Irithyll of the Boreal Valley is a Location in Dark Souls 3. A Non-optional area required for the player to progress, invisible enemies and patrols of tall guardians wander its silent snowy streets, attacking with magic, fire, and dark alike.  A great barrier seals off the mythical city to outsiders, but perhaps a solution might be found among the Deep...


General Information

  • Previous: Catacombs of Carthus
  • Next: Irithyll DungeonLothric Castle(if you have defeated 2 other Lords of Cinder)
  • Recommended Levels: 45 to 65
  • Bosses: Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Bonfires: Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Central Irithyll, Church of Yorshka, Distant Manor, Pontiff Sulyvahn, Water Reserve, Anor Londo, Prison Tower and Aldrich, Devourer of Gods


Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Map

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Map DKS3

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Map 2 DKS3

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Map 3 DKS3

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Map 4 DKS3


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Full Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Walkthrough

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Exploring the Boreal Valley

As you enter this snow dusted world, head to your left to light the first Bonfire. Continue down the left path and make a right through the arch to traverse the bridge. About halfway through a Sulyvahn's Beast will spawn behind you. This enemy is intimidating but defeatable by timing its attacks and striking when exposed. A way of cheesing it is to run back towards the arch and the creature will begin to despawn. At this point you can land several hits before it despawns. When it spawns again it will still be damaged  as long as you do not rest at the bonfire. When defeated it will drop Pontiff's Right Eye. If you cross the seal without defeating it, you will see it again before the entrance to Irithyll Dungeon when you run below the bridge.

If you have been doing the Sirris of the Sunless Realms questline, her request for summons sign will appear directly next to the message regarding the Small Doll after the beast is defeated or avoided. Assist her in killing Creighton the Wanderer, and speak to her when done in Firelink. She will give you the Silvercat Ring as well as a Blessed Mail Breaker.

Continue crossing the bridge. Near the end you can find a Homeward Bone 1x. To cross this seal and into the courtyard you will need to have the Small Doll in your possession which you obtain by defeating the Deacons of the Deep in Cathedral of the Deep, otherwise this is as far as you can go.

Cross into the courtyard and light the next Bonfire to the right. Near the bonfire you can loot Rime-blue Moss Clump 1x. Around the central rotunda you can find Soul of a Weary Warrior 1x and Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x.

Head forward and up the stairs on the right. At the top of the stairs make a left and back to find a Soul of a Weary Warrior 1x. Up the path here you will encounter Pontiff Knights which are quite fast in their attack movements. To the right is a short staircase with a corpse at the top you can loot for Large Titanite Shard 1x. Continue up the path to dispatch another dancer and beyond you will come to a courtyard.

Kill the hag in front of the fountain and loot Budding Green Blossom 1x and Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x. Dispatch the other hag and head left to find a fire casting knight and a group of hags. Defeat them to encounter another group of hags. There is a body to the left with a Rime-blue Moss Clump 2x. Down the path to the right is a fire casting knight. Defeat him and behind him you will find a corpse with a Large Titanite Shard 1x. Return to the path to find several more dancer enemies.

Left up a short staircase you will find a Crystal Lizard. If you attack the railing you will reveal a hidden staircase down. At the bottom of the stairs you will find a corpse to the right with Large Titanite Shard 1x. There is a dancer enemy ahead. Continue down the next staircase and drop down into the snowy area to find an Evangelist. Kill her to obtain Dorhys' Gnawing. By a tree here is a corpse with Witchtree Branch 1x.  Open the grated door to unlock a shortcut back to the first bonfire.

Continue up the path to find a corpse on the left with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x. If you make a left up the stairs past this corpse, you will reach the Church of Yorshka Bonfire. However, if you take a quick detour to both the left and right you will find Large Titanite Shard 2x. Continue towards the building ahead and head right to find a Soul of a Weary Warrior 1x. Make your way around and down the stairs to take on a fire caster. Loot a Soul of a Weary Warrior 1x here. Head into the center to take on three of these knights, one of which is a caster. Head up the central stairs to come to an ornate altar. A corpse at its base can be looted for a Lightning Gem. To the right of the altar attack the wall to reveal an Illusory Wall behind which you can loot the Magic Clutch Ring. Ignore the Ring of the Sun's First Born in the center of the altar for now, as you must jump down from above.

Return to the path and go straight into the building to light a Bonfire. It may be a good time to go and buy a torch or get one out of storage as you will need it shortly. If you've been progressing Anri of Astora's questline you can speak to her near the fire. If you speak to her you can obtain the Quiet Resolve Gesture. In the corner of this room is an NPC pilgrim camouflaged as a statue. If you choose to kill this NPC, you will obtain Chameleon earlier in the game and save Anri, but will also make Yuria of Londor's questline abrutly end. Towards the back of the room, before a coffin you will find Proof of a Concord Kept 1x. 

