Level 8

STR 12

VGR 11


ATN 12

INT 14

END 10

FTH 14


luck 7

Pyromancer is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

A pyromancer from a remote region who manipulates flame. Also an adept close combat warrior who wields a hand axe.



Pyromancer Starting Equipment

Great Swamp Ring



Notes About This Class

  • Interesting attack properties and defensive properties while being able to wield pyromancy, the third form of magic in the game.
  • Pyromancies scale based on Intelligence and Faith attributes.
  • Chaos weapon refinements are particularly useful for pyromancers, due to the fire damage the weapon inflicts, and scaling with both INT and FTH.
    • However, as with all elemental upgrades, remember that the physical and elemental damage are both affected by defenses.
  • The benefit of having both INT and FTH gives you a wide armament, as you can use both miracles and spells in addition to pyromancies to your benefit, making pyromancers ideal for "Jack of All Trades" players.



Builds That Use This Class

  • Great Swamp Standard - Fextralife Build of the Week
  • Use an axe or a sword and a shield. If you want to go battle mage, max your int/faith and put in a little bit of strength/dex to be able to wield weapon like longswords. By raising your int/faith you will increase the damage of your pyromancer spells but mostly you will be able to use a chaos infusion on your weapon, which deliver high scaling in int/faith but brings down str/dex scaling, perfect for a battlemage. Don't forget to use spells that buff your weapon with fire, or that raise damage the more you attack the enemy.
  • Pyromancy does not need to be your sole source of damage. Use chaos refinements to benefit from the stats, and use pyromancy to supplement ranged attacks and utilities.
  • Murakumo scales A with Faith and Int, wich makes it a good weapon to use as a pyromancer

    • Anonymous

      19 Dec 2019 20:02  

      This class,stupidly useful to start with,gundyr is weaker to fire (You can burn his HP down rather shockingly fast,to clarify,108 per hit (recall in NG,he will only have around 1000 HP (So 10 good hits = dead gundyr,this being made easier by the fact you can stand a distance and fire two or three off for the first phase while he gets up,another volley (2-3) after his combos and when he transforms you can get as many as maybe 4-5 (recall you only need 10 hits to kill him) (So in total 2-3 to start,after his combos (2-3 more (total 4 to 6,which will cause a transformation most likely) than you can get more as he transforms (lets go on the more likely and say 3-4 hits) so 7-10 hits)

      • Anonymous

        01 Dec 2019 07:12  

        For optimization purposes, the pyromancer class is certainly the best class for fire and dark users, since these elements scale generally with both INT and FTH. So the pyromancer is the best starting class for pure INT/FTH builds, STR/INT/FTH, DEX/INT/FTH and quality/INT/FTH builds. Note this class has very few luck to start.

        • Anonymous

          06 Apr 2019 01:59  

          I will never understand why the pyromancer is just one point in dex. short of using a longsword. they could have just allocated one point out of luck to add to dex and viola problem solved

          • Anonymous

            05 Nov 2018 04:09  

            Fantastic class for a character later in the game, but good *****ing goddamn the starting equipment for this class is absolute garbage. Do yourself a favor and get a longsword or nearly anything else as soon as possible.

            • 21 Aug 2018 23:25  

              A pure Pyro can be very easy due to its many melee pyromancies. Int 40, Fth 40. Their spells dont consume much FP as sorceries and miracles, so you could have a less than 35 Att. The rest at your discretion (Pyro Knight, spellcaster, hybrids, etc).

              • Anonymous

                17 May 2018 12:23  

                Pyromancy challenge: Never change from starter gear, never upgrade your stats which aren't crucial to pyromancy specifically.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Jul 2017 18:25  

                  start with long sword/ Lothric Knight SS/ Astora SS with raw infusion. Late game invest some point into Str and Dex and make it 11/18 and use the Witch's Lock. Feels good to spank enemies.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Jul 2017 16:29  

                    my very first char is a pyro and hes currently lvl 48 and the stats are

                    -vigor 27
                    -attunement 14
                    -endurance 10
                    -vitality 11
                    -strength 18
                    -dex 20
                    -intel 18
                    -faith 16
                    -luck 7

                    i trashes this character pretty much

                    • Anonymous

                      27 May 2017 16:02  

                      A good starting weapon for the pyromancer is the Astora Straight Sword. You'll only need to invest a single point in dex to use it, which you might as well invest in dex anyways for more weapon choices and more casting speed.

                      • Anonymous

                        18 May 2017 05:21  

                        Help! I would like to rearrange my stats. I'm al level 80, and looking for some advise to increase int and fth, but be capable of taking some hits. This are my current stat: vig 20, att 20, end 12, vit 20, str 20, dex 20, int 25, fth 25, luck 7. I'm also wanting to use the carthus curved great sword, but guess need to put more str.

