Darkmoon Blade is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Darkmoon Blade

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 50
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 30 Faith
Type Buff



Miracle of those who devoted themselves to the Darkmoon covenant.

Reinforces right weapon with Darkmoon light.

Miracles of the Darkmoon are tales of revenge, but Captain Yorshka recites only for the sake of remembering her brother, with out knowledge of its meaning.

Perhaps this is better, as revenge is better left to the Blades.


Acquired From

  • Reward for reaching rank 2 in the covenant Blades of the Darkmoon. (You MUST offer 30 Proof of a Concord kept to reach rank 2)



  • Appears to add the same damage as Lightning Blade; the only advantage over the easier to acquire Lightning Blade is if used against enemies with high lightning resistance, since Darkmoon Blade deals magic damage. Otherwise the two spells appear to be identical.
  • Lasts 60 seconds.
  • Increased by magic clutch ring
  • Scales with Spell buff
  • Appears to add magic AR equal to 95% of your Spell Buff
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    • Anonymous

      27 Jul 2020 09:49  

      faith builds get to use do physical, lightning, dark, AND MAGIC DAMAGE, while we sorcerers only can do magic and dark, not to mention faith builds have all this "anti sorcerer" equipment like vow of silence and the sacred bloom shield, WHY FROM SOFT?! WHY ALL THE BIASED BULL SH*T AGAINST SORCERERS AND ALL THE A** KISSING FOR FAITH BUILDS?! YOU EVEN GAVE THE MOONLIGHT GREATSWORD A "B" IN INT, IT'S LITERALLY YOUR SWORD MYAZAKI, WTF?!

      • Anonymous

        30 Jun 2020 17:51  

        I love seeing how many people have struggled to farm for items in this game... here I am, sitting with every item in the game on NG of 80 hours played, and at least two copies of every base, non-transposed item.. It's not rocket science, just kill stuff to get items and souls, Homeward Bone or Coil Fragment respawn, and then kill, kill, kill again. EZ! <3

        • Anonymous

          20 Jun 2020 20:57  

          fromsoft loved this covenant so much they put it in the game 2 more times under the names of "blue sentinels" and "way of blue"

          • Anonymous

            12 May 2020 06:32  

            Would anyone be willing to trade 27 Concords for my few dozen full silver knight armor sets? I think it's a great deal!

            • Anonymous

              18 Jan 2020 12:18  

              The site says this scales with spell buff and lightning blade scales only with the FTH portion of the spell buff? Am I to assume this scales with both INT/FTH or is the site too vague as usual?

              • Anonymous

                11 Oct 2019 21:54  

                i've done some small tests so i got a reinforced club which only requires 12 strenght to wield i have 16 strength the weapon has 139 AR + 0.After applying the darkmoon blade buff with me having 60 faith and using yorshka's chime +10 that has 247 spellbuff i get 374 AR that's a 235 AR increase after wearing a magic clutch ring i get 409 AR which is 35 more AR than without the ring.Neither the 2 boosting sorcery rings or 2 miracle boosting rings as well as Weapon art from Rose of Ariandel do not affect AR applied by this buff so all in all at 60 faith the most AR i got out of this buff was 270 Lightning blade got me 409 as well while dark blade got me 381 28 Ar less while blessed buff got me the least standing at 150 AR

                • Anonymous

                  14 Aug 2019 00:38  

                  To those who say this best buff and to those who say that this is good because dark resistance is uncommon, YOU’RE ALL RETARDED! Dark moon blade is magic damage. Would you like to know how many types of enemies are weak to magic? 1, knights and only knights. Lightning blade does 1% more damage and almost every enemy is either weak to or neutral to lightning so it is one of the best buffs because every lord of cinder is weak to lightning.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Jun 2019 00:32  

                    Hmm, I can waste away my life trying to get summoned or lose my sanity trying to farm these from the Silver knights. I now understand why people use Cheat Engine.

                    • Anonymous

                      07 Mar 2019 13:52  

                      Ɨ₣ Ɨ Ǥ€Ŧ Ş€ŇŦ ĦØΜ€ ØŇ€ ΜØŘ€ ŦƗΜ€ Ɨ ŞŴ€ΔŘ ØŇ ǤŴ¥Ň ŦĦΔŦ Ɨ ŴƗŁŁ Ҝ€€Ƥ ƗŇVΔĐƗŇǤ ỮŇŦƗŁ Ɨ Ǥ€Ŧ βΔĆҜ ƗŇŦØ ¥ØỮŘ ŴØŘŁĐ ΔŇĐ ҜƗŁŁ ¥ØỮ Μ¥Ş€Ł₣ - Your local Blade of the Darkmoon

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