Tears of Denial is a Miracle, cast with a Talisman, Chime or a Special Weapon that can cast Miracles.

Tears of Denial

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 100
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 2
Requirements 15 Faith
Type Self Revive



Miracle taught by Morne, the Archbishop's apostle.

Grants one chance to endure when HP reaches 0. 

Intended to grant the dying a few moments for a final farewell. Tears are shed for the sake of the living, more so than the deceased.


Acquired From



  • Unlike its counterpart in Dark Souls II, this miracle lasts indefinitely.
  • When the user reaches 0 HP, the miracle is activated and the player automatically goes back to 1 HP, using up the spell.
  • Saves from lethal fall damage, unless the drop is too high or is a bottomless pit.
  • Overwritten by Power Within (not confirmed in either page), Deep Protection, (Great) Magic BarrierStone Flesh, Sunlight Straight Sword, Carthus Beacon, and Pontiff's Right Eye.
  • Anything else removes the visual effects but keeps the buff.
  • The "flame" particle floating in your body can be clearly seen, even under the effects of Young White Branches, Chameleon, the Obscuring Ring and Hidden Body.
  • Changing areas will remove this miracle's buff if it was used beforehand. Additionally, quitting a game with it cast will result in it removal of it's buff the next time the game is loaded.
  • If cast while wearing the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring, your character will go through the casting motion but the audible and visual effects of the spell will not be present. Both will then occur the moment the ring is removed. However, despite the omission, the spell is still in effect as noted by the ds3_status_tears icon beneath your Stamina Bar. Re-equipping the ring removes the visual effect once again. (XBOX One)


  • If you've got at least 10 FTH, you can use this spell by doing this: Equip the Priestess Ring, now equip this miracle at a bonfire. Use it, then switch your rings around and rest again.


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    • Anonymous

      02 Apr 2019 10:43  

      There was a time i brought this to Duel in Flame Kiln map , the other guy beat me but the spell saved me then i ran behind the collapsed pillar and buffed again, the next time he hit me he thought i was dying (the flinch animation looked like that) so he started spamming Guard but then my blade suddenly swung and he died lol

      • Anonymous

        29 Dec 2018 13:11  

        So many people getting triggered by this spell, calling it a spell for babies and/or casuls, but not enough people discussing the actual (de)merits. Okay, for one, I agree that the requirements for this are far too low. In DS2 it required 24 Faith and was one of the few spells that required 3 spell slots, so it required at least some investment to use. In DS2 you need either 15 Faith and 14 Attunement, or 10 faith, at least 100 FP, and the Priestess Ring and the Darkmoon ring at a bonfire to cast it for pretty much free. That is stupid of course, and it also favors hosts because of the bonfire method of getting it. I assume that is the main reason why people are so tilted? Still, if you think about it, Demon's Souls' Second Chance miracle was way more broken. As for the merits of this spell: any hit you receive that breaks Tears of Denial doesn't stagger you. This, to me, is not necessarily a bad thing at all. The ability to roll out of a combo when you're near death is valuable. Not just 2-hit combos either; there are plenty of genuine 3-hit combos that you otherwise can't roll out of and that, with the right weapon, infusion/buff and stat investment, could deal absolutely horrendous amounts of damage. Think for example a dark infused or DMB Lucerne with the R1-L1-R1 combo, with the right build, will eat up 1k+ damage with absolute ease. It's also a useful edge when fighting gankers, giving an invader a slightly better chance to escape an onslaught of R1 spam from multiple opponents. The way I see it, builds that stack huge amounts of damage to kill opponents with as few hits as possible are far more exploitable than tears of denial. There's also lots of demerits: as said by others, there's plenty of countermeasures that will eat you up, tears and all. Throwing knives, spells with residual area damage like Chaos Bed Vestiges, or that have quick damage ticks like Fire Surge, or wearing one or more pieces of the Armor of Thorns Set and rolling into them will generally kill a tears user without fail. So honestly, what is the use of considering it a spell for casuls? It's just another tool players can use. It doesn't break the game. It doesn't really influence the meta. I would put this spell in the same category as, say, the Hornet Ring. Stupidly effective for very little investment, under the right circumstances. Though in that case I'd argue that the Hornet Ring is even more so.

        • Anonymous

          30 Oct 2018 16:26  

          Its so much fun to shoot one of the hosts phantoms off a high ledge just to have them survive it and estus back to full hp ...

          • Anonymous

            21 Oct 2018 13:16  

            Should have a higher faith requirement imo, around 30-40 faith so its not as easy to use. Other than that I think the miracle itself is fine.

            • Anonymous

              24 Jun 2018 00:27  

              Anyone understand why after I cast 'Sacred Oath' the buff is instantly removed when i switch to dual wielding a weapon??

              • Anonymous

                20 Jun 2018 18:52  

                This spell goes against the core concepts of a souls game, difficulty and a sense of danger. You're SUPPOSED to be punished when you make mistakes, that's the point. You "git gud" by learning from your mistakes, the only thing you learn while wearing this is "if i die this'll bring me back and i can heal and reapply". When you die without ToD on you're forced to look at what you did wrong and learn from that, when you die with ToD on you just think "that was close", heal/reapply and move on. At most all you learn is what to avoid so that you don't get 1 shot despite having ToD on, like if someone is wearing thorns armor, using miracles up close, etc. "what should i avoid so that my ToD work? No introspection. There is no sense of urgency/danger, whether in PvE or PvP, you're just going through each area knowing you have a safety net. Removing the sense of danger from Dark Souls 3 is like taking the cosmic horror out of Bloodborne, it's no longer the same and a huge part of what makes it great is gone.

                • Anonymous

                  11 May 2018 02:18  

                  If you cast sunlight straight sword first then cast Tears it stacks. Also on a side note the Lothric War Banner does not get rid of the Tears.

                  • Anonymous

                    05 May 2018 00:47  

                    All I see is people saying that this miracle is op for pvp, so using it against Midir is fine right? just a little question

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