Take the doorway that leads to a set of stairs going down. At the first landing, to the right you will find the Roster of Knights. Exit to the outside and dispatch the slightly hidden hags. Ahead you can loot a Fading Soul 1x, to the left is a set of stairs and to the right you can find a Fading Soul and kill an enemy crouched before a grave and loot Homeward Bone 3x. Behind the gravestone you can find Undead Bone Shard 1x. If you succesfully helped Sirris kill Creighton the Wanderer, he will invade you here. Head back to the central yard and head down the staircase you first saw on your left.

There is an invisible hag in a corner here and if you head left you will encounter three dogs (one sleeping in the corner). You can find a Rusted Gold Coin 1x on a body here as well as Kukri 8x. Make you way back and enter the doorway leading down to come into a very dark interior, where the torch will come in handy. You will be able to see the eyes of hags here. If you take the stairs down, you will encounter many of these hags, but it's better to take them out one by one. In this room you can loot Blue Bug Pellet 2x. At the end of the room you can climb up a ladder to a walkway. Step out onto the beams here to find a Shriving Stone 1x and make your way around the series of beams until you can drop down to a lower walkway where you can loot a chest to find Yorshka's Spear. Beware of the hag nearby and drop down to the ground floor and exit to the outside.

Head down the stairs where you will encounter more hags. At the first landing head right and enter the first alcove. Attack the wall to reveal an Illusory Wall.  Behind you will find a Crystal Lizard. There are hags in each of these alcoves. Continue along to the end where you will find a tree and two more of these hags. A corpse at the foot of the tree can be looted for a Blood Gem 1x. 

There is a gap in the railing here where you can drop down to the water to kill a creature. Nearby is a body that can be looted for a Ring of Sacrifice. Further ahead you can find Green Blossom 3x. Continue in the water until you come to a small island where you will find Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x. This body of water has several of the Sewer Centipedes lurking. On a body in the water by a mound you can find Great Heal. Continue to explore the water to find Green Blossom 4x.

The Entrance to Irithyll Dungeon

From this body of water you can either follow an underpass to continue this zone or you can get to land to enter a doorway which leads you to a Bonfire and Irithyll Dungeon and beyond that the Profaned Capital. If you wish to stay in this area skip to the next paragraph. Note that you will break Siegward of Catarina's quest line and possibly kill Greirat of the Undead Settlement if you enter Irithyll Dungeon before progressing to the kitchen shortly ahead in Boreal Valley. If you wish to advance to those other areas now, head to the shore where you can leave via the archway and head down to the bonfire. If you descend the steps from this bonfire you will encounter two hags and a dancer. At the bottom to your right you will find 2 hags behind a pillar and a corpse with Large Titanite Shard 1x. On the stairs you came down, you can drop down to the right to find a Rusted Gold Coin 1x but be mindful of fall damage from the drop. Exit this room to the stairs outside along the cliff. In a doorway on your left you will be invaded by Alva, Seeker of the Spurned who wields a curved sword and a crossbow. Kill him to earn the Murakumo. Go down this hallway where he spawned and take the stairs down to reach the Bonfire and Irithyll Dungeon

Continuing with Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Head through the sewer like underpass where you will meet a few of the Sewer Centipedes in the water. To the right you can loot Dung Pie 3x from a corpse. To the left you will find more Dung Pie 3x. In a corner near 2 of these insect like enemies you will find Budding Green Blossom 1x. Near the staircase here that leads up, you will find an open alcove where you can obtain Excrement-covered Ashes.

Head up the stairs and enter the next room. To the right will be some Estus Soup in a cauldron (do not drink it if following Siegward's quest). Siegward of Catarina will also be present here if you have been advancing his Side Quest. Head up the stairs to the left and enter the next room and proceed to the large room ahead to encounter several Silver Knights. Be mindful of the pots around here, as breaking them can inflict frost on you.

Head into an alcove here an up the stairs to encounter a Silver Knight straight ahead and another to the left. Continue down to find three chests, one with the Leo Ring, one with Smough's Great Hammer and one with Divine Blessing 1x. Head back down the stairs and straight to exit this room and go outside. Head left and take the staircase up, and loot the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x by a tree on the left. You will then be assaulted by two dogs and will also be invaded by the dark spirit Londor Pale Shade (The invader will only show up if you're on bad terms with Yuria, such as killing the pilgrim in the Church to save Anri, or hitting Yuria 3 times to aggro her. If you assisted Sirris in killing Creighton the Wanderer, then you must be invaded by Creighton after the Church of Yorshka bonfire (near the large gravestone near the Undead Bone Shard) before the Dark Spirit of Londor will invade you). The invader is a caster that makes use of some powerful spells. Kill the spirit to obtain Manikin Claws.