                        • 17 Feb 2017 17:28  

                          The Pyromancer is after the Knight (which is by far the best class for beginners) the best class for beginners. A pyromancer is way stronger than a faith or intelligence caster, especially for the first half of the game. I will give you some great tips to make the game really easy for a pyromancer:

                          - First thing to level is dex. put ONE point in dex (dont put anymore in dex or strenght 12/10 is enough for pyro!).
                          - Find the Astora Straight Sword (ASS). If you don't know where it is, search it here on the wiki. Kill the crystal lizard on the roof to infuse the ASS with raw.
                          - From now on, first level your vigor and endurence to level 15-20, whatever makes you comfortable. DON'T waste your time on faith/intel yet, it's not needed.
                          - Once you have your vigor and endurance to where you feel comfortable you can start putting points in attunement faith and intelligence. At the end you need 24 attunement, 40 faith and 40 intelligence. When you've reached this you can start leveling vigor to 27 which is enough for NG and NG+
                          - When your faith and intelligence COMBINED is higher than 45 it's time to infuse a LONGSWORD (best scaling straightsword by far in terms of total damage and has trusting and standard attacks, really good+you don't need to put points in str/dex). Don't infuse your ASS, keep it raw so you can buf it with Carthus Flame weapon for tough encounters.
                          - When you feel like it, and have the DLC, you can get the Onyx Blade and raise your str to 14 and dex to 12, an alternative (if you ndont have DLC) can be Bastard sword which needs 16/10, so same total "wasted" points in str/dex. OFcourse you can also keep using the longsword if you like it. If you want to use onyx blade or bastard sword you might need some more points in endurence though, cause greatswords require a lot of stamina.
                          - DONT use the weapons that have an double A infusion, even though you can be tempted. They are not worth it, the require a lot of investments in str/dex so you have less space for faith/intell. Also the most double A ifnusion weapons Murakumo and Astora greatsword requier a lot of stamina too cause they use up a lot when fighting. Winged spear has A A too but its base damage is so low that is sucks. Trust me, you want to use the weapons I listed i tried it all. For PVP Witch Lock's is really awesome though it sucks in PvE.

                          I hope this all made sense, any questions? Just ask!

                          • Anonymous

                            Recreate original pyromancer from DS122 Aug 2016 19:36  

                            Pyromancer classBattle axeConnurator setPyromancy flameRe-live dark souls one

                            • Anonymous

                              Strong Start?22 Jul 2016 00:39  

                              If I got through Gundyr with 8000 souls should I go for Faith and Int first or Strength and Dex? The page says Faith and Int but I want to be sure.

                              • Anonymous

                                Jebus scaling..01 Jul 2016 06:53  

                                Look pyromancies scale with both int and faith, it dosent matter how you level ds2 it was the same. The idiot bellow stating it took the lowest of em is thinking of dark spells.Max faith first or max int first same results..been tested proven and put to rest..Leveling both equaly is prefered forr obvious reasons. You may have periods dur to odd scaling youll be slightly below but overall its the same

                                • Anonymous

                                  scaling18 Jun 2016 03:38  

                                  in dark souls 2 it scaled with the lower of faith or int, but in 3 it scales the same with either stat. raising one over the other causes your damage to go up higher than spreading it out among both though.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Most burdened class!17 May 2016 23:06  

                                    If you only want to use pyromancy as main magic that means you must invest in both int & faith? Plus there are other stats which need to be invested... so it will only mean this class is the most investment consuming class!

                                    • Anonymous

                                      the truth behind the scaling23 Apr 2016 07:15  

                                      Ok people to finally put all this misinformation to rest. a +10 pyromancy flame with 10 int and 40 faith deals 180 +111 damage. a +10 pyromancy flame with 40 int and 10 faith deals... you guessed it, 180 +111 damage. Since im using a total investment of 30 points (for a deprived starting class) i tried 25 int and 25 faith as well. the resulting damage was... 180 +111. However, 20 intelligence and 20 faith was only +78 compared to 30 int and 10 faith or 10 int and 30 faith which was +86. so the difference in damage if you put all your points into one at first or spread them out is not that big of a deal. 25/25 = 40/10 so after a total investment of 25-30 points into faith and/or intelligence your damage will be the same anyway. this means instead of increasing both at the same time you could pump int first and use sorceries and pyromancies until you bring your faith up to par with your intelligence. or you could up your faith first and bring heals. the world is your oyster.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Pyromancer Weapons22 Apr 2016 21:40  

                                        So I just got Dark Souls 3, and i noticed that my Pyromancer couldn't use swords the right way (there was a red X on the weapon). How would I use these weapons?

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