Use one's weight to lunge forward with a low stance and increased poise, and follow with a strong attack for a spinning slash. (Black Knight Greatsword/Greatsword/Cathedral Knight Greatsword/Executioner's Greatsword)

Use one's weight to lunge forward with a low stance and increased poise, and follow with a strong attack for an upward slash. (Bastard Sword/Dark Sword/Zweihander/Lothric Knight Greatsword)

Use one's weight to lunge forward with a low stance and increased poise, and follow with a crushing strong attack. (Fume Ultra Greatsword)

icon fp cost Varies


Stomp is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Stomp



Notes & Information

  • Each variation of Stomp gives the player a poise boost and damage reduction. The first part of Stomp also skips the first light attack, allowing the player to use the much faster second light attack swing immediately after pressing the Weapon Art if they wish. This makes it a good defense option and a decent fake out technique. However, the actual move is very slow so it is easily rolled through and punished. Also despite the poise boost it is not impossible for your opponent to disrupt your attack.
  • Stomp adds 50 to all absorption stats. Due to the way diminishing returns for absorption works, your absorption during stomp can be calculated as:  (Current Absorption ÷ 2) + 50 
  • There are 3 variations of the follow-up attack: Twist, Launch and Smash.
  • The Weapon Skills of Profaned Greatsword and Lorian's Greatsword are variations of Stomp (Launch).
  • The Stomp R2 on the Black Knight Greatsword has less recovery frames than the R2 on the Fume Ultra Greatsword despite being the same animation. This allows the user to dodge/attack much faster after the attack.




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    • Anonymous

      If anyone is looking for a good counter to Gundyr WA spammers, use Zwei Stomp. Ragdolling their bodies into the air is so satisfying when they are doing the charge at you. To rub salt in the wound, quickly hardswap to Gundyr for the WA wake-up and give them a taste of their own medicine.

      • Anonymous

        I will have 40 poise from armor, wielding the FUGS and try to outplay an opponent with stomp, and if they do a single r1 from a regular or curved greatsword, it will knock me out of it. Is this just latency? Tanking hits with perseverance seems to work just fine all the time, but stomp seems to do nothing for me but give the opponent a free hit

        • Anonymous

          Heavily underrated weapon art. All types of stomp skyrockets your absorption to a flat 50% and gives you enough hyper armor to compete with greathammers. I ve survived many times to midir's laser thanks to a well timed stomp.

          • Anonymous

            Stomp is underused. It can be used to dodge a surprising amount of attacks, and is a clear winner in ultra poise-slugfests

            • Anonymous

              The only reliable one is the upward swing, followed by the spin because of the delay, then the smash. It's up to preference i know, but I've only ever seen the first 2 reliably roll catch

              • Anonymous

                The Fume greatsword’s stomp follow up has a surprising amount of tracking the amount of people I’ve hit directly behind me is absurd

                • Anonymous

                  Stomp gives an extra 70 poise for Dark Sword and greatswords, and an extra 100 poise for ultra greatswords.


                  • Anonymous

                    When Stomp is used (like pressing L2, the very action of stomping), it resets poise. Which is useful for greatswords and ultra greatswords. It's not as useful with the Dark Sword because the Dark Sword does not have hyper armor (outside of Stomp), unless you stomp with the Dark Sword, and switch to a weapon with hyper armor.

                    • Anonymous

                      There's no such thing as "poise bonus". Each attack has a Poisehealth and a Poise Damage value. Your Poise is the percent based mitigation for that Poise Damage, in order to preserve your Poisehealth. Long story short: the answer to your question is irrelevant unless you're planning to wield an Ultra with insufficient Poise, needing to resort to the Stomp in order to Poisethrough, which is an awful idea, and you shouldn't ever do. You're in a Wiki, read the fucking wiki, ffs

                      • Launch work great for ending the more serious anime afflictions. I imagine the other moves work similarly but launch really does the job well. What I mean with this is that if your opponent decides to use a longer animated attack you can easily counter that with stomp, launch in particular.

                        • Anonymous

                          Just wondering, shouldn't the Profaned GS be here? I know its WA is called Profaned Flame, but it's basically Stomp with a different name.

                          • Anonymous

                            Just launched a lothric knight with the bastard sword.
                            Now i cant stop launching things.
                            Also, i think this can launch more than one enemy. will test tommorow

                            • Anonymous

                              If you are one handing a weapon with stomp and have and shield with weapon skill it will do the initial stomp but you cant do the follow up.

                              • Anonymous

                                I've found I take way less damage if hit during the "stomp" part. It actually makes it extremely effective for trading blows with the otherwise difficult knight enemies

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