Carthus Swordsman


Enemy Type Skeleton
Weakness Blunt, Blessed
Resistances Dark, Fire, Slash and Thrust
Immune ??

Carthus Swordsman is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Carthus Swordsman Enemy Description

  • These skeletons wield the Carthus Shotel and fling kukris. This skeleton is extremely agile and hits hard, making it a tough opponent.
  • Some of them dual wield shotels.


Carthus Swordsman Combat Information

  • The one that duel wields has the skill that Onikiri Ubadachi has: the Onislayer, "Leap forward and slash mercilessly with both blades, cutting open foes". 
  • As their shotels pierce through shields it advised to keep blocking to a minimum.
  • They have increased poise when sidestepping.
  • Sidesteps are usually accompanied by the throwing of Kukris. Kukris can be blocked effortlessly.
  • The Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords' initial two handed L1 may knock down the skeletons without dealing any damage.


Carthus Swordsman Drops


Carthus Swordsman Notes & Trivia

  • The attire worn by these skeletons is unattainable by the player.


Carthus Swordsman Variations

One-handed Shotel

Location Drops
Catacombs of Carthus  ??  450 (NG)  Aforementioned

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops


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    • Anonymous

      22 Jul 2018 04:45  

      Those Shotel Skeletons...always remind me why I disliked Dark Souls 3s Bloodborne-esque gameplay. So obnoxious.

      • Anonymous

        25 Nov 2017 21:34  

        Even when using a Cheat Table to get 100% drop rate, it doesn't even guarantee vertebra shackles, which sucks as I'm trying to get Bloodlust without PvPing

        • Anonymous

          31 May 2017 11:07  

          to farm vertable shackles. the two in the catacombs of carthus (first bonfire). two hand a curved sword (I have a dark infused painted guardian sword - so no strike) and cast iron flesh with lingering dragoncrest ring. I don't use pyro (I could) but somehow I get more shackles in close combats. they go down in seconds. iron flesh makes and a fast 2-hand weapon like painted guardian sword (any infusion) and it's done in 3 secs. problem: vertable shackle drop rate 1 %!!!!! got damit from

          • Anonymous

            22 Apr 2017 06:50  

            Use a strike weapon such as a mace and the catacombs is an easy stroll. Not sure about other strike weapons, but the mace knocks these guys down usually in one blow and you can easily finish them while they are down in a few swings.

            • Anonymous

              19 Mar 2017 06:03  

              The Fume Ultra Greatsword works great against them. The normal attack knocks them down & the follow-up swing while they're down finishes them off, plus it swings through their hits without being interrupted (usually). Once I upgraded the sword to +5, it kills them in one hit.

              • Anonymous

                31 Oct 2016 23:29  

                Double-jumps in circles throwing triple projectiles and trying to one-shot you with a curved sword. Genji: Skeleton Edition.

                • Anonymous

                  26 Oct 2016 01:29  

                  I once saw a player do one of the jumps that these skeletons do, and even threw the three kukri while he did it. Was he hacking? Or is doing that flip entirely possible?

                  • Anonymous

                    break them apart12 Aug 2016 10:24  

                    they are annoying yes, but STRIKE weapons will make that area a walk in the park. any strike weapon will do against any skeleton

                    • Anonymous

                      Annoying31 Jul 2016 20:46  

                      The annoyance is real with these ones. They are so incredibly agile, it's hard to hit them when they keep jumping with my Dex build.

                      • Anonymous

                        Get aggressive.24 Jul 2016 12:06  

                        Personally I enjoy annihilating them. The majority of those skeletons can be semi-snuck up upon as there's a pillar covering you from their sight or similar scenarios in the catacombs. Get into their face, literally. Walk up close and then start ruining those guys. They stagger very easily against larger weapons.

                        • Anonymous

                          Shackle Farming10 May 2016 10:02  

                          What's the best way to farm these guys? Warmth is the last pyromancy I need and i don't really like PvP.

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