Man-Serpent Summoner


Enemy Type Reptilian
Weakness Thrust, Lightning, Frost
Resistances Magic
Immune Rapport, 

Man-Serpent Summoner is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Man-Serpent Summoner Enemy Description

  • A versatile mage with the head of a cobra. They can summon powerful heroes from the aether.


Man-Serpent Summoner Combat Information

  • Can respawn heroes indefinitely.
  • Is almost immobile. Moves very slowly as it uses some type of senior stroller to move around with.
  • Can also fire missiles and protect itself with homing soulmasses.
  • Wields a whip as a melee weapon up close.
  • Can be lured?
  • Immune to Rapport


Man-Serpent Summoner Notes & Trivia

  • These can be very good for farming souls if you let them live and just keep killing the enemies they summon. On top of that, they have a small chance of dropping the Mendicant's Staff, which boosts the souls you get per kill.
  • Man-Serpents are the descendants of dragons, and were likely inspired by the Berserk manga (read more).
  • The chime of their bells sounds similar to the Beckoning Bell chime from Bloodborne.
  • The one near the Dragon Kin Mausoleum bonfire spawns Drakeblood and Havel Knights.
  • The one near the Great Bellfry bonfire spawns Ricard and (very rarely) Havel Knights.
  • Will stop spawning Havel types after the actual one is killed.


Man-Serpent Summoner Variations

Variation Name

Location Drops
 Archdragon Peak      

Mendicant's Staff

Estus Flask

Ashen Estus Flask



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    • Anonymous

      Are these the decendents of the man serpents from ds1? The summoners have six eyes like seaths channelers , and the normal ones look like the ds1 manserpents but covered in rags. Plus, same name. Think there's a connection?

      • Anonymous

        I always killed the nearest one each time I died to nameless king. As the souls spawn on the platform before the fight, you can never really lose them if you die to nameless. Anyways that's the story how I got 400 000 souls

        • Anonymous

          Took me 50 kills and about 20 minutes to get it... 337 luck and + 100 with gold coins until I had to start using rusted for +50...

          • Anonymous

            "Moves very slowly as it uses some type of senior stroller to move around with." Magnificent contribution

            • Anonymous

              Could have been an Interesting Invasion covenant, could have gotten their spells and armor as rewards but that's just me

              • Anonymous

                One of these boys, near the Great Belfry bonfire, is an unholy soul farm. Equip Avarice, CSS Ring, Shield of Want and Mendicant, and have a blast, because he drops 11k+ (Higher graded CSS Ring, the better) Souls in NG+ with those equipped and it only takes about 10-13 seconds to kill him and run back to the bonfire.

                • •The Dragon Kin Mausoleum bonfire Summoner raises a Drakeblood Knight at the bottom of the dual staircase leading upstairs to the Summoner himself. Stay on the bottom floor next to the dragon statue furthest from the door you enter, the one closer to the second set of stairs on your right. The Knight is summoned in middle of and in front of that staircase. When starting from next to the statue, equipped with Covetous Silver Serpent Ring+3, Shield of Want and Mendicant's Staff, you can farm 7776 souls roughly every 18 seconds without having to visit a bonfire or heal. After 30 kills, or in 9 minutes, you can potentially earn 233,280 souls. Expect to earn roughly 215,000 after human error and AI variables. In 90 minutes you can potentially earn 2,332,800 souls, although once again expect that number to be slightly lower. It's an excellent farm spot for souls, but you will earn no items.

                  • Anonymous

                    be warned...while these are listed as being weak to lightning, they are quite resistant to it from some sources.
                    for comparison: knight, hunter and lightning clutch rings. 20 dex/str and 35 faith/int (not like it matters on faith/int)
                    +9 knight crossbow. lightning bolts. Measly 8 damage... not 80, not 800, but a pathetic 8 damage.
                    Then switched to my sniper crossbow +10 and did 213 damage. Mind ya, both cases it was torso shots.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you get the Mendicant's Staff, give it to the crows atop Firelink Shrine and they will give you Solaire's shield.

                      • Anonymous

                        ez souls? first man serpent summoner spawns drakeblood knights, you can get behind them, infinite spawn, have fun

                        • I was extremely dissapointed the first time I lured it down a staircase and it didn't tumble/roll down the stairs because of its stroller.

                          • Anonymous

                            Drops 2400 souls on NG with no boosts. Also, there is one near the Great Belfry bonfire which can be easily farmed with very little effort. I get 5k souls/15sec and it dies in one hit.

                            • I believe after killing Havel (the apparent real one by the dead dragon later on) this man serpent will not spawn havel types anymore i farmed drakebloods for about an hour with no sign of him.

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