Falling Bolt


Hold axe high in air to gather fierce lightning, and smash ground to whip the bolts to the ground. (Dragonslayer Greataxe)

Hold swordspear high in the air to summon fierce lightning that descends upon distant foes. (Dragonslayer Swordspear)


Falling Bolt is a weapon Skill in Dark Souls 3.


Weapons That Have Falling Bolt


Notes & Information

  • Both versions of Falling Bolt are completely different from eachother, despite the similar name.
    • Dragonslayer Swordspear:
      • Causes a lightning bolt to crash down, dealing massive damage and buffing the lightning damage for 35 seconds.
      • Can be parried.
      • Has extreme startup, so it's best to not use it in front of enemies.
    • Dragonslayer's Greataxe:
      • An overhead smash that deals lightning damage and has incredibly high poise. It is capable of OHKO'ing most phantoms.
      • Can be parried. 
      • Is highly telegraphed.
      • Shockwaves still exist for a short period after the move is used.
      • Causes counter frames after the slam, and has medium recovery.
      • Often spammed by casuls on boss fights,leading to their unnecessary deaths. Due the time it performs to use the WA, it's only wise to use on huge open windows against bosses and enemies.
  • Both versions of Falling Bolt are very effective in defeating the King of Storms very early, due to the boss' high weakness to lightning.
  • Dragonslayer Greataxe's version of Falling Bolt is reminiscent of the Dragon King Greataxe's strong attack. 


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    • Anonymous

      The greataxe's is probably the strongest weapon art, and the swordspear's is the strongest ranged lightning attack.

      • Anonymous

        DSGA Weapon art is no longer parryable. And it hasn't been for 4 years. Man I used to take this websites word as fact but now I barely trust half of what y'all say.

        • Anonymous

          I suppose it's common knowledge by now but just for future reference the Greataxe version is no longer parryable.

          • Anonymous

            It can be parried! I just parried the WA from the greataxe wielded by an invader who turned up in the Cathedral. It totally threw him off, I bet he thought the poise and the fact it's a big weapon means nobody can parry him. Amazing. I'm usually crap at parrying, too. The riposte didn't finish him off but he didn't manage to avoid the roll catch as he went in the wrong direction, and then a quick R2 ended it. I hope he was panicking. I think I saw him try to throw a knife in a random direction just before my last swing, which seems to suggest he had the wrong item selected and was trying to heal. 10/10 thank you Fextra, would parry again

            • Anonymous

              Is this also considered a miracle or just a weapon skill? Also, does the Ring of the First Born affect it?

              • Anonymous

                "appear from the ground"***FALLING*** BoltThe animation is also quite obviously showing it coming from the sky, and furthermore you can hit enemies that are a level above you.

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