Deep Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Deep Gem

A gem of infused titanite. Found in the dregs of the Cathedral of the deep.

Used in infusion to deep weapons.

Deep weapons inflict dark damage, but lose scaling effects.

There is a darkness that lies beyond human ken.


Deep Gem Usage

  • Infuse into a weapon to make it Deep.
  • Deep weapons inflict dark damage, but also lose stat scaling.



Deep Gem Locations




  • Requires the Sage's Coal in order to start infusing weapons.
  • The Deep Gem, along with Fire Gem, can infuse with shields for increasing elemental defense.




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    • Anonymous

      20 May 2020 10:14  

      I also got one from Corvian Storyteller on a road of Sacrifices, although I think that drop rate is extremely low, never happenned to me before

      • Anonymous

        12 Feb 2020 15:51  

        Cathedral knight shield + 9 infused with this gem gains 98 dark absorption. Makes midir s dark beams a joke.

        • Anonymous

          19 Jul 2017 23:08  

          In French they translated it by "Gemme abyssale", literally abyssal Gem, so a gem from the Abyss. DS3 is my first DS so I know nothing about the lore but I think the Abyss and the Deep are different ? Did the french translators ask the creators of the game about the possible translations of "Deep" (which is correctly translated as "profondeurs" in "Cathédrale des profondeurs"/Cathedral of the Deep) in that case or did they just ***** up the lore and decided to name this gem abyssal only because it dealt dark damage ? The first situation is quite confusing, are there links between the Deep and the Abyss ?

          • Anonymous

            20 Apr 2017 07:41  

            "There is a darkness that lies beyond human ken"

            Wtf is that supposed to mean? Everything else points to the relation between humanity's dark and the deep (i.e., human dregs), yet now there is darkness 'beyond humanity'? For *****'s sakes. A year later and we're not able to figure out this convoluted***** lol

            • Irithyll of the Boreal Valley OR Anor Londo? Hmmmm...22 Apr 2016 22:14  

              Spent a good 30 minutes trying to farm a Deep Gem in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, and had no luck...Went to Anor Londo (specifically, Aldritch's Bonfire), and got one in 10 minutes.

              • Translators f*cks up05 Apr 2016 15:06  

                I think translators from jap->eng maked mistake and translated Abyss(or Dark) as Deep. So it would be Dark gem (adds dark to weapon) or Abyss Gem, coz its too means darkness in DS lore.. but wtf is Deep? Maybe water, ocean? Rly?Ok for some of you, who sees my english is very bad... yes my english is very bad, but its not means anything about my thoughts. I believe that ds3 was translated to russian from english version, and have this mistake as well. And its very bad for ds3 lore...Ok and for last who don't believe me and thinks im stupid. Open google translator, choose English -> Japanese. Type in Deep(or Abyss, or Dark) and you'll see there is japanese words in translation are the same. Maybe we can tell publishers to patch their translations? Or i'm really stupid idiot and don't know ds3 lore..

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