Hollow Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Hollow Gem

A gem of infused titanite. A stone plentiful in Londor, land of Hollows.

Used in infusion to create Hollow weapons.

Hollow weapons are said to peer into the essence of its wielder, whose luck boosts attack.


Hollow Gem Usage



Hollow Gem Locations




  • Requires the Profaned Coal to infuse.
  • Hollow weapons can be buffed.
  • Hollow Weapons and Shields scale with Luck, and also grant a bonus amount to your Luck stat.
  • Hollow weapons grant up to +5 Luck at +10 upgrade level, only when your character is Hollow.
  • The Luck boost stacks by equipping Hollow weapons in both hands, providing you with 10 extra Luck.
  • The Luck boost does increase your bleed/poison capabilities, although not shown on menu.
  • Hollow scaling is C in average. Some unremarkable weapons perform slightly better with Hollow.
  • Rings of Sacrifice and Purging Stones can postpone or erase your Hollow condition. This will negate the bonus Luck.







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    • Anonymous

      30 Aug 2019 14:14  

      Im currently doing a luck build right now. Unfortunately, many weapons are only really good when scaled with another stat as well as luck. The washing pole performs excellently on a 40/40 Dex Luck build, for example. However, the only weapon I have found thusfar to even make a luck only build worth considering is Anri's Straight Sword (hereby referred to as ASS) ASS is the only reason this build works. With ASS+5 and 15 Faith and 12 Str, you have one of the best PVE builds available. Simply use Blessed Weapon on ASS, use replenishment, and equip your Etheral Oak Shield and toss on your Sun Princess Ring. At 40 luck, ASS deals just shy of 400 AR. Add about 30-35 points from Blessed Weapon and you deal respectable damage, but thats not it. With all that HP regen, you can win duels easily by playing around at low HP with Red & Blue tearstones and backing off to let your regen take you to more comfortable levels. Its not exactly fair, but you are playing a pure luck build.

      • Anonymous

        02 Jul 2019 22:46  

        Hello. Did you know? Hollow infused weapons also increase your defense and resistance stats. Quite the lovely bit of information missed here.

        • Anonymous

          26 Jun 2019 20:13  

          With 40 dex and base strength a sharp gem on any infusable weapons will ALWAYS outperform a hollow infused weapon. Even at 99 luck, sharp weapons will always be better. And that's not even getting into 40/40 strength/dex builds with refined gems So honestly whats the point? Unless youre doing a dedicated bleed build with literally no investment in dex or strength beyond base weapon requirements, but then your physical damage is atrocious even with high luck and a hollow gem, so you might as well just use a blood gem to procc bleed as much as possible

          • Anonymous

            28 May 2019 15:50  

            You would imagine that hollow infused weapons would scale their damage with your hollowing. Right? But no, They had to make it scale with the worst stat in Dark Souls since Resistance.

            • Anonymous

              24 Feb 2019 20:16  

              There hollow gem can be picked up by running and rolling up rocks once up point up keep running But don’t forget to eliminate the curse givers

              • Anonymous

                04 Dec 2018 04:30  

                It says +10 weapons grants +5 Luck, does this mean +0 and +1 weapons don't provide any Luck, only from +2 upwards?

                • Anonymous

                  27 Aug 2018 19:56  

                  Need more test but I think the Luck boost INCREASES the poison and bleed capabilities. But it doest show up on the menu.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Aug 2018 19:12  

                    Ok a had a corvian great scythe and decided I wanted to make a hollow build so I infused it with hollow and went to reallocate my stats but from 14 luck al the way to 32 the damage did not change does this weapon not have luck scaling even when hollow infused ( btw it is +9)

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Aug 2018 18:35  

                      So, this gem is more for the undead bacon out there that want a weapons for pure damage rather than bleed or poison. Some bosses in the game are immune to bleed, poison, lightning, etc. This just buffs physical for those specialising in luck. Neat.

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Aug 2018 15:35  

                        Looking for weapons in todays meta that would perform moderately or better with this infusion. (I have 40Str/40Dex/60Lck and want to experiment.)

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Aug 2018 21:38  

                          Did they debuff hollow infusions? I remember hollow was good in adding DPS to weapon (excluding the bleeding build up), but now it seems usless except with certain weapons.

                          • Anonymous

                            09 Apr 2018 01:31  

                            Aside from Katanas which are better Hollow than Sharp on a Luck/Dexterity build (at 20/40/40 they outperform Sharp before the bonus luck). It seems that Sharp outperforms Hollow infused weapons when one-handed (sometimes by a pretty large margin), but Hollow outperforms Sharp when two-handed in most cases thanks to the unaltered Strength scaling. For example the Carthus Curved Greatsword with 10 bonis luck has 498 AR one-handed when Hollow infused but 500 AR when Sharp infused. But when two-handed it hits 532 AR Hollow and 512 AR sharp.

                            • Anonymous

                              30 Jan 2018 00:35  

                              Tested bleed buildup value with and without hollow infusion, including with and without an offhand hollow weapon, and I can confirm that the +5 value to luck does not increase bleed buildup, rather bleed buildup will ONLY be determined by your "true" Luck stat.

                              • Anonymous

                                08 Jan 2018 01:15  

                                I'm convinced there's only two reasons to use the Hollow Gem:

                                A: Farming
                                B: You rely on DOTs

                                There's no other reason to use this gem.

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Aug 2017 06:03  

                                  Everyone is talking about farming for these things and I have a minimum of 13 at the end of a playthrough and end up selling them cause I can't stand being human bacon... I'm on PC and not even grinding.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    07 Jul 2017 17:17  

                                    So i guess, the best method would be to get to Ringed Inner Wall's bonfire, equip every Item Discovery item possible, kill the four pilgrims behind the bonfire, then going forward, killing the two guarding the stairs, the one in the middle of the stairs and the two at the bottom.

                                    Or just do half a run and reset at the bonfire to repeat.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      12 Jun 2017 22:11  

                                      The red-robed pygmies, regardless of whether or not they inflict curse, can drop these. The ones that don't inflict curse can also drop lightning gems.

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