supported by the unique dialogue from Sirris after giving the Dreamchaser’s Ashes to the Shrine Handmaiden and informing her of where you found them. Alternatively, Sirris' grandmother is already dead, and Sirris placed some flowers along with a note on her grandmother's grave, which was stolen by the Shrine Handmaid. After all, the Budding Green Blossom is available for purchase, and what kind of grandmother sells a gift given to her? (However, it is important to note that she does not sell this unique Green Blossom for a profit, as it is priced at 10 rather than 100 souls. Therefore, perhaps it was meant to draw attention to Sirris’ plight. If the Shrine Maiden robbed graves for goods to sell, why would she not then sell Hawkwood’s Shield?)
  • After the player has encountered the Shrine Handmaid in the Untended Graves, the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine will greet the player differently (the first time), as though she has already met you.
  • Killing her will increase the price of the items she sells and decrease the price of the items you sell to her.
  • Prices she offers for different items indicate that she especially values Intelligence and Faith, in general, "holy" items. E.g. one of the highest prices for armors come for Archdeacon Set and Prayer Set, for which piece she pays 1000 souls; Antiquated, Firekeeper and Maiden sets' pieces for 500 souls each; highest prices for rings come mainly for such items, like worth 1000 souls Dusk Crown Ring, then Scholar and Priestess Ring (increasing Intelligence and Faith, respectively), other "specialized" rings - Knight and Hunter ones go for 300 souls only; Sunlight Medal will be bought for 7 souls, which is much more from e.g. Proof of a Concord Kept (1 soul). Another indication for such connections is her counterpart in Untended Graves, dropping Priestess Ring when killed.


  • The Shrine Handmaid is located in Firelink Shrine, in the hallway between Blacksmith Andre and the Fire Keeper.




