Poison Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Poison Gem

A gem of infused titanite. Discovered in the rotted forest of Farron.

Used in infusion to create poison weapons.

Such weapons inflict poison-laced damage that gradually eats away at foes.


Poison Gem Usage



Poison Gem Locations

  • Rare drop from Rotten Slugs, Ghru Grunts, and Elder Ghru in Farron Keep
  • Found on the corpse guarded by three Elder Ghru to the left of the Keep Ruins bonfire.
  • Found in the toxic swamp, inside the cave, in Profaned Capital.




  • Requires the Farron Coal in order to start infusing weapons.
  • The effect of poison infusions on long spears' Charge weapon art is still under investigation. Help required.
  • Can be farmed at the Keep Ruins bonfire, by killing the three Ghru Grunts right next to the bonfire.




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    • Anonymous

      16 Jun 2018 00:57  

      it increases the bleed effect on weapons that already have the bleed effect like claws katanas warden twinblades ect.

      • 06 Oct 2017 02:30  

        So I'm a sorceres/miracle worker and I just got enough dexterity to use the brigand twindaggers, I was going to put the Crystal gem on it because of my high intelligence, but I feel the poison gem would be better because it'd make a quick poison build up, which should I use?

        • Anonymous

          06 Aug 2017 14:09  

          Am i the only person who sees the great value in poison weapons for their ability to essentially negate tears of denial?

          • Anonymous

            18 Jun 2017 03:56  

            The thrall in the dreg heap that has a poisoned Flamberge can also drop these. The other ones might be able to, but I've only gotten one from that one.

            • Anonymous

              12 Apr 2017 06:40  

              Poison can now be applied to enemies very fast now, good for bosses and tanky enemies to apply to at the start and then switch to your primary weapon.

              • Anonymous

                09 Apr 2017 22:39  

                K so what's good after the patch? I've always been interested in underdog poison builds. Amy weopons that have an absurd amount of poison and are fairly fast? I'm talking besides daggers. I've had luck with the poisen brigantine duel dagger. Now wondering if there is something with a little more reach

                • Anonymous

                  A mistake in this wiki page14 Jul 2016 12:40  

                  What is "Giant Demon Dog" ?! it's name is Elder Ghru. Stop pulling names out of your buthole

                  • Anonymous

                    +1 Bleed?28 Jun 2016 03:41  

                    When I went to enchant my +10 Uchigatana I hovered over poison Gem and saw it upped my Bleed value by one as well as adding a poison value. Can anyone Confirm this?

                    • Anonymous

                      Is poison good for pve?21 Jun 2016 18:51  

                      I just started dark souls 3 im up to the road of sacrifices. My best weapon is four pronged plow and im wondering whether to infuse poison on it since i adored posion in dark souls 2.Any advice on poison or farron keep would be appreciated.

                      • Anonymous

                        Poison is alright at low SL pvp26 Apr 2016 13:04  

                        Just don't use it as main form of offense. infuse your side weapon with poison, apply it and swap to your main weapons.

                        • Anonymous

                          Poison not practical?19 Apr 2016 21:45  

                          Poison in other Soul games was at least useful in PVP. But in DS3 I don't see it as being practical unless there is a way to stack/buff poison damage. Until then poison builds are not going to be a thing in the game.

                          • Anonymous

                            Poison has one use; if you apply it to someone in PvP, you will know exactly where that person is for the duration of the Poison effect.18 Apr 2016 06:51  

                            While enemies are poisoned, you can always see their health bars. But, yeah, if you only care about damage, yes, Poison is useless.

                            • Anonymous

                              Is poison useless?15 Apr 2016 17:42  

                              Yesterday I infused my Caestus +2 with poison and even though I poisoned some monsters with 2 hits (several enemies seem to be immune to poison at all) it did 3 HP per second of damage, which is pretty useless considering that I do around 60 DPS per second by hitting with the weapon. If anyone can share your thoughts/experience that would be great.

                              • Anonymous

                                Poison infused poison weapon...14 Apr 2016 05:51  

                                I am not sure if this applies to all poison weapons, however when infused with the Rotton Ghru Spear the effects seemed to be unnoticeable.

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