Storm King


Assume stance to imbue sword with storm. Most effective when facing giants.


Storm King is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Storm King



Notes & Information

  • Highly effective when used against Yhorm the Giant.
  • Contrary to its description, the skill does not deal any extra damage to Giants.
  • The name is a reference to the boss in Demon's Souls that the Storm Ruler was effective against.




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    • Anonymous

      It's great against Yhorm but that's it. Outside of that it's just a regular greatsword with some nice special effects. Would be great if it buffed the weapons damage as well otherwise the only use I have for it is fashion.

      • Anonymous

        Could this potentially be used to hit bosses in the head and get a riposte? It would be good to use it in a mage build with repair weapon spell, and keep a dagger as main weapon, and only use this against big enemies.

        • Putting aside its obvious use against Yhorm the Giant, it is a fun move to use against other enemies. It is similar to the crescent moon sword and the greatsword of judgment in the fact that is does more damage when both the sword and slash connect (more than charged heavy attack according to my brief testing). Other positives include armor on startup, astounding shield breaking properties, and oddly when finishing the attack on bringing the sword down your body goes low to the ground and can sometimes dodge counter attacks from larger enemies. However, the move is slow, cripples your stamina (2/3rds cost with 40 end and RoF +3), and has a very narrow attack width. I have not tested how high the attack can go or how far as of yet. It is important to note that the stance attacks from the claymore can be used with the sword if it hasn't become fully charged, but it will still cost the same amount of FP.

          • Anonymous

            This Dark Souls has the worst Endgame areas, why bother leveling up if everythings going to one-hit you and dance around.This isn't even a fun boss; I like a challenge, but this boss is on par with Wolnir. Just annoying as *****, no substance.Flying around entire time It's 90% dodging his *****, can hardly ever attack him back before his flys off like a poosy bich.

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