Rock Lizard


Enemy Type Dragon Lineage
Weakness Relative weakness to Magic and Strike
Resistances Everything
Immune Toxic, Poison, Bleed

Rock Lizard is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Rock Lizard Enemy Description

  • A dog-sized Crystal Lizard with flaming breath.


Rock Lizard Combat Information

  • Has 670 HP. High physical defenses (strike damage deals the most physical damage). "Weak" to magic damage (doesn't resist it), mild resistance to Lighting, Fire and Dark damage.
  • Virtually any attack, be it Magic or Physical, will stagger it for half a second and knock it back a tiny bit.
  • Kicking it will make it roll backwards a few feet.  This makes it incredibly easy to knock off of ledges.
  • Attacks:
    1. Headbutt
      • This has virtually no telegraph, but does very low damage (compared to it's other moves)
      • They will always counter with this fast attack (after stunlock ends). If using a greatsword or something slower, it's recommended to roll instead of trying to go for another hit.
    2. Flamethrower
      • Requires some charge up, and cannot be redirected once it starts (flame has no tracking)
      • They can angle this upward if you are above them
      • This attack can go through obstacles (walls, the floor, etc.) but has short range.
      • Has extreme stunlock potential and can kill players without being able to do anything once you're hit.
    3. Rollout
      • This can easily knock you off a ledge, as it has good knockback. Deals medium damage.
      • This has just good enough tracking for you to not be able to simply side step it. It is better rolled forward in diagonal movement.
      • Their whole body becomes a hitbox, so be careful of approaching them from behind if they're still rolling.
      • Used often as a reaction to ranged attacks, or if the player is too far away, and has sizable movement speed.
  • Can be lured
  • Immune to Rapport.
  • Cannot be grabbed by Sacred Flame, though it will still take damage from the punch.


Rock Lizard Drops

Rock Lizard Farming

Location: Great Belfry Bonfire. Go across to kill the Man-Serpent Summoner in the other room, and then continue to the other side until you find an archway that leads outside. You will find a group of 4 Rock Lizards down the small set of stairs.

One can farm these enemies for their titanite drops, but must be careful on engaging more than one at a time. Equipping items that boost your Item Discovery is recommended, and having Homeward Bones/Coiled Sword Fragment for fast bonfire returns.

  • In general: You can bait the rock lizards to go near the ledge on the right (the one with broken handrails). This will gather them in one spot, and you will only be vulnerable against their Flamethrower attack, that can go through walls but is easily telegraphed and has short range. After that, it's just a question of picking them off at range, which you can do so by going to the right, onto higher ground where the flamethrower attack can't reach you.
    The following image has a reference for the bait spot (blue prism stone/blue spot), and the safe spot (red prism stone/red spot):
  • Ranged builds: You can either use bows/crossbows/greatbows on the safe spot, but it can take a bit of time to kill every single lizard and ammunition costs souls, which can become prohibitive. Due the way ammunition with elemental damage works, the best bow would be Darkmoon Longbow paired with moonlight arrows to deal the most damage, but each arrow costs 500 souls.
    • Alternatively if one doesn't care about ammunition price vs Souls obtained, Milwood Greatbow works the best with it's Weapon Art, which has a decent Area of Effect (AoE), and hits for decent damage.
  • Melee Builds: Weapons that have "ground slams" (for example with the Weapon Arts of Dragonslayer Greataxe or the Quakestone Hammer, which also have AoE damage) can work to hit the lizards if standing on the blue spot. Just be careful of the flamethrower attack, or to fall down off the ledge.
  • Caster builds: Since it depends of the spells you can have and use with your stats, the strategies can vary slightly. You can either pick the lizards one by one, or use spells with AoE damage to kill all of them.
    • Inteligence-based: Has the best way to kill one by one, but lacks of AoE that can hit them safely. All the variants of Soul Arrow work well for this, and can be used in the red spot safely.
      • If looking for AoE Pestilent Mist (using lock on) can be used in the blue spot to severely damage the lizards (and if they stay long enough, get killed), but be sure to stay away once casted, as it can damage you too. Soul Greatsword could work too, but it cannot be casted safely while damaging the enemies, and thus is discouraged.
    • Faith-Based: Middle ground between single target and AoE, however single target damage is considerably weaker, and has limited options. Sticking to AoE spells like Wrath of the Gods (WotG) or Lighting Storm is the most optimal way. Go to the red/safe spot, and cast them from there.
      • Of these two, Lighting Storm deals the most damage (as the AoE can hit twice), since WotG deals physical damage. WotG causes knockdown however, and with fast cast speed this can be abused to cast it again before the lizards can react.
    • Int/Faith-based: Pyromancers (or just mixed casters) have the best AoE options, and decent single-target damage. Great Chaos Fire Orb (single damage with decent AoE + lava pool), Profaned Flame (small AoE but causes knockdown) and Seething Chaos (explosion deals high damage, bypasses obstacles but must be aimed at the blue spot) are the best spell options for these casters. All can be casted on the red spot safely.
      • You can also take in mind that a proper Pyromancer has both Intelligence and Faith leveled up, and thus aren't limited to just using pyromancies for damage. Thus you can attune a spell for AoE, and another for Single target damage to farm the rock lizards.



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