Force is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a miracle, you must use a Chime, Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.


Spell Type


FP Cost
Slots Used 1
Faith Required 12


Elementary miracle among clerics.

Creates a shockwave.While it inflicts no direct damage, this miracle propels foes back, staggering them. Can also defend against incoming arrows."


Acquired From


  • The miracle has two effective ranges. If the enemy's next to you, they'll be sent flying back, and if they're further away, they'll be staggered.
  • Appears to have an innate small window of hyperarmor.
  • Using Unfaltering Prayer (Talisman weapon art) further extends hyperarmor capabilities.
  • Useful for knocking enemies off cliffs, or knocking some bosses down, such as the Watchers or the Deacons, giving players breathing space.
  • Can be used on NPC's at Firelink Shrine without them becoming hostile.
  • Using the Golden Wing Crest Shield and Sacred Bloom Shield will prevent the knockback effect due to their Spell Parry skill.


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    • Anonymous

      10 Aug 2021 07:49  

      This spell has given people so much PTSD that I don’t even equip this spell but just walking near the edge with a talisman will keep gankers away from me lol.

      • Anonymous

        06 May 2021 05:31  

        I wonder can you counter this with mornes hammer or wolnirs sword? Or even better sunlight talisman. (Probably they all will ignore each other)

        • Anonymous

          26 Aug 2020 07:44  

          Stun the gonkers with the mace and kick them into their deaths with this. Don't forget to point down the phantoms that didn't fall.

          • Anonymous

            08 Jul 2020 11:02  

            Great utility spell, mostly for PvP but has some uses in PvE. As a dedicated caster use this or Emit force if the terrain isn't all rugged, to give yourself breathing room from players. Has saved my butt plenty of times.

            • Anonymous

              19 Jun 2020 13:56  

              Time to grab some strange looking loot an invader left on the edge of a cliff, i sure hope nothing strange or uncharacteristic happens today

              • Anonymous

                25 Nov 2019 15:09  

                Oh god host don't walk on that ledge fighter pl is there oh god he can't hear us over his 2 summons oh god

                • Anonymous

                  08 Apr 2019 16:55  

                  Oh hey this desperate melee build host wearing a thrall hood just switched to an unfaltering prayer talisman and started standing still next to a ledge, I wonder what he could be planning???

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Nov 2018 14:51  

                    Certainly useful in some PvP scenarios, but it's kinda laughable how desperately some people try to push you off a ledge and just open themselves up for punishment. lol

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Jun 2018 05:32  

                      Will this Guardbreak/Knockdown at point blank range if I use it against a 65+ stability Shield buffed with Great Magic Shield?

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Jun 2018 15:30  

                        I find this more useful than WotG in PvP, because it's fast enough to actually pop off once in a while. Seems to guard break greatshields in one hit at 60 faith using a Talisman +10.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 May 2018 23:06  

                          ah nvm, i am wrong again, the alt came from the tallismen itself. didnt know those had them. thought it was based on the equiped spell. sorry for the confusion.

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