Items Sold


Item Quantity Souls Requirement
Ember 3, 4, 5, or 6 2,000 or 2,500 or 5,000 Multiple Ashes result in this. If all ashes are turned in to her, she will have four stacks of 3 embers, two stacks of 4 embers, one stack of 5 embers, and one stack of 6 embers.
Repair Powder 600 Start of game
Purple Moss Clump 6 500 Start of game
Firebomb 100 Start of game
Prism Stone 10 Start of game
Homeward Bone 500 Start of game
White Sign Soapstone 1 500 Start of game
Dried Finger 1 2,000 Start of game
Tower Key 1 20,000 Start of game
Soul Arrow 1 2,000 Start of game
Farron Dart 1 1,000 Start of game
Heal Aid 1 500 Start of game
Dagger 300 Start of game
Shortsword 600 Start of game
Scimitar 600 Start of game
Halberd ∞  1,500 Start of game
Sorcerer's Staff ∞  500 Start of game
Talisman ∞  500 Start of game
Torch ∞  300 Start of game
Leather Shield ∞  500 Start of game
Crimson Parma 800 Start of game
Warrior's Round Shield 600 Start of game
Large Leather Shield 500 Start of game
Chain Helm 500 Start of game
Chain Armor 800 Start of game
Leather Gauntlets 500 Start of game
Chain Leggings 500 Start of game
Wood Arrow 5 Start of game
Wood Bolt 10 Start of game
Charcoal Pine Bundle 300 Mortician's Ashes
Charcoal Pine Resin 500 Mortician's Ashes
Grave Key 1 1,500 Mortician's Ashes
Life Ring 1 1,500 Dreamchaser Ashes
Feather Arrow 100 Dreamchaser Ashes
Titanite Shard 800 Dreamchaser Ashes
Composite Bow 3,500 Dreamchaser Ashes
Rotten Pine Resin 500 Dreamchaser Ashes
Gold Pine Bundle 6 600 Dreamchaser Ashes
Gold Pine Resin 3 1,000 Dreamchaser Ashes
Black Bug Pellet 1,500 Dreamchaser Ashes
Green Blossom 1,000 Dreamchaser Ashes
Hidden Blessing 1 1,000 Dreamchaser Ashes
Blue Bug Pellet  ∞ 1,500 Excrement-Covered Ashes
Blooming Purple Moss Clump  ∞ 1,000 Excrement-Covered Ashes
Wood Grain Ring 1 3,000 Easterner's Ashes
Red Bug Pellet  ∞ 1,000 Patches' Ashes
Black Firebomb  ∞ 300 Patches' Ashes
Rope Black Firebomb  ∞ 300 Patches' Ashes
Human Pine Resin  ∞ 1,500 Patches' Ashes
Alluring Skull ∞  800 Patches' Ashes
Rusted Coin ∞  200 Patches' Ashes
Rubbish ∞  200 Patches' Ashes
Parrying Dagger ∞  2,000 Patches' Ashes
Shotel 2 4,000 Patches' Ashes
Winged Spear ∞  1,500 Patches' Ashes
Black Leather Armor ∞  2,500 Patches' Ashes
Black Leather Gloves ∞  2,000 Patches' Ashes
Black Leather Boots ∞  2,000 Patches' Ashes
Poison Arrow ∞  120 Patches' Ashes
Purple Moss Clump 500 Paladin's Ashes
Yellow Bug Pellet ∞  1,500 Paladin's Ashes
Undead Hunter Charm ∞  500 Paladin's Ashes
Duel Charm ∞  500 Paladin's Ashes
Morningstar ∞  2,500 Paladin's Ashes
Crescent Axe ∞  4,000 Paladin's Ashes
Canvas Talisman ∞  3,000 Paladin's Ashes
Lloyd’s Shield Ring ∞  2,500 Paladin's Ashes
Bloodred Moss Clump ∞  500 Greirat's Ashes
Throwing Knife ∞  20 Greirat's Ashes
Rope Firebomb ∞  300 Greirat's Ashes
Bandit's Knife ∞  1,500 Greirat's Ashes
Longsword ∞  1,000 Greirat's Ashes
Bastard Sword ∞  3,000 Greirat's Ashes
Scholar's Candlestick 3,500 Greirat's Ashes
Mace ∞  600 Greirat's Ashes
Spear ∞  600 Greirat's Ashes
Light Crossbow ∞  1,000 Greirat's Ashes
Buckler ∞  2,000 Greirat's Ashes
Elkhorn Round Shield ∞  1,500 Greirat's Ashes
