Bountiful Light is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Chime, Talisman, or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Bountiful Light

bountiful light
Spell Type


icon fp costFocus Cost 45
icon attunementSlots Used 1
Requirements 25 Faith
Type Heal (Regeneration)
Duration 60 Seconds



Miracle taught to knights by Gertrude, holy maiden to the Queen.

Gradually restores a large amount of HP.

The Heavenly Daughter is said to be the Queen's child.


Acquired From



  • Heals 7 HP per second over the course of its duration (420 hp total).
    • The health restored per FP balances out at about 9.3 HP/FP.
  • Stacks with Gentle Prayer.
  • Is unaffected by Spellbuff, Miracle boosting rings, or Faith.
  • Lingering Dragoncrest Ring will increase the duration. However, the amount of HP restored will be the same, and the regen will simply be slowed down to compensate.


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    • Anonymous

      if you dont have this and another source of regen while being a spear of the church, something is wrong with you

      • Anonymous

        I get that people compare this to Replenishment and say it's better, but considering values, aren't you getting less HP regen per FP point? So, Replenishment costs 30FP for 5HP/sec for a total of 295HP (1st tick doesn't count for some stupid reason.) That gives you about 10HP per FP in the cost of the spell, or 9.83 to be exact. On the other hand, Bountiful Light cost 45FP for 7HP/sec totaling to 420HP. The Math says it actually gives 9.33HP per FP in cost which is LESS. So considering the 50% increase in FP cost, Bountiful Light is actually a small step down, and to actually be an upgrade of Replenishment, the HP regen needs to be bumped up to 8HP/sec at least.

        • Anonymous

          Fills in the HP gaps left after Estus gulps, stacks with other regen, saves us from Knife/Shiv spam when Tears pops. Bountiful Light, why are you so good to us?

          • Anonymous

            Blessed weapon at 40 FTH + Ethereal Oak shield or blessed infused shield + Bountiful Light + Filianore's Chime WA + Sun Princess's Ring switched with the Life Ring when you take a hit = feels good man

            • Anonymous

              So it only heals 2hp more a second than replenishment?
              Doesn't seem worth going up 10 more levels in faith, for just 2hp more per tick (replenishment 15 faith, bountiful light 25 faith) plus it costs 45fp .. replenishment costs 30fp.

              Seems like 18 faith would be more than enough, use fillianore chime wa/ replenshiment/ anri's straight sword/blessed weapon buff.. and a blessed offhand.
              Don't see the point in putting 7 more points into faith for the sake of 2hp more.. better to put those levels elsewhere, like in attunement or endurance.

              • Anonymous

                so... I made a Jesus build based on luck and faith. My main weapon is Anri's so when stacked with blessed weapon, the milkwood shield, princess ring and this spell it allows for ridiculous amounts of regen.

                • Anonymous

                  So I see that this spell stacks with gentle prayer, but does it stack with other HP regen buffs? I'm thinking about doing a Cleric build focused on passive healing. Blessed Weapon on a Blessed weapon + Bountiful Light + Sun Princess ring? Time to try it out.

                  • Anonymous

                    defeated aldrich, took elevator upstairs. in room with regen ring, rosarias black orb pulsed. used it, invaded NPC, killed him. got her soul. transmutes into this spell.

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