Giant Slave

Enemy Type Giant
Weakness Strike

Magic, Fire, Lightning, Dark



Poison/Toxic, Frost



NG+ (16,000 souls)

NG+3(18,000 souls)

Giant Slave is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • There are two of these monsters in Cathedral of the Deep defending the area just before the Deacons of the Deep bossfight. Does not respawn, when killed.
  • There are two smaller versions of this enemy in the courtyard between the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire and the way to Anor Londo. Respawnable.
  • The Giant of the Undead Settlement is an NPC version of this enemy. 
  • One of these giants is resting within Irithyll Dungeon. Does not respawn, when killed.
  • Once killed they drop a Large Titanite Shard and some dung pies.


Combat Information

  • At ground level they are often defended by dark slimes or hound rats. Fire is effective vs guards.
  • They're quite slow but have a lot of health and deal high damage.
  • Weak spot: Head. 
  • Non respawnable giant receives minor damage, when they are asleep.
  • Two smaller giant met between the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire and Anor Londo can be staggered and riposted.
  • Persilent Mist will not wake them up and is not affected by damage reduction, making it a viable option for sorcerers.
  • You are not required to kill any giants through the whole game. The two giants in Cathedral of the Deep can the lured into areas that can be locked off with giant walls. The giant in Irithyll Dungeon is sleeping and will not become agressive unless awoken.
  • Anri and Horace can help with the giants in Cathedral of the Deep, their summon sign can be found before Deacon of the Deep boss room.
  • After making the giant agressive, they will not chase you far if you move quickly.
  • If you're dying constantly against them or don't want to take them head on, pulling out a bow with plenty of arrows does the job
  • The easiest way to kill them through melee attacks is to stand just in front of their feet and sidestrafe. When they kneel, they are much easier to safely hit. Be careful of their stomp attack, which is similar to the moveset used by giants in previous Souls games.
  • For casters, target their head and cast sorcery projectiles.
  • Fighting the giant from high ground(dealing with hands) is harder but not impossible. Roll iframes, if timed very well can nullify damage and let you land a hit or two at each hand whenever it attacks. Feet lets you hit it more and stomps have less aoe.
  • Two of the giants in the Cathedral of the Deep have a "splash attack". When the players moves away from the giant, it will splash water into the players direction. The foe will continue this attack until the range is smaller or the player breaks line of sight.
  • The giants after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire have a unique grab attack, where they will snatch you from a distance and throw you down the ground, doing massive damage. 
  • While invading after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire, an invader can be damaged (but not targeted) by the giants if the player is to close to one while it does its attack animation. 
  • Although their focus is not on the giants, the two Drang NPCs who guard above the hidden Water Reserve bonfire after Pontiff Sulyvahn can still get hit from giants (trampled and grabbed).


Notes & Trivia

  • These giants appear to be much larger than other giants seen throughout Darksouls 1, Darksouls 2 and in other parts of Darksouls 3.
  • Like all giants seen in Darksouls 3, these giants appear to have once been slaves. It is unknown who specifically enslaved them.
  • These larger variants of giants appear to be less intellectually capable than most, not boasting any special skills such as archery and lacking the ability of comprehensive speech.



Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops



Ancient Wyvern (Mob)  ♦  Angel  ♦  Ascended Winged Knight  ♦  Basilisk  ♦  Black Knights  ♦  Boreal Immolator  ♦  Boreal Outrider Knight  ♦  Burning Stake Witch  ♦  Cage Spider  ♦  Carthus Sandworm  ♦  Carthus Swordsman Skeleton  ♦  Cathedral Evangelist  ♦  Cathedral Grave Warden  ♦  Cathedral Knight  ♦  Church Guardian  ♦  Clawed Curse  ♦  Consumed King's Knight  ♦  Corpse-Grub  ♦  Corvian  ♦  Corvian Knight  ♦  Corvian Settler (Enemy)  ♦  Corvian Storyteller  ♦  Crawling Ghru  ♦  Crystal Sage (Mob)  ♦  Dark Rotten Flesh  ♦  Darkwraith  ♦  Deacon  ♦  Deacon of the Deep  ♦  Deep Accursed  ♦  Demon Cleric  ♦  Demon Statue  ♦  Desert Pyromancer Zoey  ♦  Devout of the Deep  ♦  Drakeblood Knight  ♦  Elder Ghru  ♦  Farron Follower  ♦  Flame Demon  ♦  Gargoyle  ♦  Gargoyle Lancer  ♦  Ghru Cleric  ♦  Ghru Conjurator  ♦  Ghru Grunt  ♦  Ghru Leaper  ♦  Ghru Shaman  ♦  Giant Avelyn  ♦  Giant Fly  ♦  Giant Serpent-Man  ♦  Grand Archives Scholar  ♦  Grave Warden  ♦  Gravewarden Skeleton  ♦  Great Crab  ♦  Greater Crab  ♦  Hand Ogre  ♦  Harald Legion Knight  ♦  Havel Knight  ♦  Hollow  ♦  Hollow Assassin  ♦  Hollow Cage  ♦  Hollow Cleric  ♦  Hollow Manservant  ♦  Hollow Priest  ♦  Hollow Slave  ♦  Hollow Soldier  ♦  Hound-Rat  ♦  Infested Corpse  ♦  Irithyllian Slave  ♦  Iron Dragonslayer  ♦  Jailer Handmaid  ♦  Jar Wielding Undead  ♦  Judicator  ♦  Large Hollow Soldier  ♦  Lesser Crab  ♦  Lothric Knight  ♦  Lothric Wyvern  ♦  Lycanthrope  ♦  Lycanthrope Hunter  ♦  Mad Ghru  ♦  Man-grub  ♦  Man-Serpent Summoner  ♦  Millwood Chieftain  ♦  Millwood Knight  ♦  Minor Skeleton  ♦  Monstrosity of Sin  ♦  Murkman  ♦  Murkmen  ♦  Peasant Hollow  ♦  Poison Brumer  ♦  Poisonhorn Bug  ♦  Pus of Man  ♦  Rapier Champion  ♦  Ravenous Crystal Lizard  ♦  Reanimated Corpse  ♦  Ringed Knight  ♦  Rock Lizard  ♦  Root Skeleton  ♦  Rotten Flesh of Aldrich  ♦  Rotten Slug  ♦  Serpent-man  ♦  Sewer Centipede  ♦  Silver Knight  ♦  Skeleton Ball  ♦  Skeleton Elites  ♦  Skeleton Wheel  ♦  Skeletons  ♦  Smoldering Ghru  ♦  Smoldering Rotten Flesh  ♦  Starved Hound  ♦  Sullyvahn's Beast  ♦  Sulyvahns Beast  ♦  Thrall  ♦  Tree Woman  ♦  Turtle Clerics  ♦  Winged Knight  ♦  Wolf  ♦  Wretch