Round Shield ∞  1,000 Greirat's Ashes
Kite Shield ∞  4,000 Greirat's Ashes
Leather Armor ∞  800 Greirat's Ashes
Leather Gloves ∞  500 Greirat's Ashes
Leather Boots ∞  500 Greirat's Ashes
Standard Helm ∞  1,500 Greirat's Ashes
Hard Leather Armor ∞  2,500 Greirat's Ashes
Hard Leather Gauntlets ∞  1,000 Greirat's Ashes
Hard Leather Boots ∞  1,000 Greirat's Ashes
Thief Mask ∞  400 Greirat's Ashes
Fire Arrow ∞  100 Greirat's Ashes
Standard Bolt ∞  30 Greirat's Ashes
Helm of Favor 1 7,000 Player has collected the Ring of Favor.
Embraced Armor of Favor 1 10,000 Player has collected the Ring of Favor.
Gauntlets of Favor 1 7,000 Player has collected the Ring of Favor.
Leggings of Favor 1 7,000 Player has collected the Ring of Favor.
Pale Pine Resin ∞  1,000 Prisoner Chief's Ashes
Karla's Pointed Hat 1 5,000 Prisoner Chief's Ashes
Karla's Coat 1 8,000 Prisoner Chief's Ashes
Karla's Trousers 1 5000 Prisoner Chief's Ashes
Karla's Gloves 1 5000 Prisoner Chief's Ashes
Kukri ∞  50 Grave Warden's Ashes
Dung Pie 50 Excrement-Covered Ashes
Stalk Dung Pie 50 Excrement-Covered Ashes
Carthus Rouge 1,000 Grave Warden's Ashes
Young White Branch 1,000 Xanthous Ashes
Xanthous Overcoat 1 10,000 Xanthous Ashes
Xanthous Gloves 1 7,000 Xanthous Ashes
Xanthous Trousers 1 7,000 Xanthous Ashes
Large Titanite shard ∞  4,000 Easterner's Ashes
Eastern Iron Shield 1 3,000 Easterner's Ashes
Eastern Helm 1 5,000 Easterner's Ashes
Eastern Armor 1 8,000 Easterner's Ashes
Eastern Gauntlets 1 5,000 Easterner's Ashes
Eastern Leggings 1 5,000 Easterner's Ashes
Dark Arrow 200 Easterner's Ashes
Onislayer Greatarrow 600 Easterner's Ashes
Great Soul Arrow 1 3,000 Orbeck’s Ashes
Heavy Soul Arrow 1 2,000 Orbeck’s Ashes
Great Heavy Soul Arrow 1 4,000 Orbeck’s Ashes
Soul Greatsword 1 5,000 Orbeck’s Ashes
Farron Flashsword 1 3,000 Orbeck’s Ashes
Magic Weapon 1 3,000 Orbeck’s Ashes
Magic Shield 1 3,000 Orbeck’s Ashes
Spook 1 2,000 Orbeck’s Ashes
Aural Decoy 1 2000 Orbeck’s Ashes
Mossfruit 1,500 Dragon Chaser's Ashes
Titanite Chunk 13,000 Dragon Chaser's Ashes
Twinkling Titanite 15,000 Dragon Chaser's Ashes
Titanite Scale 20,000 Dragon Chaser's Ashes
Dark Hand 1 12,000 Yuria's Ashes
Purging Stone 4,500 Yuria's Ashes
Poison Throwing Knife 100 Yuria's Ashes
Londor Braille Divine Tome 1 50 Yuria's Ashes
Soul Arrow 1 1,000 Yuria's Ashes
Heavy Soul Arrow 1 2,000 Yuria's Ashes
Soul Greatsword 1 5,000 Yuria's Ashes
Magic Weapon 1 4,500 Yuria's Ashes
Magic Shield 1 4,500 Yuria's Ashes
Untrue Dark Ring 1 5,000 Yuria's Ashes
Untrue White Ring 1 5,000 Yuria's Ashes
Ring of Sacrifice 3 5,000 Yuria's Ashes
Black Hand Hat 1 3,000 Killing Black Hand Kamui
Black Hand Armor 1 4,500 Killing Black Hand Kamui
Titanite Slab 1 30,000 Place all boss ashes on thrones before NG+
Millwood Knight Helm 1   Captain's Ashes
Millwood Knight Armor 1   Captain's Ashes
Millwood Knight Gauntlets 1   Captain's Ashes
Millwood Knight Leggings 1   Captain's Ashes
Refined Gem 3   Captain's Ashes
Millwood Greatarrow   Captain's Ashes
Ordained Hood 1   Killing Sister Friede
Ordained Dress 1   Killing Sister Friede
Ordained Trousers 1   Killing Sister Friede




