Great Magic Barrier is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a miracle you must use a Chime, Talisman, or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Great Magic Barrier

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 40
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 2
Requirements 25 Faith
Type Self Buff
Duration 70 Seconds



The tale which was later interpreted as Magic Barrier.

Greatly increases magic damage absorption by covering the body in a strong white protective coating.

Said to be a tale of Havel the Rock, arch enemy of Seath the Scaleless. Havel despised magic, and was never complacent in preparing means to counter it.


Great Magic Barrier Location

  • Archdragon Peak - Start at the Great Belfry Bonfire and go out the exit and down the stairs. Cross the courtyard and go up the stairs on the opposite side of the ones you just went down. Move into the building. Be aware that there will be a Rock Lizard immediately to your left next to a ladder. Climb the ladder. Once you reach the top of the ladder and can see a dead dragon straight in front of you, turn left. You should see a wall with a huge chunk missing from it. Go to this missing chunk. Drop down from the building. Turn right and follow the path (a rather short path, mind you). The path will lead you down a short flight of stairs and you will encounter another Rock Lizard. Just behind the Rock Lizard is a corpse with Great Magic Barrier in it (video location).




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    • Anonymous

      remember when this completely **** all over every type of magic in pvp and was rechargeable with the iron king crown?

      pepperidge farm remembers

      • Anonymous

        all these clerics get anti sorcerer spells and equipment, like the sacred bloom shield and, THIS, while we get NO anti miracle equipment, this is basilisk sh*t (and i know the sacred bloom can parry miracles too but, it's LITERALLY REFERED TO AS THE SORCERER'S BANE)

        • Anonymous

          Recommended to use against Aldrich. Removes a big part of his damage and his arrow volley isn't insta death anymore.

          • Anonymous

            Remember in Ds2 when magic was better (I'm not going to say good, i'm going to say better, because magic in ds3 isn't bad) and these 2 spells lowered all types of magic damage? It was TOO good. It would've worked just fine in ds3 since it goes by absorption, but instead it only lowers magic damage specifically.

            • Anonymous

              If only you could be the Ultra-Dick and stack this with Vow of Silence. You might think it's pointless, but Imagine the Mage Builds. Vow of Silence comes on, they desperately switch to Moonlight Greatsword...

              But oh no... They Deal Shit Damage...

              That 65 Points of Intelligence...

              That Stupid Looking Dusk Crown...

              That precious magic user...



              • Anonymous

                Incredibly useful against mage bosses and sorcerers in pvp cant do anything to you, not always the right situation to be useful but its nice to have equipped if the occasion arrives

                • Anonymous

                  For the average 120SL player, unless you're building INT you are likely to have very low magic resistance. Except for building INT, wearing the Magic Stoneplate ring or wearing all light armour, this spell makes up for the inherent flaw in a quality-player's build: Lack of MR. Chuck this or its lesser version in a slot, and you can gain close to ~50 MR just from one cast (needs factcheck), effectively going from*****tiest defence to average defence that lasts for long enough to get up close and personal and prevent their casting any spells worth their FP. I like it and recommend it (Personal IMO)
                  TL;DR - ~1-1.5sec cast and easy ATT slot/s for free MR + slap a mage with impunity

                  • Anonymous

                    Found this to be very useful in the earthen peak ruins against those angel enemies that are constantly bombarding you with magic beams.

                    • Anonymous

                      Why was this reduced to only negating Sorcery damage? The fascinating thing about this spell in previous iterations was that it was a Barrier against ALL Magic. Hell, it was my favorite Miracle alongside Sunlight Blade in the previous games, now it's just... pointless, since it's hard to justify filling 2 Attunement Slots for a Spell that's only useful in a handful of cases, PvP included. I was very excited when I found it the first time and now I'm just... disappointed. God dammit, FromSoft.

                      • Anonymous

                        I get that the magic damage reduction is pretty significant, but at two attunement slots? Is it really worth slotting this over something like ToD or SO?There are certain PvE encounters in the game that can be made significantly easier by using this, but something that takes two attunement slots and a decent amount of focus to cast shouldn't be relegated to having very niche uses. ToD and SO are useful everywhere which is part of the reason they're strong. Even though this can be quite useful in situations it's designed for, I feel that niche usage only justifies one attunement slot, not two.Although if they're not going to give the regular version it's AoE back, maybe this version is just going to be stuck the way it is.

                        • Anonymous

                          I only got a heavy stun and reveived 0 damage from wrath of the gods at the roof tops when i was getting attacked in londo.i was shocked test it out.

                          • Anonymous

                            This spell is another unfortunate victim of the transition between games, and the zeal of the developers to tone down magic.At 2 attunement slots, and with a pathetically short duration (buffed in 1.09 to ~45 seconds without the Lingering Ring), it still won't even last as long as a standard magic weapon buff, and this time around, MAGIC damage is strictly the only damage it reduces.In DS2, this spell was very, very popular. So popular in fact, that it encouraged people to splash the faith required into their build just to use it, as it reduced damage from ALL elements by a decent amount, giving you good protection against all kinds of magic and weapon-infusions. With it only blocking "magic" magic this time, there's no real reason to use it, you won't be fighting enough enemies in PvE or PvP who use magic damage to justify attuning it. The basic Magic Barrier isn't even worth using this time either, it isn't even a party buff this time.

                            • Anonymous

                              I'm pretty sure casting this after Deep Protection will remove it. It seems to conflict with it visually while also removing all the buff icons from the top of the screen.

                              • Anonymous

                                the location in article is correct. killing the second wyvern does not actually matter. The dead dragon on the roof is always there and does not block anything.

                                • Anonymous

                                  So if you kill the wyvern, you can't get the item as its corpse blocks the way, you can't jump over it, and there is no other way up there.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    To whoever wrote this on the wiki, I can say this is not on the written location (Archdragon Peak, on the rooftop where there's Havel NPC and dead dragon body).

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