Elder Ghru

Enemy Type Ghru
Weakness Fire, Magic & Bleed
Resistances Blunt
Immune ??

Elder Ghru is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Elder Ghru Enemy Description

  • These towering beasts share characteristics with the local Ghru but are several times their size.
  • They're capable of powerful strikes and can cast swarms of homing missiles.


Elder Ghru Combat Information

  • Every strike is accompanied by the summoning of homing skulls which inflict damage on hit.
  • They're intimidating to look at but take a lot of damage from physical attacks and their health goes down quickly
  • Because they'll attack relentlessly and are hard to get away from, it is advised to be aggressive and keep the fight short
  • Releases a wide blast wave when dislodging their tree when it gets stuck in the ground, watch for the tree getting stuck lower than usual.


Elder Ghru Notes & Trivia

  • You can farm the three close by the Ruins Keep Bonfire at Farron Keep. Kill the three beasts, then you can shoot the Elder Ghrus with a bow. It takes a little bit of time, but it nets you a lot of souls quickly.
  • You can also use a bow to safely kill the several Elder Ghru that appear when progressing from the ruins bonfire to the third flame that needs to be extinguished. Clear out all the slugs in the tower that starts the path, then aggro each Ghru while retreating back to the safety of the tower. Use whatever means you wish to dispatch the Ghru from the safety of the tower.
  • The tree they use as a staff looks like a White Birch Tree.
  • If you attack one of their legs enough, they will collapse, and be open for a riposte to the head.


Elder Ghru Drops

  • Black bow of Pharis (Drops from the group of three located outside and to the right of the Keep Ruins bonfire. Can be seen from the bridge.) Note: does not need to be looted, and will automatically appear in inventory after the Ghru is killed
  • Pharis's Hat (Drops from the group of three located outside and to the right of the Keep Ruins bonfire. Can be seen from the bridge.) Note: does not need to be looted, and will automatically appear in inventory after the Ghru is killed
  • Stone Greatshield (Rare drop)
  • Poison Gem (Very rare drop)
  • Ember (Rare drop)
  • Heavy Gem (Rare drop)


Elder Ghru Variations

Variation Name

Location Drops
 Ruins Keep  NG +6   7681  

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops


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    • Anonymous

      24 Dec 2020 09:38  

      i yeet great chaos fire orbs at these guys from range to one-shot them for easy souls. pyromancy is sick.

      though if i mess up (miss, run out of magic) and they get close though, i'm dead.

      • 10 Dec 2020 16:25  

        Could be coincidental, but the soul heads that they release from their attacks, kinda reminds me of the soul-attacks Gael uses in his 2nd and 3rd phase. Is there a connection, or is it me looking into this too much?

        • Anonymous

          05 Aug 2020 22:46  

          Technically these mobs shouldn't be hard but for some reason they absolutely wreck me in every playthrough, I hate these ****ers.

          • Anonymous

            03 May 2020 20:43  

            Easy 20K souls farming ! Optional steps : - buy throwing knives. - for even more souls, equip Covetous Silver Serpent Ring (+10%) and Shield of Want (+20%), both will give you +32% boost !! Elder Ghru cues : - They are weak against physical damage. Usually I use greatswords (Hollowslayer GS, Black Knight Sword or Wolf's Knight GS) because they are a good compromise between heavy damage and speed attack. - With sufficient distance, you should only be worried about the homing skulls. Don't move too much sideways to minimize their spread and then just roll when they are about to hit you. - Their stomp atack is the best moment to do damage imho so I play as close to him as possible. He will raise his weapon up in the air so you can easily recognize this attack. Just roll on the right and hit him once or twice, then roll to the right again to avoid next stomp and homing skulls. - Their charged attack is a swing from (your) left to right. Just let it charge and then side roll at the last moment. Usually followed by a stomp attack. - Lastly, the most lethal attack is the shock wave so be prepared to roll away from him when is stand up straight after a stomp atack (unique posture to remember). Route : Teleport to "Old Wolf of Farron", go down the ladder outside (3 Rotten Slugs), the hug the wall near the Estus soup and kill 2 Starved Hounds. Approach three Elder Ghrus until the closest one can be targeted, throw him a knife then immediately run back to where you killed the hounds to engage the fight (just in case you die and want to safely retreive your souls). They grant 1600 souls per enemy without any XP buff item (2112 with CSS Ring & Shield of Want) and are pretty easy to kill. When you've done the 1st one, go bait the 2nd one and repeat the process until you kill all these 3. Then go to the Estus soup and heal for free if needed. The soup is a good reference point for the next Elder Ghru. Go between the trees with the previous combat area right behind you so you should find a small island where you can kill the next Elder. There is another one a bit further close to a tiny island with some fire on it, but I found it easier to kill on the previous small island because the swamp is to deep around this last one. The final one is near the Farron Keep Perimeter gate (3 ritual fires), again bait him to the gate to kill him. You can also kill the slugs where you found the Undead Bone Shard by using lateral attacks. Then, pass the gates and go left to kill the Corvian Storyteller ASAP so the corvians don't wake up and you and safely backstab them. Then head to the Abyss Watchers, avoid the 2 Darkwraith by running on the right side of the area in order to use as many Ghrus to hurt them before you finish them. After that head to the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire and passed it, there are 3 last Ghrus to backstab. And Finally, a Lycanthrope and a Black Knight. Then go back the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire and repeat the steps again until you've reach satisfaction ! It takes me about 15 min each time so I think it's pretty fast and less redundant compared to farming the same 3 enemies and do it 20 times in a row. I hope you'll get easy level ups, and please press like and leave a comment if you found it helpful. Praise the Sun !

            • Anonymous

              03 May 2020 06:27  

              By far the most terrifying enemy in the game for me. Idk what it is, I'm not afraid of Winterlanterns, sharks or whatever Bloodborne had to offer. But These Ghrus. Thank you Dark Souls. Whenever one of these sees me, I'm noping straight away from them. Idk if it's the size, the growling or that I can't fight them because of the fat roll swamp. They are just amazing!

              • Anonymous

                24 Dec 2019 06:44  

                They have a specific attack that summons homing skulls but every other attack summons homing skulls anyway

                • Anonymous

                  08 Sep 2019 19:15  

                  Does anyone else see the resemblance with the Morne set? The features are a bit similar in my opinion, hmm...

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Feb 2019 09:08  

                    These *****ers are scary. I don’t know what it is about them but I find them really unnerving to look at.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Jan 2019 15:13  

                      strategy for the group of three: kill the three small ghrus on the bridge, then kill the Gollum things under the bridge, then shoot one of these with an arrow from the bridge, wait for it to get close and dodge the skulls then drop attack with your weapon. it will make it bow down to you and then it will trigger a finisher attack. repeat until all are dead

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