First encounter

A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ashen One.
I am but a humble handmaiden of the shrine.
Weapons, armor, trinkets, and spells...
I've lots of little things to ease the burden of a weary traveller.
...And yes, I'm Undead, too, but not so charitable as to give my goods away.
Ashen One, fetch souls, and bring them to me.
As is thy wont, no?"


First encounter, if you have already spoken with her at Untended Graves

Oh thou'rt... Oh, no, 'tisn't anything Ashen One.
I am but a humble handmaiden of the shrine.
Weapons, armor, trinkets, and spells...
I've lots of little things to ease the burden of a weary traveller.
...And yes, I'm Undead, too, but not so charitable as to give my goods away.
Ashen One, fetch souls, and bring them to me.
As is thy wont, no?"


Selecting "Talk" in general

Ashen One, if my wares are not to thy satisfaction,
bring me umbral ash.
With ash, I'll fashion new wares.
Is it not our sorry fate, to sup on death?"


Selecting "Talk" without having bought the White Sign Soapstone

Knowest thou of that soppy gossip?
That cordial intrusion layeth the path to embers.
And so thou art in need of a soapstone, ashen one.
Then thy pockets will o'erflow with souls and trade to me." 


After giving her any umbral ash

Gracious.  Passing fine ash thou'st given.
Let this ash bestow nourishment.
I only hope these new wares content thee..."


After giving her ash from a recently deceased

Gracious. Passing fine ash thou'st given.
And awfully warm, at that.
Almost as if it had lived, mere moments ago...
Oh, forgive an old woman's idle prate.
I'm sure an ashen one such as thee would never indulge such base contrivances..."

After giving her ash from a recently deceased a second time

Well, well, what warm umbral ash we have here.

It's as if thy fate were with death entwined...

But take no note of me, thy business is thine own.

As by now thou surely knowest,

There is little i love more than a gratuity of souls...

After giving her Dreamchaser's Ashes

Ashen One, what woeful umbral ash is this.
This barren dust, stuff of a fool, on't yield aught.
Where did thou happen upon the stuff? Tell me, for the sport. "

Telling her where you found the ash

Oh, yes, I see...
Clinging to lofty dreams in this dying world...more's the pity.
It must come from one most foolish indeed.
Woulds't thou not agree? "

Say nothing

As the Ashen One ought to be.
Little time for japery, hm?"


When entering conversation

Ah well met, ashen one. How may I be of service?"

When leaving conversation

 Ashen one, be sure to bring more souls."

Killing her

Vile brute. I'm but a poor old woman..."

After killing her

A malicious sort, thou art.
But, marvel on. Remember well, I am undead.
Bound forever by the shrine's curse...
Well, little sense in timidity now.
I'll have thee for all thou'rt worth..."


First Encounter at Untended Graves

Well, fancy that.
A lost lamb wandereth in, with nary a peep from the bell.
Well, thou shouldst my purpose know.
What can this old handmaid provide thee?"

Talk (Untended Graves)

To skirt the curse's grasp...
...tarry not for long.
Tis dark for now, and not a soul stirs. But remember, fires are known to fade in quiet.
Or perhaps thou'rt captive already.
Like the poor girl." (laughs)

Leave (Untended Graves)

Best not tarry long."



  • Character inspirations, fan art, cosplay goes here.
  • Voiced by Carolyn Pickles.



Alva, Seeker of the Spurned  ♦  Anri of Astora  ♦  Archdeacon McDonnell  ♦  Black Hand Gotthard  ♦  Black Hand Kamui  ♦  Blacksmith Andre  ♦  Company Captain Yorshka  ♦  Cornyx of the Great Swamp  ♦  Corvian Settler  ♦  Creighton the Wanderer  ♦  Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild  ♦  Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild  ♦  Emma  ♦  Eygon of Carim  ♦  Filianore  ♦  Fire Keeper  ♦  Giant of the Undead Settlement  ♦  Great Swamp Cuculus  ♦  Greirat of the Undead Settlement  ♦  Hawkwood  ♦  Holy Knight Hodrick  ♦  Horace the Hushed  ♦  Irina of Carim  ♦  Jailer  ♦  Judicator Argo  ♦  Karla  ♦  Knight Slayer Tsorig  ♦  Lapp  ♦  Leonhard  ♦  Lion Knight Albert  ♦  Livid Pyromancer Dunnel  ♦  Locust Preacher  ♦  Londor Pale Shade  ♦  Longfinger Kirk  ♦  Lords of Cinder  ♦  Ludleth of Courland  ♦  Moaning Knight  ♦  Old Wolf of Farron  ♦  Orbeck of Vinheim  ♦  Painting Woman  ♦  Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum Crow  ♦  Pilgrim from Londor  ♦  Ringed City Hollow  ♦  Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth  ♦  Seeker of the Spurned  ♦  Shira  ♦  Silver Knight Ledo  ♦  Sir Vilhelm  ♦  Sirris of the Sunless Realms  ♦  Slave Knight Gael  ♦  Snuggly  ♦  Stone-humped Hag  ♦  Sword Master  ♦  The Painter  ♦  Unbreakable Patches  ♦  Velka the Goddess of Sin  ♦  Yellowfinger Heysel  ♦  Yoel of Londor  ♦  Yuria of Londor


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    • Anonymous

      Everytime I click on my 2nd monitor my character does the light attack, which I forgot about while staying besides her. Now this hag has worse prices. Great.

