Pus of Man

General Info
HP  Souls Locations
841-1937 250-2500 High Wall of Lothric
Consumed King's Garden
Drops Dark Gem
See below for unique drops
Enemy Type Abyssal

  Farron Greatsword

Chicken Biscuit

Resistant   Dark
Immune  Poison
 Alluring Skull attracts this enemy, making it vulnerable for a few seconds.
 Rapport charms this enemy, making it a temporary ally.

Pus of Man is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Pus of Man Enemy Description


Pus of Man Combat Information

  • Whenever possible, kill the undead in the 2-3 seconds before it transforms. Its total health will multiply drastically after transforming, and it will be restored to full health upon successful transformation.
  • They are resistant to dark damage but very weak to fire. After transforming, it will be stunned for several seconds by any source of fire damage, trivializing the encounter. You can easily kill it with Pyromancies, needs only 2 hits with Chaos Bed Vestiges, but be sure that you're aiming the "black serpent" part of the enemy (one hit does about 1500 dmg depending on your build). One Firebomb will stun it long enough to get 2-3 free hits in. Fire-infused weapons will achieve the same effect. A Torch swing can also do the trick.
  • Follower Javelin infused with Fire or Chaos can set it on fire from a distance with its weapon art, even without FP.
  • Weak to Farron Greatsword and Wolf Knight's Greatsword.
  • Its large size makes it easy to hit. Avoid the front.
  • Can be fooled with Alluring Skull.
  • Can be affected by Rapport both before and after transforming, but applied rapport effect ends immediately upon successful transformation and must be applied again.
  • New players encountering these enemies on the High Wall of Lothric who are unsure of their ability to kill the undead before the transformation can find some black firebombs in the area. 3 of them should render the enemy close enough to kill with a couple of hits or another normal firebomb.


Pus of Man Notes & Trivia

  • The first time you kill the mutated versions in High Wall of Lothric they have a guaranteed drop of 1 Titanite Shard and 1 Ember.
  • Dark Souls lore describes the serpent as an imperfect dragon that is a symbol of the undead.
  • Their abyssal growths also look similar to what is consuming Iudex Gundyr.
  • Their attacks can damage all other enemies, including invaders.






Pus of Man Variations

Untransformed Corrupted Hollow

Are not transformed when you find them

Transformed Corrupted Hollow

Are already transformed when you find them


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    • Anonymous

      07 Oct 2020 02:13  

      Im new to this game
      And I'm asking my self
      Why... why to make **** monster...
      It's so ugly the design is horrible. who thought about this kind of art.
      look at those attacks it's so stupid it made me laught when I saw it for the first time
      In my opinion this **** not adding anything to the game experience...
      Hope next games they wont make another big **** fighting with you.

      • Anonymous

        25 Jun 2020 13:53  

        Hey wouldn't it be funny if there was an enemy with a hitbox the size of it, one of the biggest enemies in the game? Then put multiple of them in a toxic swamp?

        • Anonymous

          05 Jun 2020 16:52  

          Easy way to deal with them: roll onto them whenever they start flailing their head. You ll end up behind them and their attack will continue for the next 4 seconds. Might even loose aggro if you don't touch them.

          • Anonymous

            04 Jun 2020 13:28  

            More bark than bite. Use the same strategy you used on Iudex; stay close, stay behind. Save your bombs and get your hands dirty - you won't even get hit.

            • Anonymous

              29 May 2020 15:48  

              Lore-wise, i think pus of man has nothing to do with the curse of the undead. It's more like a product of an entirely different curse, that certain king brought upon his own bloodline. Oceiros was so obsessed with dragons that he didn' t think about the curses that lied between seath's knowledge or how the godly blood (Gwynevere, though i doubt that's pure god blood due to gwyn's descendants history) would affect his plan. Lothric and lorian's curse must have been something like this: a malformed, dragonlike creature akin to dark. I guess the reason those two did not transform was because of not being truly undeads, as they never died before. As for the rest of the people of Lothric, including Gundyr, makes sense that they re affected considering how curses works. Then the curse ended with the destruction of Lothric, as we see a petrified, gigantic pus of man in the dreg heap. The last of them to be seen from that point on.

              • Anonymous

                19 Oct 2019 23:57  

                im so tilted with these stupid enemies...fire damage doesnt always affect them! wtf? i even aim for the black parts and let their stun wear out before applying more fire. is there a trick to it?

                • Anonymous

                  24 Jul 2019 11:17  

                  Here's a bit of a useless thing I've noticed: If you let a hollow transform, kill the Pus, then reload the save file, the hollow will come back, try to transform again, then immediately just disappear from the game.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Jul 2019 12:35  

                    the ones next to the two dragons guarding the bridge in Lothric castle can increase your curse (for me, it was more than half the curse bar in ng+) with what looks like a spit attack and they only “spit” at you when you are far away

                    • Anonymous

                      04 May 2019 01:10  

                      Cursed flame is fading, and humans begin to assume their true from – of dragons/flying serpents. Even more so, with growing dragon out Gundir, and the Drakes which is spawns same humanity's serpents out them upon killing them for the first time. Humans=Dragons, hinted in DS1, confirmed in DS3.

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Apr 2019 10:42  

                        Judging by the QA Cut Content: - Serpents like Kaathe and Frampt were meant to be the final boss. - Gundyr, infected by Pus of Man, was meant to be Oceiros. This makes Pus of Man have much more sense - it resembles a serpent-like being. All around Lothric there are hints of serpent worship. Oceiros (Gundyr) being the "lord"/researcher that introduced the Pus of Man in Consumed King's Garden (with a bunch of them + poison being there) makes sense. In the end, they've hastily scrapped the whole thing and Pus of Man remains an after-thought.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Jan 2019 16:00  

                          I feel like these dudes were a bit of a red herring in terms of lore and enemies... It's so clearly part of the dark/abyss/deep or whatever, some sort of corruption of humanity from eons before, manifesting as a new symptom of the undead curse. Although, the player characters is no longer an undead, is it, but an unknindled. Which explains how Hollowing now is attainable only after certain actions, compared to the first two games where death made you hollow. Anyways, these creatures only exist in and around Lothric castle/wall, with the only other one outside of Lothiric being Iudex's version (which in reality is still "inside" Lothric). We see some already transformed in the Gardens, and the white drake @ Lothric is afflicted by it too, as we see later on when we attack it's foot. I don't think any item or spell go into any lore for these, and i still felt they led to no satisfying conclusion; for example: Champion gundyr in Untrended Graves having a pus of man as well, or there being a pus of man related item, spell, or npc to interact with there. Would have been awesome if these were covenant related, too, and one could wield a pus of man related item or spell much like that one covenant in Bloodborne that could let the player become one of the Kin. Unless there is some other piece of lore i don't know about, these enemies feel like they were unfinished in implementation, lacking lore...

                          • 09 Nov 2018 01:19  

                            I really wish they had done more with these. You see Iudex transform, and can run into two of these on the Wall early on, so I though they would be a prominent part of the story, popping up as you went along. Instead they just kind of disappear until much later in the game.

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