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Angel is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3. It is part of The Ringed City DLC.


Angel Enemy Description

  • The Angel is a large and extremely aggressive aerial based enemy that barrages the player with beams of light that do a considerable amount of damage. Before each volley of projectiles, the Angel will emit a loud scream to indicate an upcoming attack.
  • Angels can also cast a blessing which inflicts curse buildup if their projectile volley is blocked by the environment.
  • After completing The Ringed City DLC an Angel will spawn near first bonfire in The Dreg Heap. That version is not aggresive. However, if you killed the Old Stone Humped Hag, it will be agressive and unkillable.


Angel Combat Information

  • They are extremely difficult to kill. This hints that they are not meant to be dispatched by the player directly, therefore running and dodging their projectiles is the best course of action.
  • If standing too long in a spot where an Angel cannot harm the player using its magic volley, it will inflict curse damage on the player. This attack can be avoided by observing if the Angel is spinning and a golden aura beginning to surround the player. The moment this attack is cast is a good occasion to run to next hideout.
  • Use of the Carthus Bloodring and a stamina buff such as Green Blossom is recommended, with the Carthus Bloodring giving more rolling invincibility frames and a higher stamina regeneration rate with the Green Blossom.
  • Each angel has a corresponding tree-like pilgrim, killing the pilgrim that is linked to it will defeat the angels permanently. Tree-like pilgrims does not respawn.
  • Tree-like pilgrim resurrect their corresponding Angel automatically if it is dispatched by the player. Attacking the Angel without destroying its corresponding Tree-like pilgrim is not advised.
  • Using the Sorcery Hidden Body will cause Angels to ignore you, allowing you to pass through areas without being attacked. It is recommended to re-apply Hidden Body before the effect wears off to avoid being attacked.


Angel Notes & Trivia

  • The overall design of the Angel is reminiscent of the Moonlight Butterfly from Dark Souls 1 due to it being a winged creature that attacks the player with projectiles which inflict magic damage.
  • Angels bear some similarities to the Darklurkers from Dark Souls 2.


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Angel Variations

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Location Drops

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Location Drops


Ancient Wyvern (Mob)  ♦  Ascended Winged Knight  ♦  Basilisk  ♦  Black Knight  ♦  Boreal Outrider Knight  ♦  Caged Hollow  ♦  Carthus Sandworm  ♦  Carthus Swordsman Skeleton  ♦  Cathedral Evangelist  ♦  Cathedral Grave Warden  ♦  Cathedral Knight  ♦  Clawed Curse  ♦  Corvian  ♦  Corvian Knight  ♦  Corvian Settler (Enemy)  ♦  Corvian Storyteller  ♦  Court Sorcerer  ♦  Crystal Lizard  ♦  Crystal Sage (Mob)  ♦  Darkwraith  ♦  Deacon  ♦  Deacon of the Deep  ♦  Deep Accursed  ♦  Demon  ♦  Demon Statue  ♦  Desert Pyromancer Zoey  ♦  Devout Hollow  ♦  Devout of the Deep  ♦  Drakeblood Knight  ♦  Elder Ghru  ♦  Elite Hollow Soldier  ♦  Farron Follower  ♦  Fire Witch  ♦  Gargoyle  ♦  Ghru Conjurator  ♦  Ghru Grunt  ♦  Ghru Leaper  ♦  Giant Avelyn  ♦  Giant Crab  ♦  Giant Fly  ♦  Giant Serpent-Man  ♦  Giant Slave  ♦  Grand Archives Scholar  ♦  Grave Warden  ♦  Gravewarden Skeleton  ♦  Greater Crab  ♦  Grotesque Londor Grower  ♦  Harald Legion Knight  ♦  Havel Knight  ♦  Hollow  ♦  Hollow Assassin  ♦  Hollow Cleric  ♦  Hollow Manservant  ♦  Hollow Priest  ♦  Hollow Slave  ♦  Hollow Soldier  ♦  Infested Corpse  ♦  Irithyllian Slave  ♦  Iron Dragonslayer  ♦  Jailer  ♦  Judicator  ♦  Large Hollow Soldier  ♦  Lesser Crab  ♦  Lothric Knight  ♦  Lothric Wyvern  ♦  Lycanthrope  ♦  Lycanthrope Hunter  ♦  Mad Ghru  ♦  Madwoman  ♦  Maggot-grub  ♦  Man-grub  ♦  Man-Serpent Summoner  ♦  Millwood Chieftain  ♦  Millwood Knight  ♦  Mimic  ♦  Minor Skeleton  ♦  Monstrosity of Sin  ♦  Murkman  ♦  Murkmen  ♦  Overgrown Lothric Knight  ♦  Peasant Hollow  ♦  Poisonhorn Bug  ♦  Pontiff Knight  ♦  Pus of Man  ♦  Rapier Champion  ♦  Rat  ♦  Ravenous Crystal Lizard  ♦  Reanimated Corpse  ♦  Ringed Knight  ♦  Rock Lizard  ♦  Root Skeleton  ♦  Rotten Flesh of Aldrich  ♦  Rotten Slug  ♦  Serpent-man  ♦  Sewer Centipede  ♦  Silver Knight  ♦  Skeleton  ♦  Skeleton Ball  ♦  Skeleton Elites  ♦  Skeleton Wheel  ♦  Skeletons  ♦  Smoldering Ghru  ♦  Smoldering Rotten Flesh  ♦  Starved Hound  ♦  Sulyvahn's Beast  ♦  Thrall  ♦  Tree Woman  ♦  Winged Knight  ♦  Wolf  ♦  Wretch


