Gentle Prayer


Recovers HP for a period of time, albeit extremely slowly. Works while equipped in either hand.


Gentle Prayer is a skill in Dark Souls 3



Weapons That Have Gentle Prayer



Notes & Information

  • Gentle Prayer is a passive miracle, meaning that it will remain active for a short time, after it has been cast.
  • The skill is weapon based, meaning that if the player switches away from the chime while the miracle is active, it will cease its effect. This also happens when the player 2-hands a weapon, even if the chime is on their other hand.
  • With the 10 Faith requirement of the Priest's Chime, the 13 FP cost, and no need for an attunement slot, this heal skill is exceptionally good early game. The only downside is that it heals gradually and is weapon dependent, so it's not well suited for battle situations unless the chime is also used as a primary weapon.
  • Heals 360 HP over 60 seconds and costs 13 FP to cast. This averages 6 hp per second, and 27.7 hp per FP used.
  • Compared to Heal Aid, which heals 150 hp for 27 FP, averaging 5.55 hp per FP used. Gentle Prayer heals much more efficiently, but only if one is willing to wait 60 seconds for the heal to finish without 2-handing or using a shield.
  • Must meet the requirements of the chime and have enough FP, to be able to use the skill.
  • The duration and amount of healing is not affected by stats, rings or chime upgrade level, although the FP cost is reduced to 10 with the Farron Ring.
  • Curiously, Gentle Prayer heals 360 HP when the chime is held in the left hand, and 390 HP when hold in the right hand. It doesn't matter whether the chime is wielded one or two-handed in the right hand. More specifically, when used in the right hand it heals 30 HP instantly right after the animation finishes. The buff then functions as normal and heals an additional 360 HP over a 1 minute time-frame (6 HP/sec).
  • Can be used in both hands, healing a total of 750 hp over 60 seconds (360+360+30). To do this, first equip the right chime in 2 hands and push left trigger, then return to two weapons mode and push left trigger for the left chime buff. Keep in mind the player is required to hold both chimes in one-hand for the full duration in order to heal the full 750 HP. (In 1.05 it does not work)
  • Players will take an instability hit if they are attacked during the animation.




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    • Anonymous

      I know increasing the duration is useless on heals, but is the duration extended by the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring?

      • Anonymous

        The info regarding Gentle Prayer not stacking with itself is incorrect. As of today I have tested two methods - two hand a chime in Right hand, cast Gentle Prayer, switch to one hand, cast GP with the second chime held in Left Hand, as well as have the chime in RH and a WeapArt shield, then cast the GP with the RH Chime, switch the shield to another chime and then use said second chime's GP. Both methods were capable of outhealing Symbol of Avarice and a steady rate of 2hp/s, resulting in combined healing of 12hp/s, which is sufficient proof.

        • Anonymous

          can we talk about the numbers in this real quick? 13 FP becomes 360 HP over a minute. Keep in mind anyone can use a Priest's Chime with only 10 faith. Regular estus will heal 250 at +0, 550 at +5, and 600 at +10. However, Ashen estus restores 80 at +0, 150 at +5, and 200 at +10. This means that, per ashen flask, Prayer can effectively cure over 2,000 HP at +0, 4000 HP at +5, and 5,500 at +10. The nature of the 6HP/sec regen means that you can and will outheal poisons, and consistently keep yourself at 100% health, enabling maximum Sword Ring abuse. Consistent maximum health is an underrated tactic, and forethought means you can cast it to start healing you the moment you take a hit, or even better, trade a hit. Also, two-handing it to cast gives you another 30 HP immediately every time. Having a one-handed weapon is asking very little in return for all the health in the world, not to mention it's badass that you can literally pray while fighting. Everyone else can off-hand a +10 blessed cestus for a +2HP/sec half-pound parry tool.

          • Anonymous

            Gentle Prayer will vanish even if you wield your weapon with 2h and keep chime in off-hand slot. I just confirmed this and it is really disappointing. In other words, you must keep chime visible if you want Gentle Prayer to stay active. It may be a patch... may be just a bug. But probably the reason is Unfaltering Prayer. That spell gives poise with similar effect to Perseverance in many maces does. Unfaltering Prayer lasts only few seconds and as long as you keep your chime visible. Gentle Prayer lasts way longer but looks like now it works only if you keep chime out like Unfaltering Prayer does.
            This is my theory.

            • Anonymous

              this+ weapon with blessed gem+ constant heal ring/s and a mimic head and you can go on farming for days, heck, even just with this you can already.

              • Anonymous

                Something is wrong gentle prayer isn't working.. I push the button but my character rings the chime like normal but gentle prayer isn't working..

                • Anonymous

                  Only takes 1 fp to activate. So a simple weapon on a 40 40 40 setup with the priest chime (10 fth) gives you great background healing for free.

                  • Warning, ignorant peasant questions incoming. Is there any way to improve the healing provided by this art ? I mean, have the chime's stats any influence over this art (spell buff value, stats affinity...) ?

                    • Anonymous

                      This stacks with the hp regen miracles. Also, if you're wondering about the lingering dragoncrest ring, it does work on the regen miracles but not the weapon art.

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