Lothric Wyvern

Lothric Wyvern DKS3

Enemy Type Wyvern
Weakness Lightning, Frost, Thrust
Resistances Fire, Poison, Toxic, Bleed
Immune n/a

Lothric Wyvern is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Lothric Wyvern Enemy Description


Lothric Wyvern Combat Information

  • They will try to spew fire on the player when damaged, regardless of the player's location.
  • Weak to Frost, Thrust and Lightning.
  • Resistant to Poison/Toxic, Bleed and Fire.
  • Damaging the wyvern in the High Wall until its health depletes to a certain point will prompt it to fly away, leaving the area for good and result in a Large Titanite Shard. A safe area to snipe this wyvern with magic or a bow is in the doorway of the room below the Tower on the Wall bonfire.
  • In order to make the ones in Lothric Castle disappear, one has to attack their Pus of Man or deplete wyvern's healthbar (can be easily achieved with sorceries). The player does not need to kill any Pus of Man, the Wyverns are killed when any of the two Pus of Man starts to attack him or her. 
  • The green Wyvern's Pus of Man is located just after the first entrance, there is a ladder on the right which leads to a large room where the player can attack the pus. For the white one, it's on the left of Dragonslayer Armour's fog wall, there is a breach on the low walls, from there the player can jump behind the Wyvern and engage its pus of man.
  • Unlike the others Pus of Man, the Wyverns' cannot move. However they can unleash cursing clouds and all of their attacks have curse build up. Rest assured: they hate fire as much as their brothers.


Lothric Wyvern Drops


Lothric Wyvern Notes & Trivia

  • The wyverns at the Lothric Castle are probably not alive anymore, just infected bodies by Pus of Man - because all of them die when one of the Pus of Man is attacked.
  • A Wyvern defending a door or a bridge is a recurring theme in the Souls games.
  • Wyvern's fire breath can damage other enemies on the map.



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    • Anonymous

      30 May 2019 19:54  

      Just a heads up. If you go to the left of the bridge there is a location you can snipe the first of the 2 lothric castle wyverns from and it automatically hits the wing. Took me about 8 shots with GHSA with all possible buff items and 60 INT. All you have to do is kill the 1 and the other dies automatically. Also you can dodge theor fire and run right past them with high enough stamina or some green blossom.

      • Anonymous

        10 May 2019 08:24  

        Does the fire-spiting Wyvern on Lothrics high wall come back, after you made it go away? Or is it permanently gone now?

        • Anonymous

          18 Jan 2019 21:23  

          The Wyvern at the High Wall of Lothric will disappear for good without attacking it, if you kill the duo near Dragon Barracks bonfire first. If you want the Large Titanite Shard drop, make sure to damage the lonely one down to 30% right away.

          • Anonymous

            31 Jul 2018 01:23  

            i arrive at the dragon barracks and lit the bonfire. than trigger the wyvern to start guarding the bridge.... i left and go to kill the consumed king and way to the end of the untended graves .

            "time to continue the storyline" i said my self...

            when i come back the whyte wyvern was dead and the green one CANT be killed... what's happening here? The white wyvern was just there..not mooving and NOT interactible (all your hit just pass trough) like she's NOT there..but than when i killed her pus of man she disappear.

            the green one to the opposite have one little pus of man INSIDe her foot..and you can repeatedly hit her lowering her hp under the ZERO...but she will never die... i've also realoaded the area...nothing has changed

            • 05 Jul 2018 18:15  

              I have black bow +9. So right after activating the bonfire dragon barracks I shot the white wyvern and kill it then the green wyvern died without getting any arrows that made me feel confused. Everything is normal until I defeat the Dragonslayder armor. I can not find the corpse containing the Grand archives Key and Gotthard Twinswords. Can not open door means 2 contraptions will not move. What should I do, sorry for not good English

              • Anonymous

                11 Jan 2018 20:40  

                Not sure if it's just bugged for me, but can anyone else not kill the second two wyverns in Lothric by killing their corresponding Pus of Man in NG+?

                • Anonymous

                  21 Nov 2017 03:19  

                  The comments on the page saying that the wyvern from the high wall is the same as the one the lands in the dragon barracks are not entirely accurate- the wyvern that appears at the high wall is not the same. After toxic + poison, the high wall wyvern flew off and (without reloading the map or using a bonfire or killing a boss- I cleared the path beforehand) I walked directly to the dragon barracks. I walked towards the green dragon and triggered the second wyvern's landing event. Not only does it not even look like the same wyvern, this wyvern that landed was at full health and suffering from neither poison nor toxic.

