Great Lightning Spear is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle, you must use a Chime, Talisman, or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Great Lightning Spear

Spell Type


Focus Consumption Focus Cost 32
Attunement Slots Slots Used 1
Requirements 30 Faith
Type Ranged Attack


  Primal account of Lightning Spear, which tells of an ancestral dragonslayer.

Hurls a giant lightning spear.

Gwyn, the First Lord, slew dragons with his sunlight spear, a tradition upheld by his firstborn and the greatspear he wielded.

Much of this resplendent tale of father and son, while epic, remains tragically untold.


Acquired From



  • Deals (spell buff x 1.85) damage.
  • This spell takes little more than a second to be cast with ~50 Virtual Dex.
  • Creates a second hitbox at melee range that does partial damage.
  • This spell is an upgrade to Lightning Spear, and has an upgrade in Sunlight Spear.
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    • Anonymous

      01 Oct 2021 03:04  

      I’ll never forget you Matthew for killing vordt for me in five fireballs on my first play through. Praise the sun lads

      • Anonymous

        20 Jun 2021 00:40  

        The main reason I prefer this over sunlight spear is because its cast looks identical to lightning stake. Without the sunspear's distinct orange glow you can trick people with surprise range attacks.

        • Anonymous

          26 Feb 2021 21:34  

          Another trash miracle, i got it early and it doesn't even do decent damage to enemies in irityhil at 35 faith, its easier to just spam r1 with a raw sword

          • Anonymous

            24 Dec 2020 11:21  

            If you can get the Dark Hand before getting a SL of 20, you can farm these pretty quickly with Vordt.
            People are always summoning others for that battle and the Dark Hand can kill Vordt in like 15 hits.

            • Anonymous

              22 Dec 2020 03:25  

              Man people here complain so much about having to help people out with bosses in order to get medals. You could just invade as a sunlight warrior to get medals, or if you want to farm then just farm lothric knights. Sure it's a pain due to how low the item drop chance is, but it's still an option.

              • Anonymous

                16 Dec 2020 09:48  


                Not even the people on the dmb

                People here: Noo why did fromsoft reward helpful and nice players and is trying to make me do somthing other than r1 spam.

                • 16 Nov 2020 11:03  

                  I got it done in not that long. I just put Solares armor and shield on, and a lightning Lothric Knight sword. While I used force, sacred oath and some kind of healing miracle. I also brought a chaos dagger for turtles. Just use force a couple times on the shield and then hit force riposte than you win. (Also has anyone had the glitch where you guard break with force, riposte, and no damage happens?)

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Sep 2020 02:12  

                    35 FTH. Two attunement slots. Lightning Stake occupying one. Should I take this or Lightning Arrow? I know arrow is way superior in all ways, but this one is good for mind games and is not cancer for other players.

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Jul 2020 02:06  

                      seriously guys, if any of you want to *actually* have fun playing a lightning mage/priest/cleric or whatever, just play with the cinders mod. magic is so much more fun in that **** compared to vanilla. you can buy this bad boy straight from Irina instead of having to farm covenant stuff.

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Jul 2020 04:28  

                        the only miracle spell almost Worth a damn is locked behind several hours of pain what kind of retard at fromsoft thought hey lets not give faith users any spells and lock one of few existing behind 30 medals and an insane fp cost

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Dec 2019 18:34  

                          Some c@nt tryna flex on me wit tis in pvp but i simply couldn't hear his words as i was pummeling him into the ground.

                          • Anonymous

                            09 Aug 2019 10:45  

                            This sh** is dumb as fu** trying to farm medals at a boss and keep getting summoned by the same god da** loser who dies every time. Holy hell just let me get my GLS

                            • 31 Mar 2019 08:36  

                              Given that offensive Miracles are rather limited and hard to come by, I believe making this spell a rank 2 reward was the worst idea ever. Obtaining Sunlight medals in single player is nothing but a hugely exasperating undertaking that drags on for so long it takes hours just to farm a handful, even with high Luck; it's even worse considering this is one of the very few lightning-based Miracles in the whole game, none of which can be purchased for some unfathomable reason. It seems pretty damn unfair that, whereas Magic a Pyro casters have a myriad of spells at their disposal from beginning to end, as a Faith build you not only have to beat the final boss in order to get the strongest of all three lightning spears, but chances are you'll miss this one entirely because you need to hand over 30 friggin' took-me-sixty-hours-to-farm Sunlight medals.

                              • Anonymous

                                22 Jan 2019 12:55  

                                Well, people are objectively wrong if they think the former War God, removed from History and Banished was a guy still at home and all over the games lore as 1/4 Elite Knights. These guys don't read a darn thing. They see DSS and that's it, the end of the complex thought because it requires zero reading. "DkS3 Leo Ring" despite all the Lore, it's the one thing mentioning they are seperate people.

                                • Anonymous

                                  22 Dec 2018 21:26  

                                  Hmm maybe I’m confuse but, did it not say in DS2 Faraam is the god of war yet, it is also said Gwynevere has a relationship or is married to the god of war?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    17 Oct 2018 02:10  

                                    Sadly you get this late in a ng cycle and 3 bosses before you can get sunlight spear. I think you should have been able to get this between Pontiff and Aldrich, not saying that this miracle sucks its still good to pick up if you have enough medals

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