Great Lightning Spear is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle, you must use a Chime/Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Great Lightning Spear

Spell Type


Focus Consumption Focus Cost 32
Attunement Slots Slots Used 1
Requirements 30 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Primal account of Lightning Spear, which tells of an ancestral dragonslayer.

Hurls a giant lightning spear.

Gwyn, the First Lord, slew dragons with his sunlight spear, a tradition upheld by his firstborn and the greatspear he wielded.

Much of this resplendent tale of father and son, while epic, remains tragically untold.


Acquired From



  • Does consistently 34% more damage than regular Lightning Spear, tested at 41 faith, sunlight talisman at 159 spell buff. 
  • Ring of the Sun's Firstborn changes slightly increases the damage comparison from 34% to 37%.
  • Takes little more than a second to be cast with ~50 Virtual Dex.
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    • Anonymous

      23 Dec 2018 03:26  

      Hmm maybe I’m confuse but, did it not say in DS2 Faraam is the god of war yet, it is also said Gwynevere has a relationship or is married to the god of war?

      • Anonymous

        17 Oct 2018 08:10  

        Sadly you get this late in a ng cycle and 3 bosses before you can get sunlight spear. I think you should have been able to get this between Pontiff and Aldrich, not saying that this miracle sucks its still good to pick up if you have enough medals

        • Anonymous

          14 Mar 2018 16:24  

          why is this the 2nd rank reward, it makes more sense for it to be the first and the sunlight oath to be the second reward

          • Anonymous

            20 Oct 2017 02:53  

            Ornstein is a dragon slayer, why would anyone think he was gwyns NAMELESS first born? Could it be that FS are just lacking in creativity when they add a crumbled statue with ornsteins spear?

            Yes. They lazily threw this game together. Dont read into it.

            • Anonymous

              17 Jul 2017 21:20  

              People who think the the description for this item means that Ornstein is Gwyn's firstborn, that theory isn't true. Yes, it is misleading but the Nameless King is Gwyn's true firstborn. He left halfway through the war to join the dragons and allied with a storm drake as proof of his alliance with the dragons. Afterwards Gywn erased all memory of his firstborn from history. Its also hinted at that the nameless king is the war god Faraam mentioned in the Faraam armor set.

              • Anonymous

                Efficient compared to lightning spear05 Sep 2016 14:01  

                This spell consumes less fp and deals more damage compared to lighting spear. To be more precise, it usually takes 2 great spears to kill enemies in NG with the best equipment and +60 faith while lightning spear takes more fp and 3 spears to kill. So, I can conclude that this spell is good for focused faith casters since it takes less fp and deals good damage. Also I recommend using the fp cost reduction ring.

                • Anonymous

                  you gotta be f**king kidding16 Jul 2016 08:20  

                  I need to help kill 30 or more bosses or invade (god forbid) 30 time to get this and it's in a end game area? while sorcerers and pyros get the equivalent just by buying them? and they get it at least in a mid game area? No no fromsoft this is utter bull*****

                  • Anonymous

                    Range13 Jul 2016 15:08  

                    I wonder if the most of you realize that the spears do more damage at close range.Try it. From a distance, they'll do half the damage. You'll even hear a specific noise when you hit them with the spear point blank. You're supposed to use the talisman skill to poise through attacks and lightning spear them right in the face. I've seen them oneshot people before.

                    • Anonymous

                      Key to strong early game faith build31 May 2016 09:39  

                      If you're able to beat the dancer at a low level early on you can get access to this miracle pretty early. the saint's tailsman is also avialable early, as is morne's ring. you can't get the lightning clutch ring for awhile, but this will def outpower lightning spear and emit force. you'll have to co-op farm bosses, but that shouldn't be too bad if you do early game bosses.

                      • Anonymous

                        Spell Buff25 May 2016 15:51  

                        The damage seems to be at around 200% spell buff (works well, seems reasonable that regular lightning spear woud do 150%)Tested against Dark Wraith with different talismans and with and without priestess ring (The Dark Wraiths were estimated to take around 40% reduced Damage, also makes sense when comparing to meele GLS on Champion Gundyr (whith RotSF and Mornes Ring)).That would indicate that:Lightning Spear scales 150% (262,5% if melee)Great Lighning Spear scales 200% (350% if melee)Sunlight Spear scales around 300% (400% if melee)Someone edit this into the respectiva pages of each miracle but also write that it's up for confirmation. This seems likely but it's not the most accurate of methods I've used..

                        • Anonymous

                          Description?10 May 2016 02:10  

                          Who is Gwyns son with the great spear? Ornstein? Ornstein is the first born? He must have been shamed and exciled, went to look for the nameless king. And then when he came back his father and king lost his power and he decided to honour his last duties and defend the lordvessel with his abomination of a companion smough. It has 2 be!

                          • Anonymous

                            So bad08 May 2016 00:04  

                            Absolute crap. Don't bother getting this. 30 faith, sunlight talisman, morne's ring and firstborn ring and it barely does above 200 damage. Chime doesn't matter, fully upgraded would add like 50-60 dmg at best which would still be weak.Fromsoft don't even know what they are doing anymore. This was always useless in PVP, then they made it useless in PVE as well. So stupid.

                            • Anonymous

                              meh01 May 2016 16:41  

                              Always loved the great lightning spear, but I never play online, so it's pretty disappointing for me that this time the only way to obtain it is online and co-op

                              • Anonymous

                                Weak01 May 2016 00:38  

                                Why are the lightning spears all so weak in this game? I use the crystal chime 200 spell buff, faith 33

                                • Anonymous

                                  Ornstein is the first born?29 Apr 2016 22:47  

                                  The altar's spear having the same motif. That description. The Leo Ring... could it actually be?

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