Pus of Man

Enemy Type Humanoid Abysal
Weakness Fire
Resistances Dark & Frost
Immune Poison, Toxic

Pus of Man is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • These seemingly ordinary undead will quickly transform into an abyss-corrupted monstrosity upon spotting the player.
  • They appear in High Wall of Lothric, Lothric Castle, and Consumed King's Garden.
  • Sweep attacks have wide range and are very dangerous.


Combat Information

  • Whenever possible, kill the undead in the 2-3 seconds before it transforms. Its total health will mutiply drastically after transforming, and it will be restored to full health upon successful transformation.
  • It is resistant to dark damage, but very weak to fire. After transforming, it will be stunned for several seconds by any source of fire damage, trivializing the encounter. You can easily kill it with Pyromancies, needs only 2 hits with Chaos Bed Vestiges, but be sure that you're aiming the "black serpent" part of the enemy (one hit does about 1500 dmg depending on your build). One Firebomb will stun it long enough to get 2-3 free hits in. Fire-infused weapons will achieve the same effect. A Torch swing can also do the trick.
  • Follower Javelin infused with Fire and Chaos can set it on fire from a distance with its weapon art, even without FP.
  • Weak to Farron Greatsword and Wolf Knight's Greatsword.
  • Its large size makes it easy to hit. Avoid the front.
  • Can be fooled with Alluring Skull.
  • Can be affected by Rapport both before and after transforming, but applied rapport effect ends immediately upon successful transformation and must be applied again.
  • New players encountering these enemies on the High Wall of Lothric who are unsure of their ability to kill the undead before the transformation can find some black firebombs in the area. 3 of them should render the enemy close enough to kill with a couple hits or another normal firebomb.


Notes & Trivia

  • The first time you kill the mutated versions in High Wall of Lothric they have a guaranteed drop of 1 Titanite Shard and 1 Ember.
  • Dark Souls lore describes the serpent as an imperfect dragon that is symbol of the undead.
  • Their abyssal growths also look similar to what is consuming Iudex Gundyr.
  • Their attacks can damage all other enemies, including invaders.
  • Pus of Man may be linked to the "Blood Dregs" of Bloodborne, and the "dark blood" theorized to exist under Blood Lore.



Untransformed Corrupted Hollow

Are not transformed when you find them

Transformed Corrupted Hollow

Are already transformed when you find them

Untransformed Cursed Hollows

Can do dark elemental attacks and cause curse



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    • 09 Nov 2018 01:19  

      I really wish they had done more with these. You see Iudex transform, and can run into two of these on the Wall early on, so I though they would be a prominent part of the story, popping up as you went along. Instead they just kind of disappear until much later in the game.

      • Anonymous

        09 Sep 2018 00:52  

        Am i the only one to notice, that the pus of man have horns and serpentine mouths. They're imperfect dragons?

        • Anonymous

          27 Jul 2018 08:00  

          PSA: Let them transform, and then kill them. They give tons of souls and Titanite/Embers. Just throw a couple Firebombs and they're dead.

          • Anonymous

            05 Jul 2018 07:59  

            good fucking lord these enemies do not stop attacking. 5 string combos every damn time. good luck fighting these guys with anything slower than a straight sword...

            • Anonymous

              17 Jan 2018 17:03  

              If you’re able to make the undead stagger right as it’s about to transform, it will cancel the transformation and it will stay as an undead.

              I saw this yesterday when I playing some co-op with my bro on the High Wall of Lothric. He was a sorcerer so he hit it with his soul arrow right as it was about transform and then it didn’t. I’m not sure if this is a bug or what but it was interesting to see.

              • Anonymous

                09 Jan 2018 22:47  


                If you kill the hollow at the exact same time it transforms, the game will crash.
                Steam version, 09/01/2018

                • Anonymous

                  07 Oct 2017 23:32  

                  Does anybody knows a mod that allows player to transform these things? Seriously dude, first time i really wanted to become one of them and i searched all spells but, i think we can't in normal game

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Sep 2017 04:12  

                    Couldn't the serpent also be something related to Kaathe? Evidently Prince Lothric wishes for the end of the Age of Fire, and Lothric's alliance with the wyverns seems to imply a departure from the Gods' decree, similarly to why the Nameless King was wiped from history by Gwyn himself. Plus, two of the serpents appear out of the wyverns in the Dragon Barracks...

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Sep 2017 21:08  

                      It appears that these enemies, or at least the ones under the bridge with the 2 dragons at Lothric castle, have a rather special, and deadly ability. I learned it when I tried to cheese one of them by fleeing towards the area where the baby crystal lizard is and the subsequent ambush by hollow assassins. I hoped to get the pus of man stuck in the door way then shoot it to death with my bow. It worked, until the pus of man made a... copy of itself, right inside the room after the doorway.

                      It looked as if the copy was made of shadow, even the hollowed man part of it, and it had a skewed movement, like if it was moving at like 15 fps. Furthermore, the shadow clone (Naruto approves) was only visible and physically present when it was attacking, when I got out of its reach it vanished completely, and arrows went through the place where it just stood a moment ago. When I walked back, it popped out of thin air again and attacked.

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Aug 2017 17:23  

                        Where is the one in the Untended Graves? You give values for them yet i do not know of a single one there.

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Jul 2017 21:19  

                          I begin to think that monster who can hit invaders just like Pus of Man is just another mean to nerf invasion. To prevent invaders to hide behind/underneath them. Makes sense. One Sunbro, 2 Blues and the host would be in real danger otherwise...

                          • Anonymous

                            03 Mar 2017 13:13  

                            It's incredibly annoying when a summon rushes in and kills it before it transforms as on the first time they are killed in high wall of Lothric they always drop 1 ember and 1 titanite shard I get that some people don't want to deal with them (cause they can be a total b*tch to fight if you're out of firebombs and fp) but still...

                            • Anonymous

                              25 Jan 2017 10:16  

                              fire works well... these things are impossible if you run a light weight build... Samurai cos-play ruined thanks to these things, but hey if you can kill them in melee then you can take out the boss, Vordt of the boreal valley...

                              • Anonymous

                                10 Dec 2016 14:49  

                                Unfortunately, it took me a great deal of playthroughs to realise that the ones on the High Wall only grant their drops if you kill them AFTER they've transformed, not if you cleverly rush them.

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