Fire Witch

Enemy Type Pyromancer
Weakness Dark
Resistances Physical, Fire, Frost, Lightning
Immune ??

Fire Witch is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • A tall witch that wields a burning stake as both a weapon and a catalyst.
  • Once regarded as holy knights before their fall to the Profaned Flame.

Combat Information

  • Hits the stake into the ground, causing an explosion to burst underneath the player's feet.
  • Attacks with a stream of fire coming from the tip of its weapon.
  • Launches a tracking line of fire with an upwards swing from the ground.
  • When engaged at close range, can jump back and grab the player with its weapon, dealing damage then throwing them. 
  • Can't be lured.
  • Can't be Rapported.


Notes & Trivia

  • Armor used by the Fire Witch bear some similarities to armor used by Fume Knight Raime, a boss from Dark Souls II's DLC Crown of the Old Iron King.
  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      17 Nov 2018 23:41  

      Note that the "tracking line of fire" has functionally infinite range (it can chase you beyond the Witch's sight range, although the Witch won't begin the attack if it can't see you) and is capable of travelling on top of normally-impassable obstacles (like the railings), as well as curving significantly. Make sure you roll away at a 90-degree angle, since otherwise you can get caught in the trail and take damage. Oh, and sometimes their fire attacks do twice as much damage for no reason (tested being hit by them in neutral with same gear, I randomly got one-shot by them every few attacks, and took about half my health otherwise). The flame column is particularly prone to this.

      • Anonymous

        12 Jan 2018 09:04  

        Facing 2 Pontiff Knights with this a-hole in the back is cheap af. It's doable, but it's cheap with its fire column that can hit you from anywhere at any distance from underneath you while you're fighting something. Their grab is also not really telegraphed as even being an attack at all. Poorly designed enemy. As long as you avoid their grab, they're really easy to 1v1. They're just cheap.

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