Continue up the stairs to take out more invisible hag casters and several dogs. At the courtyard proceed into the central opening and activate the lift. Take it up and open the door to unlock a shortcut to the earlier portion of this area, near the Church of Yorksha Bonfire. Take the lift back down and exit, to the left you will find a Large Titanite Shard 1x. Take the stairs up and at the top, before entering the building, make a left and drop down to a lower platform. Loot the Large Titanite Shard 1x from a corpse here and enter the building and ascend the ladder.

Kill the two hags at the top of the ladder and take the stairs down killing the other hags along the way. Loot a corpse in this room for Blue Bug Pellet 2x. Head back up the stairs and exit the doorway. By a tree you can find Soul of a Weary Warrior 1x. Continue up the stairs to take on 2 Pontiff Knights. If you head down the stairs ahead you will encounter 2 more hags and by a tree can loot a corpse for an Ember 1x. Open the golden gate here to unlock another shortcut.

Boss Fight: Pontiff Sulyvahn

Return back up the stairs to the main courtyard area in front of the fog gate. If you look at the level below you can execute a drop down to the altar like area where you looted the Lightning Gem to land on the previously inaccessible area where you can pillage the Ring of the Sun's First Born. In this courtyard, you can summon Black Hand Gotthard, Londor Pale Shade and depending on quest line progress, Anri of Astora. Enter the fog to challenge the area boss, Pontiff Sulyvahn

Once the boss is slain, light the Bonfire in this room and proceed forward and outside. Head right to loot a Large Titanite Shard 1x. If you descend into the courtyard garden next to here you will find two Crystal Lizards. Make your way back and head into the large open area and head left under the bridge. To the right you will find several hags here. Kill them and pillage the Dark Stoneplate Ring. To the left you will come to a doorway. Enter and ascend the stairs to the top of the bridge and if you make an about face and head up the short stairs into the building you will come to a platform with a pressure plate to lower the pillar activating a shortcut to the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire. 

Take the path by the lever and at the end you will encounter a Mimic, which will drop the Golden Ritual Spear. Return to the lever by the pillar and continue up the stairs and follow this path down around a couple of corners until you find a Crystal Lizard.

Exit the building to the bridge to encounter several deacons along the way. Head right at the end where you will face 2 Drang NPCs. Killing them will earn you Drang Twinspears. Head down the stairs into the large courtyard where you will find a corpse with an Ember 1x. To the left a Giant will rise and behind it will be another Ember 1x. Another Giant to your right will rise up. Kill it and proceed to loot Soul of a Weary Warrior 1x from a corpse here.

Aldrich's Faithful Covenant

Take the stairs up and into the building. Attack a wall on the left to reveal an Illusory Wall and take the ladder down to a flooded chamber with two Sulyvahn's Beasts. These enemies can constitute one of the hardest encounters in the entire game.

  • If you are a melee type, luring them into the corner and fighting them one on one possible. A good way to start the fight is the shoot one of them with a bow and then quickly climbing up the ladder. Once you are a bit higher up you wait for him to stand under you. Then tap dodge twice to drop off; and perform a plunge attack.
  • If you are a pyromancer, use Great Chaos Fire Orb.
  • If you are a cleric, use Dorhy's Gnawing.
  • If you are a sorcerer, use poison.
  • If you are an archer, they can be staggered into submission with a well placed headshot - video here. 

Killing the last will earn you the Ring of Favor and you will find a Human Dregs on a body in the center. Across the room is a corpse with Deep Gem 1x. In the corner of this room you will find Archdeacon McDonnell, covenant leader of the Aldrich Faithful. Light the Bonfire in the center of this room.

Note: If you find killing them too difficult, return to outside the Pontiff Sulyvahn Bonfire and look for summon signs to get help, as they will be short work to a strong pyromancer.

