Sunlight Spear is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Sunlight Spear

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 48
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 40 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Miracle of Gwyn, the First Lord. Hurls a sunlight spear.

The tales of Gwyn's Archdragon hunts describe the inception of the Age of Fire.


Acquired From




  • Deals about twice the damage of Lightning Spear.
  • Creates a second hitbox at melee range that deals an extra 67% damage.
  • Sped up at Regulation 1.08 by about a second at ~50 Virtual Dex.
  • Approx 1.2 seconds to cast at max casting speed.
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    • Anonymous

      06 Oct 2020 10:00  

      Hey..? You ok? You hit your head pretty hard o.o... What are you talking about? Cast time? Attacking from distance? Here, take Canvas Talisman and cast Sunlight Spear with Hyperarmor right into the enemies face for easily over 1000dmg! They run away or don't engage? Go for Med Heal!

      • Anonymous

        04 Sep 2020 19:33  

        Everyone: Miracle build can’t do damage
        Me: [Laughs in Sunlight Spear]
        No really. One time I was in an undead match with a Lion Knight Albert cosplayer, and I poise casted this in his face. I had 60 fth and the saints talisman. ROTSF and Mornes ring. ( not lightning clutch) I did 1231 damage and one shotted him. Compared with the poise casting and relatively fast casting time, it’s a great miracle. If I had worn lightning clutch and not FaP ring then I would done so much moar. So yea,miracle builds can do damage( and I am aware of the high FP cost but high level miracle build at end game where you get the spell it isn’t really a problem) Also people who hate me and say css is better I can’t hear you over the sound of your animation getting interrupted

        • Anonymous

          25 Aug 2020 20:57  

          This spell must be miyazaki's D, because everyone who sucked it jumps whenever it's obvious flaws are shown. Pyros and mages won't even bother dodging this as they launch their overall better css or cbv.

          • Anonymous

            18 Aug 2020 08:47  

            Just use lightning infused Red Hilted Halberd on your left and Yorshka's Chime on your right. When about to trade, use WA to get POISE and then cast this on the face of your opponent. If they survive (which is unlikely if you got your build in place) just poke them with the halberd. *proper bow*

            • Anonymous

              15 Aug 2020 03:43  

              Stop defending the "point blank damage" bull****, this is a ranged spell from it's very roots, and that job is horribly done. Dragonslayer greataxe is an overall better lightning strike for melee range.

              • Anonymous

                14 Aug 2020 22:28  

                Ppl still defend the "melee efectiveness for ranged spells" bullsht? No wonder miracle builds are dead. This is a bad spell overall. Laughable ranged damage, expensive fp cost and not even a shell of what it was in dark souls 1.

                • Anonymous

                  10 Aug 2020 15:33  

                  Kinda funny how some people here in the comments are saying this miracle was better in ds1 just because of knockback..
                  Seems like they forgot the fact it took ages to cast it and it had only 6 charges. Like seriously even at maximum casting speed 45 dex you would still be able to go to toilet, comeback and your character would still be charging this miracle (exagerrated ik but still). While here you can spam this over and over again at good speed even without sage ring

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Aug 2020 03:52  

                    60 Faith with Yorshka's Chime+Lighting Clutch ring,Both Miracle Rings+Rose of Ariandel WA, Lothric war Banner WA+ Oath of Sunlight it's a guarantee One shot if you land a melee shot

                    • Anonymous

                      06 Jul 2020 07:50  

                      If your going to use this in pvp. Don't rely on it hitting people from rang. To use this spell properly, you have to use a talisman's unfaltering prayer weapon art and cast it when people are right in front of you. It deals hella damage too.

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Jul 2020 20:24  

                        Lightning clutch, both faith rings, and yorshkas chime will max out your damage (without needing to be at critical hp). However, you get more damage from point blank hits. It would be beneficial to use a saints talisman with its poisecast to get that spicy bonus damage. I do anywhere from 800-1200 damage in pvp with point blank hits using this with 65 faith.

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Jun 2020 03:13  

                          at 40faith/60int, my Crystal Chime+4 +Morne's ring+lightning clutch ring+Sun's first born ring, does around 900-1000 damage to Lothric Knights (lothric castle bonfire).
                          compared to my Court Sorcerer Staff+ 8, Bellowing dragon ring, young dragon ring, Crystal Soul Spear does 800-900 damage.
                          sure, my build isnt perfect and is not nearly complete, but at the cost of 1 extra ring, the Sunlight Spear still does more damage then an (unbuffed) Crystal Soul Spear.
                          so, to those that say Miracles suck, thats not entirely true. most of the dps ones do kinda suck, but just like how sorceries have 2 go-to spells (souls spear, crystal soul spear), miracles have Falling bolt (swordspear+5) 900-1000 and Sunlight Spear 900-1000.
                          also, miracle dps spells tend to do 1.5-2x damage in melee. sorcereries dont.

                          • Anonymous

                            18 Feb 2020 21:26  

                            Why from decided to put so much damage on melee range in a spell supposed to be a ranged attack? Hell, gwyn used this against dragons in midair, and those dragons weren t exactly at 10 feet from the ground. "B-but... b-but it deals a great amount-t of damage a-at melee range"... Is that supposed to make up for the lame damage it has when used at mid range, and the ridiculous actual range it has that makes it impossible to hit with it at a longer distance than lock-on s range? Not to mention it lost the knockback that made this miracle unique and a worthy reward for sunbro s work. "B-b-b-but it s best used at melee..." THIS IS NOT GODDAMN BLOODBORNE!!

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Jun 2019 21:59  

                              Most broken unbalanced spell i have ever seen in this game. Really, what from actually thinks making this absurd retarted spell deals absolutely freaking damage at melee range? Literally it one shots every time if you get caught by it at melee range and there's no *****ing ctplay for it. NERF OR REMOVE THIS***** OR BALANCE YOUR BADASS *****ING GAME ENTIRELY I REALLY DONT WANT TO SEE AMY COWARXN USONG TJOS YOU FURCKING IDIORS

                              • 31 Jan 2019 16:52  

                                It’d be bad-a if you could hold spells like these like you can do with old moonlight or lightning arrow. Especially with really dramatic spells, like sunlight spear here.

                                • Anonymous

                                  16 Nov 2018 17:29  

                                  This is my first time ever using a faith build and I was wondering why my sunlight spear only does about 780 damage at melee range. My faith is 50 and I'm using a +10 yorksha chime with both rings but I feel like that amount of damage is lacking. Should I use a different chime or a talisman?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    14 Oct 2018 01:38  

                                    The moment you realize Gwyn fighting the dragons using lightning, is really a continuation of Titans versus Black dragons from heroes of might and magic.

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