Enemy Type Undead
Weakness Bleed, Fire, Dark
Resistances Lightning
Immune ??

Lycanthrope is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Lycanthrope Enemy Description

Lycanthropes are large, red-eyed hollows with crosses chained to their backs. They wear a tattered rag and have sharp claws protruding from their elongated fingers. They are usually seen sitting down, attacking only when someone draws near. Oddly enough, some Lycanthropes won't attack unless provoked.


Lycanthrope Combat Information

  • Attacks with both fast arm swipes and a slam attack.
  • Has a lunge and grab attack. The grab attack causes your character to be gnawed on (much like a mimic's grab attack.)
  • Succeptible to Rapport


Lycanthrope Notes & Trivia

  • This enemy is likely an homage to the Beast Scourge Lycanthropes of Bloodborne.
  • They share a similar move set like one afflicted with the Scourge of Beasts from Bloodborne.
  • One of them can be found imprisoned in Irithyll Dungeon and can be set loose on his Jailers.
  • Very weak to bleed, can be bled from 2-3 hits with most bleed weapons.
  • Despite being called Lycanthropes, they bear no resemblance to Werewolves.


Lycanthrope Variations


Location Drops
 Road of Sacrifices 816  350

Titanite Shard


 Irithyll Dungeon      


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    • Anonymous

      17 Apr 2021 03:23  

      wow these thing is extremly week to bleed like no joke 2 hit from the flamberg will make them die immediately

      • Anonymous

        09 Dec 2020 13:01  

        These bois scary but they forgot to stack poise, super easy to stunlock them with almost any weapon at all, even dark hand.

        • Anonymous

          06 May 2020 16:00  

          There is a passive one in the Crucifiction woods. Near the back at the building on the path to the Crystal Sage. From the Crucifiction bonfire, stick to the left wall and follow it to the back of the building. There'll be a large fire with two of these guys. The one by the fire is aggressive. But there is one in the corner that's passive. He'll look at me but he only attacks me if I attack him.

          • Anonymous

            17 Jan 2020 13:11  

            no lie, when i first came across one and it started running towards me, i almost sh*t myself and ran straight back to the bonfire.

            • Anonymous

              15 Jan 2020 20:45  

              They only aggro when you walk in front of them. Why? And why are they called Lycanthropes? And why do they look so similar to the Chained Ogre enemies form Sekiro.

              • Anonymous

                07 Jul 2019 11:12  

                Just imagine how much more fast, agile, and dangerous they would be WITHOUT the huge wooden crucifix chained to their back...

                • Anonymous

                  07 Jun 2018 06:57  

                  for some reason, when one of these grabbed me and did its bite attack, it permanently reduced my max health by 300 points, it was about 1200 but its 900 now, haven't reloaded at the bonfire but idk if its temporary

                  • 15 Mar 2018 20:44  

                    Those guys can be parried, but only if they attack with hands. Yes, even the long jump is parriable and it's the most consistent attack to parry in fact, since the other ones are fairly unpredictable and quick.

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Nov 2017 06:19  

                      They're just as weak to frost as bleed. Frostbite should proc after 2-3 hits with the Irithyll Sword that you pick up on the way down. Everything in those two zones is really. Vordts hammer might proc but they tend to die in 2 swings.

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Oct 2017 21:21  

                        Should be noted that they can't be backstabbed, on account of the crucifix. Not that this comes as a surprise, but still, it's notable information.

                        About the crucifix, it looks less like the emblem of the Ringed City to me and more like a crescent moon of sorts. It's also seen on the small doll that you acquire from killing the Deacons of the Deep, meaning it must have something to do with Irithyll. Most likely, I think it implies that the Deacons serving Pontiff Sulyvahn are preparing sacrifices for Aldrich.

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Oct 2017 19:09  

                          "They bear no resemblance to werewolves." If you think every werewolf design has to look like a carbon copy, I guess. Secondly, I'm fairly certain this refers to the transformative effects of the Wold Blood.

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