Repair Powder is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Repair Powder

Lightly enchanted golden powder.

Repairs equipped weapons and armor, as long as they haven't already broken.

Use of a weapon depletes its durability, eventuallly causing it to break.

As long as a weapon is not broken, its durability can be restored at a bonfire, but for distant journeys, one may wish to prepare ahead." 

Repair Powder Usage

  • Repairs equipped armor, weapons and shields.



Repair Powder Locations

  • Sold by Shrine Handmaid for 600 souls
  • Dropped by ??
  • 2x Found at Undead Settlement: Head left from the Undead Settlement bonfire into a house. Go to the lower floor and head out into the balcony. On the right side corner of the balcony you will find them on a corpse by a wall. ()
  • 4x Found in the Farron Keep swamp near the cave, in the basilisk infested part beneath the keep ruins.
  • 2x Found at Cathedral of the Deep, right next to the white birch outside the cathedral.




  • Repair Powder restores durability, as long as the items have not fully broken (0 durability).
  • Same effect as the Repair sorcery spell, although the spell also repairs broken items.
  • Durability in Dark Souls 3 is very high (and weapons almost never get broken) making this item almost useless.




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    • Anonymous

      The only use for this item is when you cleared an area and then invade the whole time. When you die during the invasion you can get your souls back without any enemies in your world. Therefore you don't want to rest at the bonfire, and after a lot of invasions you might need to use the repair powder instead of resting at the bonfire and respawning all the enemies. However this is only useful if you want to accumulate huge amounts of souls without risking to lose them.

      • Anonymous

        this stuff is also useful for a bonfireless run, otherwise you have no way to fix your weapon (aside from repair but, seriously, come on)

        • Anonymous

          This thing became useful for literally ONE DAY when Acid Surge became devastatingly powerful and then was hotfixed into uselessness the next day. Now the only build I can imagine may need RP are sorcerers who abuse the MLGS charged R2 attacks.

          • Anonymous

            Can you use this even if all equipment is intact? The effect looks cool and not many people have seen it.

            • Anonymous

              I feel like this was useless in ds1 and 3 but the most useful in ds2. It might just be my imagination but I think that weapons broke easier in #2. I remember having to use this consumable more often in that game than any other game in the series.

              • Anonymous

                Sold for only 300 from Greirat after sending him to pillage Undead Settlement, so dont waste your souls on the Handmaid she is a greedy guts :D

                • Anonymous

                  "Repairs equipped weapons and armor, as long as they haven't already broken." fukkin wot m8. even though I know how the durability system works in this game, this phrasing is still funny to me. witness the miraculous item, that can fix ANYTHING that isn't broken! clearly Fromsoft haven't heard the saying 'if it ain't broken, don't fix it'.

                  • Anonymous

                    source: my ass so bear with me here while i bend over backwardsthis item is based on the Jap practice of using gold to repair pottery among other things.

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