      • Anonymous

        "Your past, your future, your very light. None will have meaning and you won't even care. By then you'll be something other than human. A thing that feeds on souls. A hollow."

        • Anonymous

          every time she says "ashen one" when i leave i want to murk her so bad. drives me crazy, almost as much as having to go to firelink to level does.

          • Anonymous

            Don't know how much a soul will give you? See the sell price of it. Hell it might be faster than popping them.

            • Anonymous

              i killed her by accident while willing to use a boss soul.... i'm so screwed (on pc i use mouse left click as "use" and attack at the confirm screen it attacks...)

              • Anonymous

                The wiki here is wrong, you can't reset her prices by praying at the statue. Just tried, also aggro'd an NPC to proc the statue asking if I could and her prices are still up there. If you don't like wasting souls, DON'T KILL HER.

                • Anonymous

                  how did she get her hands on artoriases armor as a abyss watcher a follower of the wolf knight i demand a answer

                  • To those concerned about why the handmaid isn't selling unique items (e.g., Untrue Rings from Yuria, spells from Orbeck, Horsehoof Ring from Patches): If you buy those items from those vendors before they die, then give their ashes to the handmaid, you won't be able to get a duplicate of that item. It's gone from the vendor's inventory, and that translates to the handmaid's. Check the item you're looking for, and you'll see a little 0 above the price; that means it's out of stock.

                    • Anonymous

                      When I first met her she was just like where’s my money. She will get my dark sword but her ass in minute if she keeps talking like that Andre is more polite and since he’s been around from the start he’s way older then her sheesh

                      • Anonymous

                        Accidentally killed her while trying to do our kick in the face greeting which she loves very much, but instead of kick i smashed her with a greathammer. At least she suffered a lot for that price increase

                        • Anonymous

                          Oh I’m glad you can revert the original prices. I laid my controller down to go to the bathroom, not even standing close to her, but it pressed L2 and I chaos fireballed the ***** in the head.

                          • Anonymous

                            F*CK! I decided to wipe the keyboard when was listening to her talking in Untended Graves and accidentally pressed Ctrl, with the dagger in the left hand. F*cking hell, game autosaved instantly and now there is no way to revert this.

                            • Anonymous

                              Didnt see it listed here. But the handmaiden should have some "hidden" special dialogue. If you don't talk to her before you meet her in the unintended graves she should say something different when you meet her there,

                              • Anonymous

                                thank god she respawns accidentally pressed r1 and killed her, i insta alt + f4d but idk if that did anything

                                • Anonymous

                                  Killing her in Untended Graves shrine doesn't affect the one in Firelink, nor does it seem to have any consequences. But she won't respawn in Untended Graves again.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    mano acabei de matar esse npc sem querer sera q é uma grande perda a ponto de eu dar NG+ eu esyou agora na capital profanado

                                    • Anonymous

                                      i’ve heard of a rumor about killing her 10 times makes her drop a special item that makes you able to trade spells with other players , is it true or just a fake rumor , i don’t want to make her prices 200% higher for testing

                                      • Anonymous

                                        In case someone didn't know, she has the same red robes as the Firekeepers in Dark Souls 2, meaning by extension either she is a former Firekeeper, or she stole the robes off of one of them

                                        • Anonymous

                                          The Untended Graves and Firelink Shrine share bloodstains, messages, and even recoverable souls. I think they are physically the same place. There is a theory that when you first enter the Untended Graves, you are going back in time somehow. Which explains the shrine handmaid having a different intro if you speak to the one in UG first. It also explains why Gundir is in both places. And why his items refer to him being killed by "an unnamed warrior"... The Linking of the Fires is a ritual sacrifice which has been done many times. Gundir was the last poor fool intended as the sacrifice, before YOU. Things didn't go to plan, it seems...

                                          • I need help i brought almost every umbral ash but the handmaid didnet stock up after dreamchaser ash what should i do ?is it a glitch or am i doing somthing wrong?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              "What kind of grandmother sells a gift given to her?"

