Elder Ghru

Enemy Type Ghru
Weakness Fire, Magic & Bleed
Resistances Blunt
Immune ??

Elder Ghru is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • These towering beasts share characteristics with the local Ghru but are several times their size.
  • They're capable of powerful strikes and can cast swarms of homing missiles.


Combat Information

  • Every strike is accompanied by the summoning of homing skulls which inflict damage on hit.
  • They're intimidating to look at but take a lot of damage from physical attacks and their health goes down quickly
  • Because they'll attack relentlessly and are hard to get away from, it is advised to be aggressive and keep the fight short
  • Releases a wide blast wave when dislodging their tree when it gets stuck in the ground, watch for the tree getting stuck lower than usual.


Notes & Trivia

  • You can farm the three close by the Ruins Keep Bonfire at Farron Keep. Kill the three beasts, then you can shoot the Elder Ghrus with a bow. It takes a little bit of time, but it nets you a lot of souls quickly.
  • You can also use a bow to safely kill the several Elder Ghru that appear when progressing from the ruins bonfire to the third flame that needs to be extinguished. Clear out all the slugs in the tower that starts the path, then aggro each Ghru while retreating back to the safety of the tower. Use whatever means you wish to dispatch the Ghru from the safety of the tower.
  • The tree they use as a staff looks like a White Birch Tree.
  • If you attack one of their legs enough, they will collapse, and be open for a riposte to the head.


  • Black bow of Pharis (Drops from the group of three located outside and to the right of the Keep Ruins bonfire. Can be seen from the bridge.) Note: does not need to be looted, and will automatically appear in inventory after the Ghru is killed
  • Pharis's Hat (Drops from the group of three located outside and to the right of the Keep Ruins bonfire. Can be seen from the bridge.) Note: does not need to be looted, and will automatically appear in inventory after the Ghru is killed
  • Stone Greatshield (Rare drop)
  • Poison Gem (Very rare drop)
  • Ember (Rare drop)
  • Heavy Gem (Rare drop)



Variation Name

Location Drops
 Ruins Keep  NG +6   7681  

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops



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    • Anonymous

      31 Mar 2018 22:37  

      Using the same chime/spellbuff/faith, lightning blade deals slightly better damage than darkmoon blade. At lower spellbuffs, lightning only deals +1 more damage. Using a pyromancy flame with the same spellbuff as the chime, fire still deals significantly more damage than either magic/lightning (+50 or so), despite the buff being weaker buff*.85 vs buff*.96.

      • Anonymous

        27 Mar 2018 05:28  

        Possible Shrek reference? When you areclose to the, after every attack they say 'what are you doing in my swamp!

        • Anonymous

          24 Feb 2018 10:29  

          The open fires throughout farron keep hurt them. More like kill them in 5 seconds. That should be included in this wiki.

          • Anonymous

            03 Dec 2017 08:54  

            Kite them near a open fire, and roll the ground pound, they will pretty much kill themselves almost instantly

            • Anonymous

              20 May 2017 15:25  

              They look nothing like Vicar Amelia... even as monster she looked beautiful, these thing look ugly as f*ck.

              • Anonymous

                14 May 2017 15:22  

                I was doing a Sl1 run and needed Black Bow of Pharis, so I came to them with Irithyll rapier and it looks like frost damages are very effective (Proc'd in 2-3 hits). Irithyll straight sword may be a good option for anyone that has just started the game.

                • Anonymous

                  Tips04 Oct 2016 05:55  

                  Aside from using an environmental hazard like fire as already noted, you can lure them into a plunge opening by the ladder leading to Old Wolf of Farron (aside from other high ground like the ramp nearby). As with many larger foes (Great Crab, Crystal Lizard, etc.) in this game, a single such move will instantly put them into a riposte vulnerable stun state. Like Crystal Lizard (and unlike Great Grab), you have enough time to recover and capitalize for said critical. Their homing orbs can be spell parried (the wisdom of this may be questionable). Dark Wraiths are friendly to none save for themselves, so in-fighting can be encouraged. Having the giant friendly would also let you take advantage of him by his beloved tree. I'm quite sure the Great Crab would be able to damage Elder Ghru, but wouldn't directly attack him. Like other foes, you can lure it to a 'leash point' (AI boundary), then exploit its attempts to return where it belongs for free hits.

                  • Anonymous

                    Heads look like warlock mask09 Jul 2016 08:35  

                    I wonder if they're connected, or it might just be that they're both modeled after goat heads.

                    • Anonymous

                      Fatality12 Jun 2016 06:57  

                      While using bursting fireball pyromancy, they can be opened for a fatality after 4-5 hits. Must have something to do with the number of hits because i tried 3 other pyromancies and they didn't trigger the opening.

                      • Anonymous

                        Crab and arrows26 May 2016 12:04  

                        I saw somewhere that you can lure them over where the crab and white birch are and get the giant to take them out. Anyone know if this is true? When I tried it the giant never fired at them. He seemed to stop shooting after the crab died.

                        • Anonymous

                          Swipe26 May 2016 11:57  

                          It says all of their attacks are accompanied by the pursuer skull things, but i have never seen them on their horizontal swipe. Also I don't think there are any on their big attack. The one where the slam the tree into the ground and there's a big AoE when they rip it back out.

                          • Anonymous

                            Intimidating?17 May 2016 05:30  

                            When I first saw these guys, I couldn't help but laugh. They look so goofy, just giant swamp dog men with big trees walking about.

                            • Anonymous

                              Dragon?08 May 2016 23:46  

                              IDK if it's only me but since the first time I saw those creatures, I tought they looked like the Everlasting Dragon in Ash Lake in Dark Souls.

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