Ghru Grunt

Enemy Type Ghru
Weakness Fire
Resistances ??
Immune Poison/Toxic

Ghru Grunts are enemies in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • Ghru Grunts come in three variations: Leaper (unclothed and unarmed), Duellist (unclothed wielding a dagger) and Spearman (clothed using a spear and shield).
  • Ghrus are descendants of the Farron guardians. Some event has turned them into goatlike demons.


Combat Information

  • Ghrus are fast and aggressive but their attacks are easily blocked.
  • All Ghru weapons increase poison buildup.
  • The shield of the Ghru does not reduce a lot of damage but they can attack while blocking.
  • The unarmed Ghru, that is standing fully erect, will jump high into the air and stomp straight down on top of the player. Dodging is the best way to avoid this. It will also leap at a lower arc and wrap its legs around the player and claw at their face to do massive damage. They like to spam this attack so try to time your rolls to evade. This will allow for windows of opportunity to attack them from behind or the side.
  • Can be affected by the Rapport Pyromancy spell.


Notes & Trivia



Ghru Duellist

Location Drops
 Farron's Keep      

Ghru Spearman

Location Drops
 Farron's Keep    

Ghru Rotshield

Titanite Shard


Ghru Leaper

Location Drops
 Farron's Keep      



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    • Anonymous

      19 Aug 2019 20:07  

      At least they don't devour you like Mimics do. Because then we could honestly say that "You got eaten by a Ghru." Most people probably won't get that reference.

      • Anonymous

        16 Apr 2018 01:49  

        these guys can backstab you. Like, full animation, crit damage. I was backstabbed by one using a dagger in Smouldering Lake after I dropped down a hole, landing with my back right in front of one.

        • Anonymous

          09 Apr 2017 00:28  

          Clearly Farrons guards didn't have enough females but plenty of nanny goats to go around...if you get what I mean. Lol!

          • Anonymous

            02 Mar 2017 02:05  

            The spearmen in New Game (not New Game+) have 435 HP. The shamen in New Game also have 435 HP or thereabouts.

            • Anonymous

              19 Dec 2016 23:33  

              the venom mist ghru drops heavy gems, discovered this while farming the blood swordgrass in the farron keep perimeter bonfire.

              • Anonymous

                12 Nov 2016 00:23  

                The stomp: upward slash weapon art keeps them from falling off the side of the bridge. Lothric Knight Greatsword, Zweihander, Dark Sword and Bastard Sword have this version of stomp.

                • Anonymous

                  Spooky!12 Jul 2016 09:25  

                  It's pretty scary (and movie/Videogame-ish) that we know next to NOTHING about the Ghru!We don't know what it is, what it's weak to, what it's resistant to or what it is immune to!

                  • Anonymous

                    fck the ghru20 Jun 2016 17:35  

                    I don't care what you tell me the ones with spears are the most awful beings ever created in a video game ever

                    • Anonymous

                      Drop Rate for the Curved Sword??13 Jun 2016 16:39  

                      I have killed 125 of these things in a row so far....4 daggers, 2 shield, 1 sword....ugh

                      • Potential Weakness15 May 2016 12:55  

                        I have recently found out that Ghru enemies take more damage from demon-slayer weapons (Black Knight ones). Considering their lore this actually makes sense as Ghrus are goatlike demonic spawns.

                        • Anonymous

                          What I'e found so far15 Apr 2016 17:49  

                          Drops:Dagger wielding Grunts drop "Rotten Ghru Dagger"shield/spear Grunts drop "Rotten Ghru Spear" and "Ghru Rotshield"Both types drops:Black Bug Pellet, Rotten Pine ResinTitanite Shard, Poison GemWolf's Blood Swordgrass (Covenant item)Shaman drops Heavy Gem VERY rarely, these might too, unconfirmed yet

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