Rime-Blue Moss Clump is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Rime-Blue Moss Clump

Moss clump radiating gentle heat and light. Reduces frost build-up. Cures frostbite status.

Frost accumulates in the body causing frostbite, which saps one's health, lowers absorption, and slows stamina recovery.

Weapons imbued with frost are a rare thing indeed, most of them originating in the Boreal Valley.


Rime-Blue Moss Clump Usage

  • Reduces frost build up, cures frostbite status



Rime-Blue Moss Clump Locations




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    • Anonymous

      14 Jun 2021 15:16  

      I was farming Vertebrae Shackles for hours, nothing, so I took a short break to kill literally anything else. Glad to know that I kill that crab once and get this "very rare" drop.

      • Anonymous

        03 May 2021 08:20  

        Pretty useful in early PvP, since alot of people use ice weapons. It won't help you vs Vordt's hammer though, since that things true 2 hit R1 will usually instant frostbite you.

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