Farron Coal is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Farron Coal

Coal used for weapon infusion.

Long ago, used to forge the greatswords of the Undead Legion of Farron.

Give to the blacksmith in the shrine to allow the use of gems for heavy, sharp and poison infusion.


Farron Coal Usage



Farron Coal Locations

  • Road of Sacrifices:  At the Halfway Fortress bonfire where you first meet Anri and Horace go down and drop down from the ledges on the right side, keep going straight along the right wall and enter a doorway in the end. Turn left and you will see a Black Knight guarding a few bodies, the body at the end of the hall holds the coal.
  • An alternative route involves going through Farron Keep swamp and going through the locked stone door with the 3 torches. Then head up the hill, take a right when encountering the dual darkwraiths that patrol the road and open up the shortcut to the Farron Perimeter bonfire. Follow the hallway down until you meet a Black Knight, past him further down the corridor is a corpse with the coal on his person.





  • The Black Knight is similar to the Lothric Knight in terms of scaled damage output. His armor, however, is vastly superior. Bring a striking weapon, such as a hammer or club, to dispatch him easily. Alternatively, parrying works, just as it does with the Lothric Knights.
  • The knight can also be avoided entirely by sneaking past him. Take the outside path on the right hand side and walk past him, then shoot an arrow at him from behind, and he should change location to guard the outside path instead. Drop down and pick up the coal, then go back up the stairs where he was previously at and exit the building.



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    • Anonymous

      These guys have very long weapon arts that allow you to get easy back stabs after that they will get up very slowly so hit them with a charged R2 and it should be finished

      • Anonymous

        My advice is the strafe to the right of the Black Knight. They almost always throw out an attack that lets you get a free backstab. Just rinse and repeat. Preferably, use an 100% block shield just in case they clip you with an attack

        • Anonymous

          Sooo... ng+4 right.. beat the game didnt mess with any of the ashes or coals or anything was just speed running, go back, grab this coal give it to blacksmith, I can now do chaos, lightning, and simple.. went to check to see if giants coal is still there. It's not, anybody got any explanations or am I just being dumb because I didnt pick up any coal/ ash during this playthrough until now

          • Anonymous

            He will guard break you through your unupgraded stamina bar for days! The attacks are very telegraphed though so he's made for rolling around. Oh yeah and Farron Coal blah blah blah... WHO CARES you just REKT the Black Knight of Monthy Python!!

            • Anonymous

              He's not hard roll to his left and behind him as he attacks get a couple strikes in or a backstab, rinse and repeat.

              • Anonymous

                If you feel like being a tricky ***** and you've killed the two Exile Knights (the club and curved greatsword guys): Run past the Black Knight, grab the Farron Coal, and then lure the Black Knight to the ladder after the Exile Knights. Get on the very first part of the ladder (Just press A to climb, don't go down at all), and the Black Knight will attempt to attack you but will fall to his death in the process. You'll need to be able to take at least one hit from the Black Knight, but most builds will be able to.

                • Anonymous

                  He was a pain, but not too bad. In the notes, at the end, it says " Alternatively, parrying works, just as it does with the Lothric Knights" I may have been a little eye weary, but the first time I read that I swear it said " Alternatively, PRAYING works, just as it does with the Lothric Knights".

                  • Anonymous

                    Head up to the platform on the right and you can snipe him with arrows or sorceries. He'll get mad and come towards you, but if you stay still he won't come all the way up. He'll turn around and go back to his original position. Rinse and repeat.

                    • Anonymous

                      Since the previous set of notes was lacking, 'way harder' being the trigger for me, I decided to take it upon myself to explain why the Black Knight, who was allegedly 'way harder', is a serious threat. I also gave some insight as to what should be done to thoroughly mop the forest floor with his face.

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