                                              Uh, this lady would, have you met her? She's all about the souls. When she mentions that you need to get the soapstone so you can be summoned to other worlds, she starts giggling at how many souls you can bring her. She would straight up sell her own grandkid if she could.

                                              In her dialogue on the soapstone, she does refer to the bit of "soppy gossip" that is "cordial intrusion layeth the path to embers," which is exactly what Sirris tells you. Interestingly, "gossip" can refer to the piece of information itself, or in archaic English (like the kind the handmaid uses), she could be referring derisively to Sirris herself. Slow down with those burns, handmaid.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                She sold me the firelink armour set again when I began new game plus, so I now have two sets at the beginning of my second journey.
                                                Anyone know if this is a bug or not? I haven't seen it mentioned before.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Ashen one do you have something for me?
                                                  Well i found a lolly pop covered in shit but you don't want that right?
                                                  11111111 points if you know were that's from.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    After giving her Orbeck's ashes if you get them from the Grand Archives, she has a unique bit of dialogue saying that the fate of the ashes' owner (Orbeck) and death are intertwined... I didn't think to write it down, I was just surprised to see something different. If someone else wants to confirm, that would be neat.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I had a weird thought the other day--what if she's the former queen of Lothric? It doesn't say much about the Lothric queen, other than she disappeared after the birth of Ocelotte. She was also said to be fond of looking after the lonely graves of the Undead, offering her blessings in the form of holy water... Maybe she also went a little nuts, and sort of forgot who she was.

                                                      Eh, I guess it's a little far out there, but it's fun to think about nonetheless. Maybe she was just another priestess, considering she sells the Priestess Ring in the Untended Graves version of the shrine, and since her outfit is somewhat similar to Emma's.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Orbeck's Ashes
                                                        If you were to turn Orbeck's ashes into the handmaiden after the player and him fought the twin princes. She should have some unique dialogue regarding Orbeck.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          When you start a character in dark souls 2 and you talk to the fire keeper servant,she will told you that they used to be 4 sisters instead of 3,when i first saw her in the shirne i realize that she is the 4th,however when you dialogue with her she doesnt say anything about her sisters,and in the game there is no refference that connects her to dark souls 2 universe

                                                          • There's some dialogue missing from this page (3:30~4:00):
                                                            I got this from killing Yuria and giving her Yuria's Ashes right away. Condition seems to be ashes from an NPC vendor that the player killed in Firelink -- can anyone else confirm?

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              To skirt the curse's grasp...
                                                              ...tarry not for long.
                                                              Tis dark for now, and not a soul stirs. But remember, fires are known to fade in quiet.
                                                              Or perhaps thou'rt captive already.
                                                              Like the poor girl." (laughs)

                                                              I think she is talking about Ariamas in the dlc

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                "Knowest thou of that soppy gossip? That cordial intrusion layeth the path to embers. Then thy pockets will o'erflow with souls to trade to me. (creepy laugh)

                                                                • In my play threw I killed Irena (Leading her down the dark path) out of mercy. I found Greirat's ashes and she sounded more sinister this time. I didn't get to catch the dialogue though so some one will need to add the extra lines to quotes.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    She has unique dialog if you kill her, and then give her an ash that you got from killing an NPC. Someone may have pointed that out already but I ain't reading through all these comments

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      She has additional, unique dialogue if you give her Irina's ashes. Not sure all the conditions, but I had given her greirat's and then led Irina down the dark path before I killed her.

