Great Combustion is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancy.

Great Combustion

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 17
Attunement SlotsSlots 1
Faith Required  / Intelligence Required 10 Intelligence / 10 Faith
Type Melee



Pyromancy which improves upon Combustion. Creates a powerful, giant flame in hand.

A very powerful, yet simple spell to use.

Pyromancy is to at once know fear and longing, the resultant power of which depends on both the caster's intelligence and faith.


Acquired From




  • Does high poise damage.
  • This spell gets significantly stronger when used with the Pyromancer's Parting Flame, thanks to its unique ability of leaving trails of fire during the casting animation, leading to double the damage.
  • Is beaten out by Black Flame.
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    • Anonymous

      16 Apr 2018 17:37  

      Anyone else remember using this in ds2 against the invisible rouges best way to kill them as a pure caster

      • Anonymous

        14 Nov 2017 05:45  

        This magic fires 3 consecutive projectiles, each lasts for 0.1s. The first one does no damage, it just moves forward a bit to create a proper range. The second is where the flame visual effect comes, then the third. The second one has smaller hitbox than the third, but more damage. Use the second for max dps and the third for roll catching.

        • Anonymous

          Good for Mixups in Low Level PvP21 Sep 2016 18:18  

          I got a fair bit of use out of this in lower level PvP when I was starting out with my pyromancer, particularly around the cathedral of the deep area when I would get invaded. If you can train someone to look for your fire orbs and such, you can pop one of these quickly in their face and they might not expect it, even walking right into it. Can also function as a substitute for a melee weapon of sorts, although it's usually better to still have a weapon.On top of that, you can also mix it up with combust weapon arte from the pyromancy flame. While the damage is much lower and range even shorter, it comes out even faster, so you can vary your timing even further to throw your opponent off. The speed of it can be really handy for interrupting an opponent who gets close to you.I haven't really been getting use from it in the late game though, particularly since my +10 chaos hand axe does about the same damage with light attacks, and the black flame spell will generally do more damage to people even if I'm not using the dark clutch ring. Might still be useful depending on your build though.

          • Anonymous

            Pontiff's Bane04 Jul 2016 11:34  

            Seriously, this spell wrecked pontiff for me. I tried using chaos fire orb the first time but it doesn't cast fast enough to send it his way before being infinity combod by him first, but great combustion did the trick for me, and I beat him the first time I tried this spell instead of chaos orb.Great Chaos Fire Orb is amazing against most bosses, but for pontiff I highly suggest this one instead.

            • Anonymous

              Great For PvP30 May 2016 00:17  

              Is that naked troll parry spamming you? Light his face on fire!Is that washing pole running attack driving you nuts? Don't cast this spell, use Chaos Orb lava pools for distance.It's not the easiest spell to get the hang of but you can really bait people into it and surprise someone for good damage.

              • Anonymous

                If you've got nothing better...10 May 2016 07:11  

                Yes, it's rather disappointing once you get the better flame ball, but it comes out faster than either of the starting balls and hits harder than the noob ball.Ditch it once you get Flame Arc, but it's handy when it's all you've got.

                • Anonymous

                  "Oops, we ruined another spell. Oh well, it's not like this is our last chance to get this ***** right. Lol."07 May 2016 13:07  

                  *****ing terrible range, I understand they were probably afraid of directly porting DS2-era Great Combustion, but the actual effect no longer matches the visuals at all. Seems to also have very few hit-frames, especially compared to DS2, again, this doesn't match the visuals which show the flames lingering for a moment longer.Damage is... ok, I guess? But if you're hitting with this during combat, you're going to be trading for 1~2 hits from the opponent, which unless they're using a broken straight sword will always hurt more than this. Wakeup combo viability is gone because of the low hit-frames and tiny AoE, so you can only really use it in direct combat where it isn't worth it because the damage/range isn't good enough.*****in', Fire Surge is better for wakeup combos, actually scratch that, Fire Surge is better in almost every way.

                  • Anonymous

                    Any good for low level pvp?21 Apr 2016 12:06  

                    Seems very hard to hit with this, I'm doing some low level pvp with a new guy (to easily get max convent ranks for spells), I want to do some pyro dmg but have limited spell options. Should I push on to fire orb?

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