Silver Knights and the Rooftops

Return back to the entrance of the building and head right up the stairs and outside. Behind the top of the stairs there is a corpse on the railing with a Titanite Scale. From this area you can drop down to a ledge and head around a corner to find Large Titanite Shard 1x. Continue along this ledge and run up the narrow roof dodging the arrow fire to reach the next landing. Dash up the following narrow roof and make an immediate right to descend the stairs and at the bottom proceed forward to find the Easterner's Ashes. Go back up the stairs and take out the Silver Knight at the top. Continue down the path to take out the two archer Silver Knights. Take the narrow roof down and defeat the Silver Knights here and then take the next narrow roof down and if you drop down to a platform you will find a corpse with the Dragonslayer Greatbow and Dragonslayer Greatarrow 5x. Drop down the roof to the main courtyard and make your way back up the rooftops. Once back on the narrow roof where you dropped, follow it down and go around the structure at its end to find Large Titanite Shard 1x. Head right across the bridge until you reach a doorway in a tower.

Note: If you find you are being invaded by Aldrich Faithful often here, you can return to outside the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire and usually find summon signs for help, or proceed 'unembered'.

The Darkmoon Tomb

Enter the tower and take the ladder down to open a door and shortcut. Head back up the ladder and backtrack up the narrow roof until you come to the landing. Proceed forward into a doorway into a round room. To the left take the doorway out ot find a corpse with an Ember 1x. Return to the room and attack the statue to reveal an Illusory Wall and take the stairs down. In the next chamber you can loot a corpse for the Brass Set and proceed into the Darkmoon Tomb. This is the location where you will find Anri of Astora if completing their quest line. To the right you can head down a dark hallway to find a chest with the Reversal Ring.

Blades of the Darkmoon and Entering Anor Londo

Return to the round room and out to where you looted the ember and pull the lever to the right here to bring the rotating platform to you. Step onto the platform and take the spiral stairs up and rotate the lever at the top. Once the platform has rotated to the top, step out onto the bridge to enter Anor Londo. Light the Bonfire here.

To find the Blades of the Darkmoon covenant, return to the rotating platform and go down the spiral steps to the platform that appears to now lead nowhere. Step off to walk onto an invisible bridge and head right to drop off onto a tower. Light the Bonfire here and walk to the left to meet Company Captain Yorshka, leader of the Blades of the Darkmoon. If you enter this tower you can drop down the plank ledges carefully to reach a beam with the Painting Guardian's Curved Sword. Drop down a few more ledges to find the Painting Guardian Set. Drop down the rest of the way to come into the bonfire room in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Port back to the bonfire in Anor Londo to continue your journey.

Opening the Main Gate

From the Bonfire, walk up the staircase towards the castle. As you ascend the stairs there are two silver knights who will attack you. Deal with them and just to the left at the top of the stairs you will find Large Soul of a Weary Warrior x1, then head to the right where you will encounter a red eyed Silver Knight. Loot a corpse here for Soul of a Crestfallen Knight x1. Continue left and enter the open door where the dead giant blacksmith lies and in his hand find the Giant's Coal and then continue up the stairs, into the dark main chamber. Turn right and look over the ledge and you can see the fog gate where the boss awaits.

Continue down the stairs but be wary of the pyromancers casting fireballs from the other side. Near them is a corpse with Proof of a Concord Kept x1. Most of the old passages have been filled in with rubble. Head down into the main chamber and dispatch the deacon pyromancers and slimes. Head to the opposite staircase to loot Moonlight Arrow x5. Continue to the corner to find the revolving switch that opens the main double doors into the castle. There is a Deep Accursed waiting for you here, be careful not to be cursed by the white fog he breathes. Defeat him to earn Aldrich's Ruby. Once the doors are opened this area can be much more easily accessed from the bonfire at the base of the castle.

Anri of Astora's Questline

Step out the now opened main doors and if you've been progressing Anri of Astora's quest line, to the left you will see a purple sign on the floor which says "Touch sign requesting cooperation". Triggering it will ask you if you will answer Anri's call for cooperation and be summoned as a phantom. If you accept, you will enter their world as a phantom to assist them with defeating Aldrich, Devourer of Gods in their world. If you are successful in defeating Aldrich you will be returned back to your world, where the purple glow will now have a golden hue. Defeating Aldrich here does not count as defeating him in your world.

Facing Aldrich

Return to the main chamber and on the other side of the main hall, there is a chest (left wall if facing from the stairs) containing an Estus Shard. Continue down the hallway towards the fog gate. There are three enemies from the Deacons of the Deep boss fight standing between you and the boss room. Once they have been defeated, enter the fog gate to face Aldrich, Devourer of Gods. and earn Soul of Aldrich and Cinders of a Lord.

If this is the 3rd lord of cinder you defeated, a cutscene will play and you will be transported to the High Wall of Lothric.

Once the boss has been defeated, light the Bonfire and head left to take the lift in the corner to enter Gwynevere's former chamber to pick up the Sun Princess Ring.


Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Map

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Map DKS3

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Map 2 DKS3

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Map 3 DKS3

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Map 4 DKS3

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Video Playthrough

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Video Walkthrough Part 1

Part 2 (Siegward, Shortcuts, Pontiff Sulyvahn)

Part 3 (Path to Anor Londo, Mimic, Crystal Lizard, Darkmoon Tomb)


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

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    • Anonymous

      25 Mar 2020 19:16  

      Seriously tho one thing I hate about this game is the disgusting map design. Literally Aldrich and Yholm never killed me once but I got killed at least thrice by those groups of Knights, Rats and Dogs. Wear a ***king Heavy Armor from Havel, long honored for being inpenetrable, yet still GET FKING STAGGERED BY DOG BITES AND RAT HEADSTRIKES it sucks.

      • Anonymous

        09 Nov 2019 02:09  

        Crossing the Irithyll bridge into the city is a finer moment than first seeing the area after exiting the catacombs imo, the gothic buildings coming closer into view never gets old.

        • Anonymous

          02 Sep 2019 01:39  

          Another area that showcases how the boss fights of DS3 are the easiest parts of the game. 10+ deaths going through the area, 1 death to Pontiff. First time play through.

          • Anonymous

            19 Jun 2019 02:53  

            Is there any way you can put the freaking name of the bonfires into the guides instead of just saying "bonfire"? It's very difficult to pick this up if you've put the game down for any length of time and don't remember what all is where.

            • Anonymous

              24 Feb 2019 20:04  

              Well, this is the area that finally beat me. Gir gud or whatever but tired of infinite stamina *****s who don't need line of sight to target or hit me. Stream of fire coming through a 20 foot thick stone wall from a guy 100m a way who can't see me? Check. Beatable? Sure. Cheesy as ***** and breaks all their own rules of fairness? Yep. Git Gud? From Software needs to git gud.

              • Anonymous

                11 Jan 2019 08:15  

                I recall there being a ring right after the first room with the silver knights in ng++. Cant remember what one, just that it was the last one i needed.

                • Anonymous

                  27 Dec 2018 02:54  

                  I didn't see it mentioned in the Aldritch of the Deep Sulyvahn Beast (x2) section, so if anyone wants to add a bullet point saying: • each beast can be easily killed one at a time by going to the right side first, luring the beast over to you while you keep the pillar between you and it. If you hug the pillar while walking around it then you won't aggro the other beast on the other side. Poison Mist (10 Fth - Pyromancy) and Great Chaos Fire Orb (no int/fth req) can be used while the mouth of the beast is appearing around the edge of the pillar. As long as you are on the direct opposite side of the pillar, it can't touch you. Not even with its lightning attack.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Dec 2018 02:26  

                    The Covetus Gold Serpent Ring +1 is found on a ledge between where the screaming invisible hollow is, and the room full of invisible hollows. Drop down after exiting the room, and to the right is a broken railing leading to the ring, NG+1.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Nov 2018 23:47  

                      Any suggestions for gear coming into this area? SL42 and using a mix of Fallen Knight set and Exile set to keep my weight at <=70%, getting chewed up by the Pontiff Knights and random double-damage Fire Witch attacks.

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Nov 2018 21:15  

                        So tried to enter the kitchen but the game bugged out. I saw no textures and all enemy were removed. Only items were loaded. I took some picture and got stuck so i reloaded the game but it is not going to work :( RIP sl 12 warrior, may the flames guide thee...

                        • Anonymous

                          28 Jul 2018 05:41  

                          whos the jackass in fromsoft that keeps putting areas where you get shot at while fighting something. its so goddamn repetitive. the alley with the dogs is the worst of it all

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Apr 2018 10:49  

                            If you didn't defeat suyhlvans (big scary croc monster tiger ba5tard) pet on the bride he will attack you in the sewer.. don't think that was put in the guide.. btw, thank you so much for the site.. I appreciate it a lot..

                            • Anonymous

                              15 Jan 2018 15:47  

                              Note, "Map Part1" is missing the symbol for the Crystal Lizard that is at the illusory wall / stairs that leads down to Dorhys' Gnawing.

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Jan 2018 11:31  

                                A tip for Sulyvahns beast. At the bridge where you first encounter it and run to the end, through the invisible barrier that it cant follow you, but you can fire arrows/bolts/spells back through it. If you dont manage to kill it before it disappears, you can return to the beggining of the bridge, then head back to the invisible barrier again and beast will respawn once you are about a quarter of the way across. As far as I can tell theres no limit to the ammount of times it will respawn (still on first play through)

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