Enemy Type Hostile Animal
Weakness Fire
Resistances ??
Immune ??

Wolf is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Wolf Enemy Description

  • Found in The Painted World of Ariandel
  • Attacks mostly in packs.
  • The greater wolves can be distinguished by their larger size and slightly red neck


Wolf Combat Information

  • Will howl to attract other wolves.
  • If not aggresive, but still in their line-of-sight, they will snare at you.
  • If you attack close to it and miss, the wolf will go for an attack
  • Can be lured
  • DO NOT become allied upon the use of the Pyromancy Rapport (verified 09/25/2018)


Wolf Notes & Trivia

  • Near the village where you first encounter the Millwood Knights, some of them seems to have tamed some wolves.


Wolf Variations

Lesser wolf

Location Drops
 Painted World of Ariandel      Mossfruit (Rare)

Greater wolf

Location Drops
 Painted World of Ariandel      Mossfruit (Rare)


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    • Anonymous

      The uncontested most annoying enemy in every single from soft game, and they make an entire area of them... vrabo, Miyazaki

      • Anonymous

        This wolfs only attack you if you get close or stop looking at them as far as i know, if you stay looking and keep the distance they will call every single other wolf in the zone and will slowly surround you and when exposed they will all attack at the same time. The AI is considerably more developed than expected

        • Anonymous

          I went 2 The Painted World of Ariandel early, not knowing it was a lategame area and lost 20000 Souls 2 a pack of wolves.

          • Anonymous

            Easy solo kill for the second Greater Wolf:
            1. kill both Millwood Knights in the tower
            2. run into the aggro range of the Greater Wolf
            3. when he appears, immediately start running for the tower
            4. kill the Lesser Wolves inside the tower as they enter one-by-one
            5. if the Greater Wolf wiggles his way inside, just move up the stairs
            6. either kill him 1v1 once all his minions are dead, or shoot him with projectiles / Gnaw from inside the tower (or on the stairs if he gets inside)

            • Anonymous

              I really like how the wolves AI was designed.
              When they approach they truly operate as a pack. If you stand still, they will split into groups and circle you, waiting either for you to make a move first, or waiting for the most eager wolf to strike first before backing him up.

              What I found even more interesting is that when you defeat the Gravetender Greatwolf the first time (not the actual bossfight) it seems as though the wolves agknowledge you've matched their pack leader and will no longer attack you unless you get close enough to them. As I'm writing this I'm sitting I the snow with about 9 wolves snarling at me, but they refuse to actually approach me. Whenever they get to close they back up. It's been like 15 minutes.

              They may not like me, but they sure as hell respect me.

              • Anonymous

                in another life i will be born in japan with a quest of preventing miyazaki's birth NO MORE DOGS! CATS FOR THE WIN!

                • Anonymous

                  Is there no official name/page for the Massive wolf? It seems that if you kill it first, the other wolves will back down (unless you go in to kill them)

                  • Anonymous

                    It doesn't look like you can rapport the wolves, which sucks. It'd be nice to watch the gank squad fight itself instead of burning through estus trying to get to the stupid vikings.

                    • Anonymous

                      if dogs know total bull*****WWE moves at higher amount of spam that of a triger happy fried blade WA.
                      you get the doggo 3000 model "hope you give up in life". misiaki must ave mass produces those litle*****.

                      • Anonymous

                        At first I felt guilty killing ordinary animals, and thinking of Sif didn't help, but after getting ganked by these *****ers for the 100th time... I guess you could say Firelink Shrine is running out of wall space for all these trophies.

                        Tip: take a stealth approach and kill the "alarm" wolves with a greatarrow to the face before they spot you. That way you don't have to deal with like 30 wolves every time you respawn.

                        • Anonymous

                          1st playthrough - I beat big wolfie the first time he showed up. Ran away the 2nd time because he had a gank squad.
                          2nd playthrough/ NG+ - smashed big wolfie the first two times he shows up. More of a cajones thing. He only drops 2 large titanite shards per mini-boss fight. The fight with his buddy, Gravetender, has more worthwhile rewards.


                          • Anonymous

                            The big wolves gets hit by all three lava puddles created by Great Chaos Fire Orb, I can consistently oneshot them as a result.

                            • The first giant wolf that you fight in the beginning seems to be extremely weak to dark and bleed. I was getting demolished by him and as a last resort tried regular old Gnaw and the first cast took about 1/4 of his life away and the second cast killed him from 3/4 health. Not sure if some wacky interaction made the second cast do so much damage but I'm in no way a caster build, only 20 faith and 124 spell buff.

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