Neck Swipe


This attack aims for the scruff of a foe's neck, and when successful, functions as a head shot, inflicting heavy damage.


Neck Swipe is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Neck Swipe



Notes & Information

  • This battle skill now consume stamina (tested on patch 1.03).
  • The animation was made significantly faster in patch 1.08.
  • Provides a surprisingly great amount of hyper armor, so it can successfully trade with smaller weapons such as Straight Swords, Axes, Daggers, Fists, and even a greatsword two-handed regular attack.
  • As the description says, if hit just right it will function as a headshot, stunning the opponent for a short time allowing for extra follow-ups.
  • It's best use to not use this skill when locked on to opponents in PVP, as the attack will often go straight over their heads.



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    • Anonymous

      Probably the worst WA in the game. Hard to land and quite low dmg. It gives some hyper armor, but that's hit. Oh, and good luck hitting someone in pvp.

      • Anonymous

        it doesnt hit locked on be careful when you use it in pvp specially with r1 of bigweapons the neck swipe is literally aiming for the head/neck only as the name suggest.

        • Anonymous

          Use it with free aim and turn to opponent always your left side. It will be dead angels and can't be parried and also has lower hitbox

          • Anonymous

            lol this WA is average in PVE but worse than a broken straight sword in PVP. It has poise and can be used for trading in very niche situations, but the strike at the neck is specifically inaccurate. It always aims for the neck and since attack animations of most attacks make the target do a crouch or something, this WA will miss 90% of the time.

            • Anonymous

              Tested it against the respawning zombies at cleansing chapel.If you miss the head, you deal around as much damage as a non charged 2H R2.If you hit it (if you're at the correct distance for the sweet spot), you'll deal around 1,5x the damage and stagger the enemy.A fully charged 2HR2, which takes around as long as that weapon art, deal 2x the damage, if you're NOT at the sweet spot.It might be usefull if you're against an enemy that doesn't get staggered by a 2HR2. Otherwise, it's just for fashion...

              • Anonymous

                It does good damage against the Hollow Cage enemy of the Undead Settlement, making me believe it either goes through defense or does some other damage type.

                • Anonymous

                  Has anybody gotten any informational input on this skill? If used correctly, it sounds like it could be useful.

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