Spell Parry


Repel an attack at the right time to follow up with a critical hit. Works while equipped in either hand. Also deflects spells.


Spell Parry is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.

 Working in a similar fashion to a traditional Parry, Spell Parrying allows you to reflect magical projectiles to prevent them from reaching. However, unlike a regular Parry, reflecting a spell will not send it back at the caster or otherwise hinder them in any way - the spell will simply fly over or around you instead. 

Regardless of the Spell Parrying tool being used, they all work very similarly; They create a brief, shimmering globe in front of your character, and any magical projectiles that contact the globe will have their path bent around the globe enough to not hit your character. 


Spell Parrying Tools



Notes & Information

  • The two Spell Parry shields can be used for normal parrying, but be aware that a Spell Parry consumes roughly twice as much stamina as a normal parry
  • Some spells cannot be Spell Parried - either because there isn't anything to deflect in the first place (such as with Wrath of the Gods or Divine Pillars of Light), the spell is still considered "connected" to the caster (like Sacred Flame or Great Combustion), or if the spell's hitbox is simply too large for the spell parry to impact it (like Chaos Bed Vestiges)
  • Though there technically isn't anything to deflect, using either of the Spell Parry shields against Force will allow you to completely ignore the knockback from it - which can prove quite useful when PvPing near ledges (needs further testing)
  • Although the actual sword created by Farron Flashsword and its counterparts cannot be spell parried, using any sort of parrying tool (even those without Spell Parry) will allow you to parry your opponent normally if their catalyst collides with your parry tool, allowing you to follow up with a Riposte.
  • Deflecting Black Serpent with a spell parry will cause it to stop tracking you entirely (needs further testing)


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    • Anonymous

      Anyone else think this is just the most absolutely useless feature this game offers? Just fking roll man lol.

      • Anonymous

        FromSoft could have made it so it bounced back the spell OR you gained FP relative to the amount of FP it took to cast the spell. Neither option would have been overpowered. It just would have gave Spell Parry SOME use beyond just a cool thing to do. As it stands, there's virtually no reason to parry a spell instead of just dodging it outside of some really rare situations. What a missed opportunity.

        • It's worth noting that unlike melee parries, when using a spell parry shield you do not have to be facing the direction the attack is coming from. It will defect spells from 360 degrees around you, like a sort of force field.

          • Anonymous

            Just 20 minutes ago I deflected a lightning bolt with a curved greatsword's light attack. Is this a glitch? Because when ai attacked the lightning bolt, it was as if I had casted lightning spear and the other enemy players took damage, but I didn't. I think I'm going to upload it to youtube.

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