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    • Anonymous

      13 Aug 2020 08:42  

      there's basically no way to avoid them when they're attacking towards or perpendicularly to your moving direction. Isn't that so much fun

      • Anonymous

        09 Apr 2020 17:11  

        I used Young White Branch, the angel will completely ignore you. It was funny af running around as a pillar.

        • Anonymous

          16 Feb 2020 15:48  

          If you don't have the vigor to risk dodging, try using a greatshield to block the beams. It works well, at least if you can face towards the angels while moving.

          • Anonymous

            14 Feb 2020 12:41  

            I really like the idea that the darklurker from ds3 is related to angels, add some more depth to the lore, and makes you wonder about their worshippers. And IF true is the darklurker the true form of an angel or a corrupted one, or maybe just a different kind, or some mutation

            • Anonymous

              18 Oct 2019 23:40  

              ok heres a bug i encountered after i wiped out all 3 angels in on rush through i used homeward bone to bonfire and another angel appeared a 4th one! in the dreg heaps but there was no summoner nor i killed the old pilgrim hag... so i boned back to shrine leveled up and came back to the area to see there was no angel..! so for those who encounter a 4th spawned agreesive angel and havent killed the woman at the very start just tp to firelink shrine and back it will remove the angel

              • Anonymous

                23 Sep 2019 01:35  

                Great Soul Dregs, Bellowing Dragon RIng, Murky Longstaff (off hand) +10, Lothric Warbanner (main hand), does 600 damage a shot using weapon arts

                • Anonymous

                  18 Sep 2019 16:51  

                  anyone just pop them with great bow arrows,do what ya need,say hi to the summoner and enjoy a fairly safe area?

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Sep 2019 17:43  

                    Is there any way to edit the article? The fourth angel is nowhere near unkillable, so I don't know where you guys pulled that out of. It's driving me crazy. No host =/= unkillable angel, you plebs

                    • 15 Apr 2019 02:11  

                      Dragonslayer Greatbow+5 R2 with Onislayer arrows, 20str/45dex Landing arrows does between 200 and 419 pts of damage depending on how far away. Head shots also count.

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Mar 2019 23:21  

                        I am a big fan of anything thats holy / angelic, even if its some kind of corrupted version, so these enemies are my favourites in the game. I wish they dropped a miracle that we could cast, like a short version of those holy arrows or the curse dust

                        • 06 Mar 2019 23:20  

                          I do not see any similarity between Angels and Moonlight Butterflys other than being in the air... Besides the M.L.B Boss, the rest are idle unless you bother them. Angels are basically sentries tethered to a Pilgrim tree, they are intended to scan the area and limit movement until you find and kill the tree. So different tactics, roles, damage, aggressiveness, mechanics and origins... But other than that, totally similar.

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Jan 2019 14:26  

                            Has anyone else had the angel randomly start to dance in the air, I only had it happen to the first one you see. I noticed it after i was invading and killed 2 blue sentinels.

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Nov 2018 17:53  

                              To whichever *****face at FromSoft that thought it was a good idea to make these things: your mother was a *****

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Oct 2018 11:18  

                                The pilgrim "larva" looks like they are praying which summons the Angel's. Sense they keep spawning after death the angels themselves are not of this world and are summoned like dregs or are created through a miracle spell. Though this has bothered me for a while. The silver knights and some other enemies disappear the same way these angels do when they die. Instesd of falling down leaving a corps to pillage.

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