    • Anonymous

      10 Feb 2019 14:36  

      the giant in cathedral also can grab the player. (when we first see them, upon entering the cathedral, if we take refuge with the wooden boxes, they will attempt it)

      • 01 Jan 2019 21:59  

        Watched a host spend about 7-8 minutes hitting a sleeping giant with a long sword in the Cathedral before it died. Host also use Charcoal Resin and Black Firebombs. Seems like they take maybe 10% damage while they are sleeping.

        • Anonymous

          23 Jan 2018 22:37  

          The most annoying part about fighting them is the camera
          (Especially the slimes or the rats that can mess up your camera lock.)

          • Anonymous

            09 Jan 2018 16:16  

            this says they are resistant to Magic but my great Heavy Soul Arrow does by and far the most damage against them. 1266 with a buffed Court sorcerer staff and I rarely ever hit above 900 on anything else

            • Anonymous

              14 Dec 2017 02:15  

              I R1'd the irithyll dungeon one nonstop with a reinforced club buffed with rouge, but no bleed damage. Possibly resistant to bleed?

              • Anonymous

                17 Nov 2016 20:10  

                It most certainly is weak to magic. I hit the one in Irithyll dungeon in the head with a Soul Spear in NG+ and it did about 1000 damage to him.

                • Anonymous

                  Saddness26 Sep 2016 17:06  

                  Anyone else feel really bad for these giants. Being chained up, and forced to labor. I cry a little when I kill the big ones in the cathedral of the deep.

                  • Anonymous

                    Misinformation13 Aug 2016 16:08  

                    ANY attack type will do massive damage to the head. Sorcery does especially massive damage, but I suppose we're all used to that.

                    • Anonymous

                      Quick step22 Jul 2016 07:15  

                      Using a weapon with the quick step ability makes killing them in the cathedral easy. Killed both with a Thrall Axe +6 in ng+ without taking any damage.

                      • Anonymous

                        Giants17 Jun 2016 18:15  

                        Using the darkmoon bow with moonlight arrows and associated weapon skill for headshots is a fast, effective way of bringing them down.

                        • Anonymous

                          slight bug22 May 2016 15:23  

                          On ng+ ps4 and the first giant in the cathedral seems to assume a standing position when I move far away and shift my camera from him. At least I think its a bug because he just stands there motionless. Kinda cool though because they're a hundred feet tall and makes for a good sreenshot.

                          • Anonymous

                            Giant slave in the dungeon14 May 2016 18:20  

                            Just a little FYI i'm pretty sure the one in the dungeon is immune to poison, tested it with about 60 poison arrows. Tested it with the blackbow and after 60ish (probably a few more than that) arrows about a third of which came out in 3s it wasn't poisoned.

                            • Anonymous

                              hp?29 Apr 2016 23:36  

                              anyone know their ng hp??? ive just shot 30 charged fire arrows from a +3 long bow and im not sure if im even close

                              • Anonymous

                                Easy Job18 Apr 2016 17:45  

                                Killing giants is pretty easy if u are melee. Just stand under them, keep attacking their legs and they will die easily without hitting you. Every time when they will rise their foot just jump behind and they keep rotating until their death.

                                • Anonymous

                                  But Giants Are Our Freinds?!18 Apr 2016 12:13  

                                  If you kill a giant in your play through the friendly Giant Sniper will stop being friendly.If you have help you can get your co op to agro the giant beyond the gates then flip the switch locking them away from their spawn locations so you can easily grab the items/doorways they are guarding.Lowering the gates and running away will cause them to go back to their original positions.Locking the second Cathederal Giant the opposite side to where he starts provides easy access to the altar (and they stay where you leave them)They effectivly have 3 ranges: Very close range Hand Swipe. Mid range Stomp, Long range Mud Throw.For the Co Op agroing the Giant it's best to lead them at the mid range and roll to avoid the stomp.- Milton.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Melee Strategy18 Apr 2016 01:26  

                                    Eliminate all of the enemies around the giants before engaging. Aim to run in as close to their feet as possible. Try to stay behind one of their heels. Their slam attack with their hand can connect with you if you are underneath them. Their stomp attack poses the biggest threat when locking on to their feet. Otherwise, two hand and swing away as your close enough to either foot. They will eventually drop. They give about 4400 souls a piece in the the first run through of the game.

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