Blessed Weapon is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Chime, Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Blessed Weapon

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 35
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 15 Faith
Duration 60 seconds
Type Weapon Buff



Miracle taught to Lothric Knights. Blesses right weapon, increasing attack power, as well as gradually restoring HP.

The Knight is one of the Three Pillars of Lothric, said to have strengthened ties with the High Priestess after the Scholars acquired the Grand Archives.


Acquired From



  • Has 2 effects. Health regeneration and a Weapon buff that increases Physical Damage.
  • Both effects last 45 seconds, up to 60 seconds with Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2


  • Weapon Buff:
    • Adds a Flat 7.5% boost to the buffed weapon's Physical AR.
    • Does not affect elemental AR (eg, Dragonslayer's Axe, Murky Handscythe)
    • Will prevent Skeletons from resurrecting
    • Applies a white sparkling glow to weapon (which can be hidden by Untrue Dark Ring), despite the icon showing a light blue weapon similar to Magic Weapon.


  • Health regeneration:
    • Scales with Spellbuff (SB) of your Chime/Talisman.
    • SB 250+  = 5 hp/s
    • SB 200+  = 4 hp/s
    • SB 150+  = 3 hp/s
    • SB 100+  = 2 hp/s
    • SB <100  = 1 hp/s
    • Unaffected by Faith stat (outside of spellbuff), weapon upgrade level, or specific catalyst.
      • 40 faith, +0 Talisman, with 152 spellbuff regenerates 3 hp/s
      • 60 faith, +6 Saint Tree Bellvine, with 193 spellbuff regenerates 3 hp/s
      • As both are in the 150 - 200 spellbuff bracket
    • Regeneration breakpoints behave strangely with dual scaling catalysts (Crystal Chime, Caitha's Chime, White Hair Talisman, etc), likely for the same reason higher spellbuff doesn't always mean more damage when dealing with dark catalysts or dark spells.
    • Increasing the duration of the spell with Lingering Dragoncrest rings slows down the regen, resulting in the same total health regained over a longer time.
    • Since faith builds have access to four elements in unique weapon buff spells (Blessed Weapon, Lightning Blade, Darkmoon Blade, and Dark Blade), they're the ideal choice for a more physical-focused build investing into magic.

Unlike the Lightning Blade miracle, Blessed Weapon does not give the weapon split AR, instead just reinforcing the physical damage of the buffed weapon.


  • The Miracle was updated in an unknown game patch. The change essentially made Blessed Weapon look more in line with the version the Lothric Knights use (getting rid of the blue and making it pure white instead).
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    • Anonymous

      24 Jul 2021 12:11  

      Probably really good with Great Mace and other "Ultra Great" weapons for a hefty 700AR. So in other words, use it like the Cathedral Knights.

      • Anonymous

        21 Jan 2021 16:41  

        Comments all over.. 15 faith this&gt;resins/wep buffs on averages.. if you're willing to slot and buff, regen is meh, who cares... Wep buffs will out do this on ANY wep at near spell buff soft caps... Done.. either experiment or watch a fckin youtube video of someone who does.. I use it on a GWH when I'm bored cause it looks cool buffing a giant mallet then trolling.. I'm out

        • Anonymous

          01 Dec 2020 05:25  

          If you think about the details objectively, Blessed weapon is a mixed bag. The regen depends on spell buff, so the builds that make the best of this spell are hybrid Blessed builds to pure FTH that buff their weapons. Also, regen is wasted when your health is full. At best in PvE, that 7% bonus AR bumps your weapon to +11 and you gain HP back quickly because the buff itself is a quick cast. In PvP and the Arena, some people are fine with heals, some aren't, but you can also you it to bait people. Conclusion; Blessed Weapon is meh as an offensive buff, but alright for utility. Then again, you can just use replenishment which gives better heal at 15 FTH and switch back to your melee weapon for less FP.

          • Anonymous

            28 Aug 2020 05:23  

            Good buff for Catacombs, buff mace with it (or infuse mace with blessed gem) and it makes entire Catacombs area complete joke, as blessed mace will knock them down and they will shatter, making them completely useless. Yes, even those big skeletons. Shame that you get it late in the game, this should have been your first "blade buff" spell, as faith requirements isn't that high anyway.

            • Anonymous

              26 Aug 2020 06:32  

              "Adds a flat 7,5% boostto the buffed weapon's physical AR"

              "Does not affect elemental AR"

              So, the fume ultra greatsword is the one that benefits the most from this spell, despite it's dark origins? Curious.

              • Anonymous

                10 Apr 2020 09:32  

                IMO, this miracle should have been included with the Braille Divine Tome of Carim, which is found on the Road of Sacrifices. It would have been a far more attractive miracle if obtainable early-game (without having to sequence break by killing Dancer). As it stands, it's outshined by Lightning, Darkmoon or even Dark blade for X/FTH builds. An incredible niche tool for builds that invest a minimum amount into FTH, as even still most the time resins would be preferable even considering split damage types.

                • Anonymous

                  09 Feb 2020 17:30  

                  Where can I get the Lothric Knight's version of this? You know, the one which buffs their damage by FIFTHY *****ING PERCENT!!

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Dec 2019 06:50  

                    Wouldn't both effects last 63 seconds when using the lingering dragoncrest ring +2? The ring extends the length of spells by 40%. Base duration is 45 seconds. 45 + (4.5x4) = 63.

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Dec 2019 07:55  

                      cool like this would be nice to have somewhere before Carthus but I guess a buff that doesn't split damage is nice too.

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Oct 2019 02:02  

                        I think my game is bugged. Whenever i apply this nothing happens to my weapon but "god's plan" starts playing in the background

                        • Anonymous

                          11 Mar 2019 01:45  

                          This is probably the most undervalued buff in the game simply because people only look at their attack rating and don't give any thought to damage absorption. If your opponent isn't armored, is quite light on defence or is vulnerable to a specific type of magic, then DMB/LB/CMW/DB are all good options. However, seeming as armor is quite often encountered in PvP and not every enemy has the same vulnerabilities this buff will be more effective in the long run.

                          • Anonymous

                            27 Feb 2019 13:20  

                            Does pontyff right eye (or old wolf curved sword/carthus beacon) raise the amount of AR gained with this miracle. For example, if the base AR of a weapon is 100 and with blessed weapon reach 107.5, if the base damage is raise by Pontyff right eye by 15%, does blessed weapon increase the attack by 7.5% of 115 (the base damage buffed by the ring) or of 100?

                            • Anonymous

                              17 Feb 2019 04:13  

                              Good buff for not much. Started on knight class, and between 40-50 strength my heavy weapons were seeing damage increases of 1 point per strength. The damage does pick up between 50-66 where I started getting 2 every other level. But for 6 points of faith to cast this, I was gaining about 45-55 damage. It has it's uses, more of a utility spell if you have a few fp hanging around.

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