                                                                      • She sounds and looks very much like the fire keepers of dark souls 2, the one that talks and sets you off on your journey. I dont know what happened, but maybe somehow she ended up here. If this is her, that same person from the time Lothric was called Drangleic, possibly hundreds of years ago( she is already undead so she wont die of aging). Just imagine the kind of crazy grandma ***** that could had went down. Imagine a game that will never happen, where you play as that old lady, sending undead off in dark souls 2, then eventually ***** happens and some giant thing breaks your home and kills the others, or some calamity forces you to leave. Some epic grandma journey where you toast fools with firekeeper pyromancy, knife hollow thugs with mad stealth and enter all the wrong neighborhoods. Your co-ops would include that spoon wielding woman from dark souls 2, who protects the elderly and maybe other fire keepers and pyromaniacs. Lol

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          She has a unique dialogue when you give her Greirat's Ashes. The dialogue implies that Greirat can't be saved. Patches, if you told him where Greirat went to, says that Greirat might have lost his mind if he decided to pillage Lothric Castle. With that, Greirat was probably fated to meet a grim death.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            could this be another easteregg hinting at bloodbourne?also im not sure but i think the ash unlocks her life ring for purchase

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Her dialog has changed to a derivative of the white sign soapstone one. I've given her all the ash there is

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                The list is snagged straight from the official guide, which has a lot of mistakes. The Grave Warden's Ashes, for example, don't sell the Dung Pie... the Excrement Ashes does, as well as the Stalk Dung Pie.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  I skipped too fast but while wearing the sunset helm, she greeted me with something like "fancy hat", needs confirmation (i mean the alternate handmaid in untended graves)

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    It should be added that she after killing various bosses and unique NPCs, she will sell their armor sets. The Undead Legion Set after killing the Abyss Watchers, the Faraam Set after killing the NPC wearing it in the archives, Dancer's Set and Smough's Set after killing Dancer, Lorian's Set after killing him, the Black Iron Set after killing Tsorig in the Demon Ruins, the Executioner Set after killing Horace, Gundyr's Set after killing Champion Gundyr, the Black Hand Hat and Armor after killing the NPC wearing it in the archives, the Sage's Big Hat after killing the Crystal Sage, Wolnir's Crown after killing him.That's all I know of so far, but I'm sure there's more.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Haven't got far enough to find out myself yet. Does the other version of her at the Untended Graves accept ashes? Like, would something different happen if I held onto the Dreamchaser Ashes and showed them to her there instead of at the normal shrine?

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        she also seems to drop boss gear after you kill them. i bought my abyss watcher gear from her and the crystal sage's big hat (which i can't find an item listing for)

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          Oh, really? Does a note to the handmaid from Sirris that says "Dear Grandmother" really imply that the Handmaid is Sirris's grandmother? Wow! I couldnt have figured that one out on my own, thanks for really clearing that up.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Hey there. I am certain, in my first playthrough the maiden sold me dragonslayer greatarrows and the lightning greatarrows too. Unlimited quantity. In my ng+ , i gave her all the ashes again, she don't sell them. Why is that? Because of ng+ or did i miss something? The lord of cinder and all other bosses are dead. Like in my first playthrough, but the arrows aren't there. Anyone a clue?

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              Just got done with a long and fruitful session of DS3. Made it to the catacombs... Went back and was checking to see what new items I would get from the new ash and bam, my controller slipped, fell to the ground, and she was destroyed in one hit. I didn't mean to... Really I didn't.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                When giving her the dream ashes she asks you where you found them. You then get the option to tell her or to lie. Why's that?

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  she's killable but every time you kill her she respawns and doubles the prices of her wares also she drops nothing, so there isn't any incentive to kill her her wares are all in this list (28 items) short, start equipment makes zero difference because she sells the halberd and a lot of better weapons from the get go she also sells the chainmail sets (which has some decent stats overall) talisman and staves.. and the basic spells/miracles she also sells the mosses,embers and even repair powdermy best bet is to go deprived or cleric for the blunt damage weapon (we all know knights are weak vs Blunt and most of the game's enemies are armored) and then get some decent weapon for crowd control like the halberd or the claymore as for armor, you can either buy the chainmail, or pick the golden rusted coin as for the start, and farm the red knights (good armor, and looks great) for magic, if you go deprived and get the club, it has an amazing battle art that smashes everything in it's path so i'm more leaning towards that. if you go cleric, you have a chime, therefore, you can charge up your spells (both offensive and defensive) going cleric is also useful if you plan to use coop (but don't go over-board you casual!) and that's about that.. remember to pump stats into all the stats equally (don't forget luck if you intend to farm for shards) and do remember, praise the sun!

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