Force is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast miracles.


Spell Type


FP Cost
Slots Used 1
Faith Required 12


Elementary miracle among clerics.

Creates a shockwave.While it inflicts no direct damage, this miracle propels foes back, staggering them. Can also defend against incoming arrows."


Acquired From


  • The miracle has two effective ranges. If the enemy's next to you, they'll be sent flying back, and if they're further away, they'll be staggered.
  • Appears to have an innate small window of hyperarmor.
  • Using Unfaltering Prayer (Talisman weapon art) further extends hyperarmor capabilities.
  • Useful for knocking enemies off cliffs, or knocking some bosses down, such as the Watchers or the Deacons, giving players breathing space.
  • Can be used on NPC's at Firelink Shrine without them becoming hostile.
  • Using the Golden Wing Crest Shield and Sacred Bloom Shield will prevent the knockback effect due to their Spell Parry skill.


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    • Anonymous

      08 Apr 2019 22:55  

      Oh hey this desperate melee build host wearing a thrall hood just switched to an unfaltering prayer talisman and started standing still next to a ledge, I wonder what he could be planning???

      • Anonymous

        10 Nov 2018 20:51  

        Certainly useful in some PvP scenarios, but it's kinda laughable how desperately some people try to push you off a ledge and just open themselves up for punishment. lol

        • Anonymous

          08 Jun 2018 11:32  

          Will this Guardbreak/Knockdown at point blank range if I use it against a 65+ stability Shield buffed with Great Magic Shield?

          • Anonymous

            05 Jun 2018 21:30  

            I find this more useful than WotG in PvP, because it's fast enough to actually pop off once in a while. Seems to guard break greatshields in one hit at 60 faith using a Talisman +10.

            • Anonymous

              28 May 2018 05:06  

              ah nvm, i am wrong again, the alt came from the tallismen itself. didnt know those had them. thought it was based on the equiped spell. sorry for the confusion.

              • Anonymous

                27 Mar 2018 22:53  

                this + carthus bloodring+ less than 30% equip load and you will win every invasion in the archer zone before darkmoon temple

                • Anonymous

                  13 Mar 2018 03:27  

                  How does the casting speed of this compare to Wrath of the Gods? If they're not too different then there's no need for my to use both in later game.

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Feb 2018 05:38  

                    In all honesty, with my new Deprived character I’m currently working on, this miracle is actually amazing in pve, ESPECIALLY with a talisman weapon art. Just buy the standard talisman, get this miracle, then boom, you can knock early game tough engines on their ass and get some good hits in. In a nutshell, great for pve. I have yet to try it in pvp.

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Dec 2017 07:18  

                      If you see someone with a talisman out and going near an edge. Just use Perseverance and backstab them off the edge.

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Oct 2017 12:27  

                        A widely underestimated miracle. Very good for the Ringed City, breaking guard of those knights, but it really shines against turtles. It instantly knocks them over for an easy kill, otherwise they can be really annoying. Also works well on human-faced bugs in the swamp.

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Sep 2017 23:32  

                          Bug with Force: breaking the shield of a spearman soldier with the Force miracle will result in the following riposte to do no damage. so far i've found this to only work on the spearmen.

                          • 29 May 2017 22:25  

                            It's not due to physics that people always get pushed into the way you are looking.

                            Try this spell on any NPC character, they'll always get pushed away from you.

                            It's a stupid glitch in PvP only.

                            • Anonymous

                              29 May 2017 04:55  

                              Take this with a grain of salt, but was this nerfed? I've been trying to use force, but i haven't managed to get even one kill with it... It doesn't seem to knock people back as much anymore. I used to knock people off ledges left and right with this, but here lately they just do this little stagger animation or, if they DO go flying (with their feet off the ground), they don't go very far AT ALL. I am going to be PISSED if this got nerfed, it is literally meant to do one thing: the knockback. Before you guys ask, i know how to use this miracle and have been using it to gank spank for quite a while now. I suppose it's possible that everyone i tried this on was wearing tanky armor, i'll go back to testing. I'm at sl 120 though so it's not like there is a surplus of high vit builds to be using tanky armor that often...

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