Hollow Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Hollow Gem

A gem of infused titanite. A stone plentiful in Londor, land of Hollows.

Used in infusion to create Hollow weapons.

Hollow weapons are said to peer into the essence of its wielder, whose luck boosts attack.


Hollow Gem Usage



Hollow Gem Locations

  • After warping to the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire, turn around 180 degrees and go straight ahead until you encounter a hole in the wall on your right. Simply drop down through the hole. There will be two corpses on the ledge you end up on; the second one will have the Hollow Gem (Video location).
  • In the Grand Archives, drop down off the rooftop after the first gargoyle to where the group of Corvians are, then turn right and go into the hallway (Video location).
  • Storyteller Corvians drop it.
  • One can be obtained by trading the weapon Eleonora with Pickle-pee, Pump-a-Rum.
  • Ashes of Ariandel DLC: there is one near the entrance to the chapel, to the right of where Sir Vilhelm is initially standing.
  • The Lothric Thiefs in The Ringed City can drop them.
  • Just after the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire, progress to the bottom of the enclosed staircase. One sits on a fence railing just before the first Ringed Knight encounter.


  • Weapons and Shields both scale with Luck and also grant a bonus amount to your Luck stat.
  • Hollow weapons grant up to +5 Luck at +10 upgrade level when your character is Hollow
  • The Luck boost stacks by equipping Hollow weapons in both hands.
  • Requires the Profaned Coal to infuse.
  • Hollow weapons can be buffed.
  • Hollow scaling varies from weapon to weapon, but is approximately C. This balances against sharp, refined, and heavy infusions, which ultimately produce more damage but do not have the secondary bonus luck effect.
  • Rings of Sacrifice can postpone the hollow condition past 15 hollowing, meaning you might not get the bonus to Luck if you've used a Purging Stone and Ring of Sacrifice recently.


Hollow Gem farming guide.




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    • Anonymous

      09 Apr 2018 01:31  

      Aside from Katanas which are better Hollow than Sharp on a Luck/Dexterity build (at 20/40/40 they outperform Sharp before the bonus luck). It seems that Sharp outperforms Hollow infused weapons when one-handed (sometimes by a pretty large margin), but Hollow outperforms Sharp when two-handed in most cases thanks to the unaltered Strength scaling. For example the Carthus Curved Greatsword with 10 bonis luck has 498 AR one-handed when Hollow infused but 500 AR when Sharp infused. But when two-handed it hits 532 AR Hollow and 512 AR sharp.

      • Anonymous

        30 Jan 2018 00:35  

        Tested bleed buildup value with and without hollow infusion, including with and without an offhand hollow weapon, and I can confirm that the +5 value to luck does not increase bleed buildup, rather bleed buildup will ONLY be determined by your "true" Luck stat.

        • Anonymous

          08 Jan 2018 01:15  

          I'm convinced there's only two reasons to use the Hollow Gem:

          A: Farming
          B: You rely on DOTs

          There's no other reason to use this gem.

          • Anonymous

            27 Aug 2017 06:03  

            Everyone is talking about farming for these things and I have a minimum of 13 at the end of a playthrough and end up selling them cause I can't stand being human bacon... I'm on PC and not even grinding.

            • Anonymous

              07 Jul 2017 17:17  

              So i guess, the best method would be to get to Ringed Inner Wall's bonfire, equip every Item Discovery item possible, kill the four pilgrims behind the bonfire, then going forward, killing the two guarding the stairs, the one in the middle of the stairs and the two at the bottom.

              Or just do half a run and reset at the bonfire to repeat.

              • Anonymous

                12 Jun 2017 22:11  

                The red-robed pygmies, regardless of whether or not they inflict curse, can drop these. The ones that don't inflict curse can also drop lightning gems.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Jun 2017 02:10  

                  Does anyone know what the luck scaling is for hollow weapons? By that I mean S,A,B,C... so on. It doesn't seem to say in the Luck or Hollow gem pages.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 May 2017 18:15  

                    400 item find, 40 tries got none. Took turns killing the 2 story teller corvians in road of sacrifices. Pretty sure it is a bug, as I farmed this***** before on my other characters and I'd say I got 1 every 10 or 15 kills or so.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Apr 2017 16:49  

                      Hollow Gems can be found curse-inflicting mobs in the Ringed City, the ones that have crystals growing from their bodies or something. Not sure if the regular lightning-throwing variants drop them, but I'm 100% sure that the cursed pygmies or whatever drop them.

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Apr 2017 14:41  

                        Hollow Gems can be found curse-inflicting mobs in the Ringed City, the ones that have crystals growing from their bodies or something. Not sure if the regular lightning-throwing variants drop them, but I'm 100% sure that the cursed pygmies or whatever drop them.

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Mar 2017 08:39  

                          There seem to be some dredgling mobs early in The Ringed City (as in the area rather than the expansion as a whole) that drop hollow gems. I got two going through the area, I'm not sure on any of the specifics, I'd have to go through the area again to pinpoint exactly which mobs I fought, if someone more dilligent doesn't beat me to it I'll post some details after further investigation.

                          • Anonymous

                            15 Feb 2017 06:00  

                            Worst garbage to drop for all the game. 335 item discovery and i killed more than 300 storytellers to get only 2 of those gems. Good luck.

                            • Anonymous

                              21 Dec 2016 02:20  

                              After returning to the game i realized my Hollow Lothric Shield is not raising my luck. Do hollow infusions only raise luck when they're on weapons now? Can anyone confirm?

                              • Anonymous

                                18 Nov 2016 06:02  

                                There is one located in the DLC. Its on a corpse right outside the Ariandel Chapel to the right and behind Sir Vilhelm.

                                This can be your second hollow gem even before reaching Lothric Castle or so you don't have to farm one from the storytellers.

                                Just rush past all the enemies til you reach the second bonfire and then you need only to cross the bridge and pick it up.

                                • 16 Nov 2016 08:59  

                                  For those who care about the higher stats---

                                  99 Hollowing

                                  At 99 STR, 99 DEX, 99 Luck: only a few weapons have a significant AR increase using a HOLLOW gem than using a REFINED (I'm talking 1-10 AR difference). One that surprised me was the Greatsword. It went from 716 to 765. The infusible Katanas, Flamberge, and spears all increase 20-30 AR, but I really couldn't find anything else that increased much or at all. The Corvian Great Scythe goes up 15 AR. Bleed damage goes up a bit, but not really by much. I'd spend points elsewhere and use the Rouge. Just saying.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    31 Oct 2016 06:11  

                                    Conflicting information between this and the page with the Luck Stat. Luck Stat page states that at 99 hollow you get +10 luck from holding a Hollow weapon. Here it states that a Hollow weapon only gives up to +5. Test to see which it actually is?

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