Undead Cleric

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Enemy Type Human
Weakness Frost, Bleed, Slash
Resistances Lightning, Poison, Toxic
Immune N/A

Undead Cleric (or Lothric Thief) is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3. It is part of The Ringed City DLC.


Undead Cleric (or Lothric Thief) Enemy Description

  • Human often met in The Ringed City wearing red coat similar to Slave's coat.
  • Appears in 2 variants: regular and cursed. Often in groups.


Undead Cleric (or Lothric Thief) Combat Information

  • Sets traps (e.g. play dead) and attacks from above. 
  • Regular uses lightning spells: Lightning Stake and Spear. May also attack with their stake. Can also break player attack by pushing him or perform a critical strike on him.
  • Cursed one, despite weilding stake, will not attack with it. They try to stay as close as possible to player.
  • Weak to Slash Damage, Frostbite and Bleed.
  • Resistant to Lightning Damage, Poison and Toxic.
  • Can be lured.
  • Can be rapported.
  • Bows and crossbows are helpful while facing cursed one. If player fight them at close range, cursebite ring is recommended.
  • Using Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring and Hidden Body at the same time DO NOT prevent player from aggroing them. However, they often appear near the Harald Legion Knights, which seems to ignore the player if equipped with mentioned ring and under influence of Hidden Body, so using them both will make some fights easier.


Undead Cleric (or Lothric Thief) Notes & Trivia

  • They drop Hollow Gems and Lightning Gems


Undead Cleric (or Lothric Thief) Variations

Undead Cleric - Regular

Location Drops
 The Ringed City 900  1100

Lightning Gem (very rare)

Dung Pie (uncommon)

Hollow Gem (rare)

Undead Cleric - Cursed

Location Drops
 The Ringed City  1000  1100  


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    • Anonymous

      27 Jul 2019 23:51  

      Their enemy type should be hollow and they weak to Hollowslayer GS. The Wolf Knight's GS (551 attack) deal 541 damage and The Hollowslayer GS(539 attack) deal 632 damage. The damage is increase significantly. Also they drop hollow gem so they should be hollow.

      • Anonymous

        25 Apr 2019 10:06  

        Not gonna lie their little shove that can stagger you hard is the stupidest thing ever, we can block and dodge a bosses strong attack but a little tiny hollow gives us a tiny push and we’re staggered like a drunken hobo

        • Anonymous

          22 Dec 2018 00:34  

          "Lothric Thief" makes me think of the hollows on the Lothric High Wall who wear the thief set and use daggers and throwing knives, or even the hooded thralls (who can also be seen as thief-like and are found in Lothric.) Very misleading name to give to a red-robed, lightning-bolt-throwing enemy type not found anywhere in Lothric...

          • Anonymous

            06 Aug 2018 12:41  

            40 Strength 40 Intelligence 45 Faith I think they are resistant to Dark and weak to Fire damage. It took 3 hits to kill with a Dark man-serpent hatchet +9 and only 2 with the Chaos man-serpent hatchet +9. Haven't tested yet with the Heavy serpent hatchet +9

            • Anonymous

              12 Jun 2017 22:18  

              This enemy should really be renamed on this wiki. While they don't have an official name, "Lothric Thief" is entirely misleading, since there's nothing tying them to Lothric, and their only ties to thievery are their agile moveset and dagger/stake weapon. "Pygmy Citizen", "Pygmy Cleric", "Pygmy Monk", or "Red-Robed Pygmy" are all much better names that don't bring up images of the Thralls.

              • Anonymous

                08 Apr 2017 15:28  

                Wait, how are those Lothric Thieves? I thought these where Pigmy citizens. Eh well, just splitting hairs.

                Also they drop hollow gems fairly often. Before the DLC, I had to farm Corvians for hours on nd to get one or two hollow gems, after playing The ringed City, I literaly drown in hollow gems.

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