Leap forward and slash mercilessly with both blades, cutting open foes.

icon fp cost 20

Onislayer is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Onislayer



Notes & Information

  • The leap itself does a small stun attack without damage, before the actual slash, useful to keep enemies where you can hit them.
  • Has incredible hyper armor during the leap.
  • Combos into the L1/LT attacks. When paired with Carthus Rouge, this becomes an easy setup for quick and deadly Bleed damage.
  • Cannot be parried.
  • Weapon art resembles the lunging attack of the Black Skeletons from Demon's Souls.
  •  Grab attacks still catch you during the weapon art (tested on darkwraiths)



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    • Anonymous

      This WA actually appears to do MORE damage when you don’t have enough FP for some reason. Tested on the red-eyed lothric knight near Dragon Barracks bonfire.

      • Anonymous

        This hasn’t been addressed as far as I know, so I’ll say it here now. It should say that the WA cannot be parried, not “paired.”

        • Anonymous

          This is old info. As per the current update, I can now hyper armor through even Halberds, Soul Greatswords and maybe even Greataxes (Haven't tested this one perfectly so could be wrong). I would be knocked out of the animation if I tried that before the update.

          Why is this useful? You can stun them with the headshot by hyper armor(ing?) through thier swing and then combo into an L1. You'll outdamage anything even without a bleed build on.

          • Anonymous

            Oh god the new update this skill is insane it's got better hyper frame when you leaping. The Black Knight Glaive can't take you down while leaping with this skill.
            Whatever you can stun by charge attack (I test this skill with my friend)

            • Anonymous

              This is among the most useless skills in the game. Horrible damage, the stun doesn't last long and it has a long start-up and wind-up.

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