Sunlight Spear is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Sunlight Spear

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 48
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 40 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Miracle of Gwyn, the First Lord. Hurls a sunlight spear.

The tales of Gwyn's Archdragon hunts describe the inception of the Age of Fire.


Acquired From




  • Deals about twice the damage of Lightning Spear.
  • Creates a second hitbox at melee range that deals an extra 67% damage.
  • Sped up at Regulation 1.08 by about a second at ~50 Virtual Dex.
  • Approx 1.2 seconds to cast at max casting speed.
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    • Anonymous

      18 Feb 2020 21:26  

      Why from decided to put so much damage on melee range in a spell supposed to be a ranged attack? Hell, gwyn used this against dragons in midair, and those dragons weren t exactly at 10 feet from the ground. "B-but... b-but it deals a great amount-t of damage a-at melee range"... Is that supposed to make up for the lame damage it has when used at mid range, and the ridiculous actual range it has that makes it impossible to hit with it at a longer distance than lock-on s range? Not to mention it lost the knockback that made this miracle unique and a worthy reward for sunbro s work. "B-b-b-but it s best used at melee..." THIS IS NOT GODDAMN BLOODBORNE!!

      • Anonymous

        13 Jun 2019 21:59  

        Most broken unbalanced spell i have ever seen in this game. Really, what from actually thinks making this absurd retarted spell deals absolutely freaking damage at melee range? Literally it one shots every time if you get caught by it at melee range and there's no *****ing ctplay for it. NERF OR REMOVE THIS***** OR BALANCE YOUR BADASS *****ING GAME ENTIRELY I REALLY DONT WANT TO SEE AMY COWARXN USONG TJOS YOU FURCKING IDIORS

        • 31 Jan 2019 16:52  

          It’d be bad-a if you could hold spells like these like you can do with old moonlight or lightning arrow. Especially with really dramatic spells, like sunlight spear here.

          • Anonymous

            16 Nov 2018 17:29  

            This is my first time ever using a faith build and I was wondering why my sunlight spear only does about 780 damage at melee range. My faith is 50 and I'm using a +10 yorksha chime with both rings but I feel like that amount of damage is lacking. Should I use a different chime or a talisman?

            • Anonymous

              14 Oct 2018 01:38  

              The moment you realize Gwyn fighting the dragons using lightning, is really a continuation of Titans versus Black dragons from heroes of might and magic.

              • Anonymous

                30 Jan 2018 14:11  

                This thing is a monster in PVE. I can deal almost 1800 damage to Lothric knights (the ones near dragonslayer armor area) at melee range using this with 60 faith and a fully upgraded saints talisman plus the 2 rings that boost miracles. And that's in NG+. It pretty much one or two shots every mob in this game except the very tanky ones like the crabs or the gargoyles, black knights, winged knights, etc...

                • Anonymous

                  05 Jan 2018 12:45  

                  Just tested on corvians on road to sacrifice: At 60 faith, both miracle rings and lightning clutch, sunlight spear with sunlight talisman did 1137. The same setup with yorshka chime which has 44 more spell buff only did 880. I tested other lightning spells to see if they also received a buff but it was only sunlight spear which kinda makes sense. But the damage buff plus the extra poise make this combo lethal.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Aug 2017 20:45  

                    a little bit of info .... if ligtning stake arrow or sunlight spear hit water they create a mini lighting storm effect. witch is usefull if your invaded in the swamp or something i havent tested this with the other ligthtning spears but i think they will do the same and lightnign storm didnt seem to do anything different

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Jun 2017 05:21  

                      I think the FP cost should be a little lower since Affinity, Great Soul Dregs, and Chaos Bed Vestiges are all lower.

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