Lothric War Banner (Skill)



Wave the flagpole high in the air, like the days of yore, summoning an ethereal war banner that invigorates the attack of those who gather under it.

icon fp cost 35 (-/-)

Lothric War Banner (Skill) is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Lothric War Banner (Skill)



Notes & Information

  • Gives the player a small AR boost of 15% for two minutes. The small circle that appears on the ground will also give allies an AR boost if they are near.
  • Banner must be held in both hands or in off-hand to keep up the buff.
  • Acts like a weapon buff, so any other weapon buff like a pine resin will override it.
  • Stacks with the Sacred Oath miracle.
  • Buff effect seems to reveal illusory walls at a short distance.
  • Causes thrust counter frame that start right before the weapon is thrust down.
  • Buff duration is not increased with Lingering Dragoncrest Rings.




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    • Anonymous

      USELESS DATA: with the weapon art active, burnable terrain will catch fire when you near it. (burnable terrain being the dancer boss fight arena)

      • Anonymous

        dont use the WA against bosses/hostile npc u can backstab,they go absolutely crazy with friede imo being the worst of all

        • Anonymous

          Overpowered for Vilhelm; Makes him roll-spam away from you, so just put him between you and the cliff and you’re good.

          • Anonymous

            For anyone wondering, the line about pine resins over riding the buff isn't true if you're buffing a main hand weapon with the banner in your off hand.

            • Anonymous

              Ok, check this out:

              The weapon art takes the slot of a weapon buff, so go ahead and infuse this. Because it gets an "s" in faith with blessed, and blessed adds physical, I went with that.

              Then it stacks with sacred oath. Then it stacks with deep protection.

              So, with all that up, +9 cause I'm stingy with slabs, my character with 37 strength, 20 dex, and 45 faith (weird numbers, I ran out of respecs for this play through) I was getting 441 pure physical AR.

              Add a Leo ring and black iron greatshield to ensure I can get counter hits on deflections, and I think this is a very respectable poke weapon. I'd still rather use my Lucerne for style points, but this is good for a buff build.

              • The buff seems to apply to the non-hostile undead between where you meet the pyromancer Cornyx and the boss door. This could be attributed to the non-hostility towards the player just as NPCs are buffed until they become hostile. However, both black knights within Smouldering Lake receive this buff even while they are attacking you. If this points out something intentional, then this could be material for lore.

                • Anonymous

                  Will it override an ally buff? Say your friend uses a pine resin then you WA, do they keep the resin buff?

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