Caressing Tears is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle, you must use a Chime or Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Caressing Tears

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 14
Slots UsedAttunement Slots 1
12 Faith



Miracle taught by Morne, the Archbishop's apostle.

Cures bleeding, poison and frost for self and those in the vicinity.

Caressing Tears is a tale of the many deaths surrounding the goddess Caitha, of whom Morne was a known follower.


Acquired From



  • Cures the player of Frostbite, Bleed, Poison and Toxic status.
  • Also removes Bleed inducing Maggots.
  • The spell has a small AoE range so phantoms can be cured when standing next to the caster.


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    • Anonymous

      13 Feb 2019 15:25  

      "A spell of the goddess Caitha, in her benevolence she syphons tears from the playerbase and fills you with so much salt that poison, frost and bleed have no room to occupy in your body". Lore.

      • 10 Jan 2018 07:23  

        Although the item description doesn't mention it, this miracle is indeed capable of removing the toxic status from a player. It however cannot remove toxic buildup, which leads me to believe that it being able to cure toxic is an oversight in design rather than an intended feature. My most likely guess is that whoever coded it made the spell remove all statuses from the player but forgot to make the exception for toxic (rather than writing out removal for 4 statuses).

        • Anonymous

          07 Dec 2017 10:22  

          How does it "cure" frostbite off all things considered , it whould make more sense if warmth cured frostbite.

          • Anonymous

            03 Feb 2017 07:12  

            Hope this magic can remove bloodstains on player's body, so I don't need to roll in water to wash them off.

            • Anonymous

              Maggots03 Oct 2016 01:08  

              This is probably obvious to others, but I was surprised to learn this removes maggot infestation caused by the maggot monsters in Cathedral of the Deep and Irithyll Dungeon, in addition to curing the bleed buildup. Useful if you have a stupid moment like I did and forget to bring a torch, or your co-op partner doesn't know how to remove them/forgot to bring their own torch.

              • Anonymous

                Specifics of Toxic Healing30 Sep 2016 15:33  

                Just to clarify, while Caressing Tears can actually cure Toxic, it will only cure Toxic when the status effect is actually active.This oddity rather confused me at first because I tried to cure Toxic in the same way I cured Poison, get onto dry land so the bar isn't constantly filling up, and then use the Miracle, regardless of whether Poison was active or just close to activating. With Toxic on the other hand, you have to let yourself become Toxic, then and only then can you use Caressing Tears to cure it.

                • Anonymous

                  Do it30 Apr 2016 13:54  

                  If you're dropping your sign at the beginning of the Farron Keep swamp, attune this spell.It only takes 12 faith, and 14 FP per cast, it completely cures poison / toxic and removes all buildup. World-hosts will love you for being able to cure their poison whenever you get to dry land, and you'll be able to last longer when co-oping with multiple people since you wont be rinsing through your supply of purple moss.

                  • Anonymous

                    Popularity26 Apr 2016 16:43  

                    I foresee much more use of this spell now due to how many enemies cause various types of build up

                    • Anonymous

                      Bugged?15 Apr 2016 22:16  

                      Does this only work once afflicted? I had about 90% build-up of poison and used the caressing tears, but it did not go away. Of course the next hit from a beast poisoned me. Why should I have to wait until actually poisoned to use it? It should clear the build-up as well.

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