                  Now that I've said this, the part that needs to added to this page is that you can poison the wyvern at the highwall. If you go down the stairs from the Tower on the Wall bonfire, go past the knight, and into the room right beneath the wyvern, you can poison it safely from here. All you need to do is look up and look for the wyvern's toenail claw that's clipping through the ceiling. Aim poison and/or toxic at the toe. The storyteller's staff weapon art is not ideal for this because of its (lack) of aiming even with the binoculars, but it will work if you spam it. The most effective methods I've tested (in descending order) have been poison mist, toxic mist, storyteller's staff, dung pies, poison arrow, poison knife (both arrow and knife NEED to hit the toenail claw that clips through the ceiling or no poison build up is done).

                  Fun fact: if you cause the wyvern at high wall to fly off, quitting to the main menu [BEFORE THE WYVERN DISAPPEARS] and re-entering the game will restore the wyvern's health and return it to its roof. You can make it fly off again, but you only get the large titanite shard once and you get no souls either way so there's really no point. It's just a funny little mechanic that I wanted to share.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Oct 2017 10:12  

                    What happened to the Wyvern at the High Wall? I know for a fact I didn't kill it, since when starting the game it proves to be more of a boon than anything when farming early souls or killing the mimic, but I just happened to take a stroll through there and noticed my buddy wasn't there anymore.

                    Where'd my winged lizard pal go??

                    • Anonymous

                      06 Sep 2017 06:13  

                      The Lothric Wyverns kill invaders with their fire, too. Happened to me as invador and I first thought the host used a Seed of a Giant Tree but couldn't see the symbol for it. As the wyverns kill other enemies with fire, too, it seems reasonable now.

                      • 20 Aug 2017 05:39  

                        At the Dragon Barracks bonfire, if you attack the one on the right, it'll do a fire attack that will sweep across the trench under the little bridge.

                        If you go inside the elevator shaft by Lorian and Lothric's room and the two dragons are still alive, they'll automatically die and you'll get the same amount of souls as if you killed their parasites.

                        • Anonymous

                          08 May 2017 04:17  

                          No one is going to acknowledge that you can run past the dragons, go into the building, and hit the green ones toe and they both die? Way easier than sitting there using a bow or something for ten minutes...

                          • Anonymous

                            05 Feb 2017 06:24  

                            Today when I was running through the area with a new character, after I had killed the Wyverns, one of the Pus of Man seemed to die on its own. The only reason I know this is because two Titanite Chunks and Ember's showed up on the screen, which is the same for both Pus of Man's. However, this was multiples deaths/Firelink Shrines after I had killed the Wyverns, and I was just outside the Twin Prince's bossfight.

                            • Anonymous

                              20 Jan 2017 06:59  

                              When any one of the dragons is killed, (I used onislayer greatarrows) the other one dies as well, leaving only the plus of man. When the plus of man are killed, the dragon corpse it's tied to disappears.

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Nov 2016 22:46  

                                if you kill the dragon the pus of man spawn and theyll die without the need to go around the bridge (used soul stream)

                                • Anonymous

                                  23 Oct 2016 19:05  

                                  Without ever attacking him, the Wyvern in High Wall of Lothric seems to disappear at some point in the game.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Safe spot07 Aug 2016 22:28  

                                    For the wyvern on High Wall, another safe spot is near the door it guards. While safe from it's flames, you can easily fire arrows on his wings, only requiring to get the undeads of the area killed (either by you or the wyvern).

                                    • Anonymous

                                      bug01 May 2016 23:34  

                                      the dragon can bug out for some reason. The bug causes that he's just don't acknowledge you. You can damage him all you want, but he wont die.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        On how to "Kill" it.24 Apr 2016 01:57  

                                        If you do not happen to kill the other Wyvern from far back (that you could see from the Tower on the Wall), it will join this Wyvern to help roast you alive. But from there, you can use about 30-40 arrows on that Wyvern instead of the Lothric Wyvern. When you deplete its health, both Wyverns will suddenly drop "dead". However, you will need to head to each area, where you will find one Pus of Man at each Dragon's body. From there, kill the Pus and you will then kill the dragons, gaining a few titanite pieces, and an ember.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Where does it go?23 Apr 2016 23:56  

                                          Does anyone know if/where you can find the wyvern after it flies away from taking near lethal damage?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Lothric castle18 Apr 2016 15:26  

                                            I'm at Lothric castle, one of the wyverns on the bridged bugged, now it can't die, no matter how much I beat its foot... Did anyone experience this?

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