Cathedral Knight


Enemy Type Undead
Weakness Lightning, Frost


Immune N/A

Cathedral Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Cathedral Knight Enemy Description

  • Imposing knights with helmets and chest-plates of black metal adorned with gold, their arms and legs covered in chainmail.


Cathedral Knight Combat Information

  • There are 3 variations met in-game: using Cathedral Knight Greatsword, Great Mace, or Heavy Crossbow.
  • Deals  Strike Damage or Thrust Damage.
  • Variation using mace may buff their weapon with miracle similar to Blessed Weapon. This makes their weapon leave timed "mines", which deals Physical (Standard?) Damage.
  • All variations can cast Great Heal when their health is low enough.
  • Variation met at Consumed King's Garden can cast Force when close by.
  • Can be backstabbed, parried, guard-broken, and riposted.
  • Weak to Lightning Damage and Frostbite.
  • Resistant to Bleed.
  • Can buff itself with Perseverance, which gives damage reduction and makes them more aggressive.
  • Can be lured.
  • Can be affected by Rapport.
  • Deep Infused Cathedral Knight Greatshield has 98.8% Dark Defense.


Cathedral Knight Notes & Trivia

  • Deep Knights are guards of corrupted beings that have succumb to the deep. As seen guarding Rosaria's priest abominations in the Cathedral of the Deep, and guarding the Consumed King (an abomination), which also includes smaller dreg abominations.


Cathedral Knight Gallery


Cathedral Knight Variations

Greatmace and Greatshield

Location Drops
Cathedral of the Deep      

Cathedral Knight Set (Rare)

Great Mace (Very Rare)
Cathedral Knight Greatshield (Rare)
Ember (Very Rare)
Large Titanite Shard (Common)
Titanite Chunk (Extremely Rare)

Consumed King's Garden      

Cathedral Knight Set (Rare)

Great Mace (Very Rare)
Cathedral Knight Greatshield (Rare)
Ember (Very Rare)
Large Titanite Shard (Common)
Titanite Chunk (Extremely Rare)



Location Drops
 Cathedral of the Deep    

Cathedral Knight Set (Rare)

Heavy Crossbow (Very Rare)

Ember (Very Rare)

Large Titanite Shard

Titanite Chunk (Extremely Rare)


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    • Anonymous

      03 Sep 2021 22:31  

      for the ones who didnt see they use force, it only happens when u guard break them. At least this is what I've seen.

      • Anonymous

        27 Aug 2021 17:29  

        I mean they have a giant blade twice the size of the ashen one but they’ll just kick you off the cathedral rafters instead

        • Anonymous

          07 Jun 2021 21:53  

          The UGS cathedral knight are worse than the red-eyed lothric knights since they have unlimited fcking poise and will smash you in a corner if you decide to go there, good thing there aren't a lot of them

          • Anonymous

            19 Mar 2021 13:34  

            I love it. Just killed the last 3 bosses first try about 15 minutes apart.


            Got to CK Garden... UGS variant made me rage quit.

            Here I am.

            • Anonymous

              14 Jan 2021 10:05  

              I know they're called impotent because they are insane due to deep corruption, but I feel the other definition (helpless, lacking strength) is a jab at how EASY the great mace ones are to kill. It may also be a jab at the fact that the UGS variants can be parried despite wielding a supposedly unparriable weapon.

              • Anonymous

                02 Jan 2021 20:26  

                Guys! I just litteraly made these bucketheads flinch with my rock hard defence and now officially feel more badass than ever. I don't know if that's normal with a greatshield because i usually don't try to block against big enemies but normaly they just keep bashing against your shield until your stamina is empty without even noticing. It doesn't work on every attack, but almost every attack of the UGS wielders and some of the mace attacks just bounce off my shield and throw them off balance. I used a Cathedral Knight Greatshield +10 with heavy infusion and fought against the ones at the Cathedral of the deep in NG+. I know you can stagger them with heavy weapons, but i've never seen anything able to stop them once they attack so i wanted to get this out here.

                • Anonymous

                  31 Dec 2020 21:53  

                  do the ones in the cathedral actually drop shards? i've been grinding these things for a while for a cosplay build and i've not gotten a single shard, plenty of armour though

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Dec 2020 10:37  

                    Beware of those big guys, especially the greatsword ones. The elite variant has a lot of poise. I hyper-armor through light attacks with a +9 great mace (heavy infusion), but the heavy ones and the kicks stagger me. While they are attacking, a third hit with the mace staggers them, and the fouth one kills them. Backstab + full charged heavy kill them instantly. Dex has a hard time, as the swings make it hard to backstab them, and attacking them directely is kind of suicide. The elite shield and mace variant is easy to get down: fully charged heavy / double light (knightslayer ring) guardbreaks them, and after the frontstab it takes only one more hit to kill them.

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Dec 2020 18:53  

                      to anyone who thinks this knight is bullshlt, you obviously haven't seen the crow knights in A of A. You dont get to dodge them, parry, or take hits, that my friend is true bullshlt

                      • Anonymous

                        14 Sep 2020 13:39  

                        An "easy" way to defeat this is to have him locked then run backwards towards the "stage" on the opposite side of the entrance (don't get too far from him). Then you walk the steps up the "stage" and once he's up the stage as well you drop to the side (a small drop) and wait for him to drop. When he follows you down to the side he drops his shield in the "fall", and you can get one hit. Rinse and repeat.

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Aug 2020 00:52  

                          Can confirm large titanite shards are a common drop. I ended up with around 400 of those before getting the greatsword

                          • Anonymous

                            31 Jul 2020 18:06  

                            I’ve only been getting Titanite Shard drops from the two knights near the Deacons of the Deep bonfire. Haven’t gotten a Large Titanite Shard drop yet. Anyone else experienced this?

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Jul 2020 00:57  

                              unlimited poise, unlimited stamina, unlimited range, doesnt even get knocked off by charging thrust ugs the only way i deal with this guy is using shield and circling around them for backstab such bull****

                              • Anonymous

                                06 Jul 2020 17:13  

                                unlimited stamina, poise, range, doesnt get knocked down even with charging thrust ugs such a bs
                                the only way i dealt with this guy is using shield and circling around them for backstab

                                • Anonymous

                                  02 Jul 2020 16:46  

                                  To these soultards who would rather suck miyazaki's d*ck before giving some thought over this game's bad development choices: before defending that sh**ty excuse of a poise system that is "WoRkInG aS iNtEdEd", try trading hits with the ugs variant of this knight, and use any weapon you like. THAT is true poise, motherf***ers.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    03 May 2020 13:20  

                                    Killed these guys and took their post at the cathedral wearing their armor cause I’m the true *****ing guardian of the cathedral come at me boys

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