Crystal Blade

crystal blade


Release magic for the aquamarine crystals, creating a fleeting blue crystal blade, lengthy enough to swing as a straight sword.

icon fp cost 8 (2/3)

Crystal Blade is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Crystal Blade



Notes & Information

  • Upon use and hold, the user will briefly spin the dagger and assume a stance, extending the reach of the dagger and dealing extra damage per hit.
    • The user must hold the Skill button to mantain the stance.
    • Assuming (and holding) the stance does not consume FP.
    •  It can be activated while running or during a roll, which causes the user to briefly attack to the front with a swipe (rolling) or a thrust (running).
      • This is the only time where it consumes the stated FP amount of 8.

  • When the stance is being held, inputting the light attack button will make the user swipe quickly in front of them from side to side.
    • This light attack is fast, has extended reach and barely consumes any stamina and FP, making it very spammable. The quickness of its attacks also allow it to have many combos.
    • This consumes 2 FP per light attack.
    • Can chain into the heavy attacks of the skill.

  • When the stance is being held, inputting the heavy attack button will make the user quickly spin the dagger and thrust it forward.
    • Inputting the heavy attack again will follow up with a sideways thrust.
      • These thrust attacks move the user forward a considerable amount, giving them unexpected reach.
    • This consumes 3 FP per heavy attack.

  • While the Skill is activated your character's movement will be reduced to a slow walk, similar to Skill of Friede's Great Scythe and Stance.
    • This also causes your stamina regeneration to take a severe penalty when holding the stance.
    • Rolling will cause the Skill to deactivate and go back to it's dagger version. It's best to strategically switch back and forward between the dagger and the sword version in order to make yourself unpredictable.
  • Can still be used with insufficient FP but the damage will be reduced.
    • It will also make the user consume more stamina per swing.




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