Stain blade with one’s own blood to temporarily grant uncanny sharpness. For one driven by bloodlust, nothing deserves to remain standing.

icon fp cost 10

Bloodlust is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Bloodlust



Notes & Information

  • Applies a 45 second buff that adds a roughly 30% AR buff and ~200% extra Bleed damage.
  • Has two hitboxes:
    • When the blade goes through your back. Deals intense damage.
    • When you pull the blade out. Deals average damage.
  • Increases physical damage absorptions by 50 right before the stab.
  • Self-damage can be calculated via: ⌊Max Health * 0.03⌋ + 51
  • Will deal 200 bleed damage to the player. If this exceeds your Bleed Resistance you will experience Blood Loss.
  • Reminiscent of the Bewitched Alonne Sword's special effect from Dark Souls 2.




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    • Anonymous

      After doing a bloodtinge build on bloodborne this weapon is tha ****, pretty much a merge of the two main weapons I used (just not as badass but still cool)

      • Anonymous

        bruh i accidentally killed yoel with this while i was killing myself for hollowing why does this do 784 damage i dont even have the requirements

        • Anonymous

          I'm not sure if this information will help anyone, but I was trying to find how much bleed buildup is added by this weapon art. This page claims that it adds an extra 200%, but that seemed like a weirdly strong buff, and I couldn't find any support for that info on any other wiki pages. Soulsplanner indicates that the weapon art adds quite a bit less than +200%.

          If the weapon isn't upgraded and the player has 7 luck, it adds 20 bleed buildup, which is a 58.8% increase.
          If the weapon is upgraded to +5 and the player has 99 luck, the weapons art adds 28 bleed buildup, which is a 58.3% increase.
          This info is based on experimenting with Soulsplanner.

          My conclusion is that the weapon art adds 58% bleed buildup and then rounds up. Most blood-infused katanas will get better bleed buildup when the weapons are upgraded to +8 or +9. The paired katanas can get better buildup at +7 with enough luck investment. The buffed bloodlust, however, will deal significantly more physical damage than the blood-infused counterparts (~200 AR). I guess the bloodlust gets pretty high bleed buildup and AR without being the best in either category, but only while the WA buff is active.

          • Anonymous

            After 1.14, this weapon art doesn't increse AR when you hold it in your right hand. It buffs as usual as long as you hold it in your left hand.

            • Anonymous

              As of patch 1.14, buff no longer increases weapons ar. Instead it causes more bleed build-up per hit. Tested on Fire Keeper with +0 Bloodlust (20 STR, 25 DEX ) on ng+++:
              No buff: 4 r1s to bleed (very close to being 5 hits)
              With buff: 3 r1s to bleed

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