Twinkling Titanite is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Twinkling Titanite

"Twinkling titanite for weapon reinforcement.
Reinforce weapons steeped in strength to +4.
These unique weapons cannot be reinforced with ordinary titanite, nor can they be infused.

Unless one uses this twinkling titanite, which reinforces these weapons without unraveling their inherent strength."


Twinkling Titanite Usage

  • Reinforces unique weapons



Twinkling Titanite Locations


  • None are found at Irithyll Dungeon
  • 2x at Profaned Capital: Dropped by 2 Crystal Lizards near the bonfire, in the hallways that leads to the toxic swamp.
  • 10x at Lothric Castle:
    • 1x found at the bottom of the ladder that leads to the dual axe wielding knight, the painting, and an illusory wall.
    • 2x on a corpse behind a mutated hollow, down in the ditch below the dragons.
    • 2x dropped by a Crystal Lizard, on the path out of the ditch beneath the two dragons in Lothric Castle.
    • 3x found in two chests side by side, next to the Boreal Outrider Knight near the dragons.
    • 2x dropped by a Crystal Lizard, on a walkway behind the dragon. The right dragon when seen from the Dragon Barracks bonfire. (Bugged: If you kill the other Crystal Lizard in the area this one despawns and vice-versa)
  • 12x at Grand Archives: Video Location
    • 1x dropped by a Crystal Lizard, along with a Crystal Gem, at the top of the first staircase.
    • 1x dropped by a Crystal Lizard, along with a Chaos Gem, in the dark room past the wax pool.
    • 2x dropped by a Crystal Lizard in the dark room past the wax pool.
    • 2x dropped by a Crystal Lizard behind a bookshelf, above the dark room.
    • 1x dropped by a Crystal Lizard, along with a Refined Gem, right before the roof section.
    • 1x dropped by a Crystal Lizard, along with a Sharp Gem, on the roof near the second gargoyle.
    • 1x dropped by a Crystal Lizard, along with a Heavy Gem, on the roof near the second gargoyle.
    • 3x found in a chest at the bottom of the ladder, after traversing the rafters below the roof.
  • None are found at Untended Graves.
  • 13x at Archdragon Peak:
    • 2x on a corpse down a ladder, in the second room you get to during the Ancient Wyvern bossfight.
    • 2x on a corpse at the end of the plank walkway past the point where you can plunge attack the Ancient Wyvern.
    • 3x dropped by a Crystal Lizard, right before encountering the second wyvern.
    • 3x dropped by the second wyvern, along with 3 scales and 6 chunks.
    • 3x found in a chest, at the bottom of the ladder that leads up to the Havel Knight.
  • 3x at Painted World of Ariandel:
    • One dropped by a Crystal Lizard on the tree roots used to descend into the Depths of the Painting bonfire. From the Ariandel Chapel bonfire, break the bridge and go down. It should be in clear sight between the first and second Follower. Most of the time it commits suicide.
    • One dropped by a Crystal Lizard on the higher stone bridge in the Corvian Settlement, leading into a Corvian with claws that drops down in front of you. From the Snowy Mountain Pass bonfire, head back where Vilhelm was, exit the building, go right and up the ladder, cross the roof and it should be on the left by the stone bridge.
    • One dropped by a Crystal Lizard behind the illusory wall in the basement of Ariandel Chapel, the one leading to the Dunnel area.







  • It costs 225,000 Souls to purchase 15 twinkling titanite, which is the required amount to upgrade to +4.


Upgrade Materials
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    • Anonymous

      10 Sep 2021 02:50  

      If you can kill dancer early, then you have yourself plenty of this and scales to get a +4 weapon before abyss watchers

      • Anonymous

        24 Apr 2021 04:57  

        If you do Siegward's questline, you can get a Twinkling Titanite to +5 before ever fighting your second Lord of Cinder.

        • Anonymous

          16 Apr 2021 19:15  

          JUST SAVE THE TWINKS FOR PKCS AND JOINT THE DS3 PRO RANK! But no shiit, the other weapons that require twinks are completely garbage while pkcs is the absolute best in the game so just do as I say and git gud

          • Anonymous

            28 Jan 2021 20:11  

            it's 4 in the painted world, not 3. 1 from the roots leading down to depths, 1 from the stone bridge leading to the corvian, 2 behind the illusory wall in the chapel basement

            • Anonymous

              06 Dec 2020 09:02  

              If you manage to find and kill all the crystal lizards, buy the three from Greirat after sending him to Irithyl and trading the crows(both for a twinkly and a slab) you can actually fully upgrade the weapon before you even fight Pontiff Sulyvahn.

              • Anonymous

                02 Dec 2020 00:09  

                twinkle twinkle titanite, how I farmed you all day long, drop rate here is very low, I think I will uninstall

                • Anonymous

                  26 Jan 2019 01:18  

                  Most of the weapons from the Ringed City require Twinkling Titanite as well (the 3 Ringed Knight weapons, Ledo's hammer, Aquamarine dagger, White Birch bow, Crucifix of the Mad King, Preacher's Right Arm).

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Oct 2018 14:57  

                    There’s a 4th one in the painted world, after the first incouter with the Great Wolf, just around the cliff side you’ll see a tower with Greatbow archers in it, ascend the tower, climb the ladder and then go down the set of stairs just to the left and there will be a crystal lizard that drops 1x Twinkling titanite. (:

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Jul 2018 17:52  

                      if you can't get to Archdragon Peak yet, fight Hobbled Clerics in the Ringed City. It can take some time but they definitely drop Twinkling Titanite.

                      • Anonymous

                        20 Nov 2017 21:10  

                        With the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3 you can farm the infinite-respawning knight at the second Archdragon Peak Bonfire for 5,400 souls. Every 3 kills buys you one Twinkling Titanite from the Shrine Handmaiden. With the Dragon Tooth I can kill him once every 30 seconds indefinitely, so thats a Twinkling Titanite every 1 minute and 30 seconds.

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Sep 2017 16:16  

                          if u drop a whole bundle of prism stone it wont work u got to drop only one prism stone to have the twinky

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