Level 6



DEX 12

ATN 16

INT 16




luck 12

The Sorcerer is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

A loner who left formal academia to pursue further research. Commands soul sorceries using high intelligence."



Sorcerer Starting Equipment

Mail BreakerSorcerer's StaffLeather ShieldYoung Dragon RingSoul ArrowHeavy Soul arrowSorcerer HoodSorcerer RobeSorcerer GlovesSorcerer Trousers



Notes About This Class



Builds That Use This Class (Dark Souls Lore Based)

  • Sorcerer of the Dragon School of Vinheim (implied starting class, with Young Dragon Ring given)
  • Crystal Sage (Crystal Scroll knowledge holder, a branch of sorcery that has been carried on by the Crystal Sages)
  • Sage (Sage's Scroll sorceries knowledge holder)
  • Court Sorcerer (Logan's Scroll knowledge holder)
  • Adept Assassin of the Dragon School (Member of a clandestine guild of sorcerers based in Vinheim)
  • Xanthous Scholar (Golden Scroll knowledge holder. In the lost land of Oolacile, the sorceries orchestrated light)
  • Dark Sorcerer (holder of a forbidden dark sorcery knowledge, who uses a dark manifestation of humanity to cast spells).



Academy Assassin  ♦  Assassin  ♦  Cleric  ♦  Deprived  ♦  Herald  ♦  Herald of White  ♦  Knight  ♦  Mercenary  ♦  Northern Warrior  ♦  Pyromancer  ♦  Thief  ♦  Wandering Knight  ♦  Warrior

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    • Anonymous

      20 Jan 2021 08:29  

      The arc of Sorcerer going from easy mode in DS1 to mostly balanced in 2 to hard mode in 3 is something that has flown over most people's heads in this comment section...

      • Anonymous

        20 Jul 2020 03:06  

        Chad INT Glass Cannon build vs. Virgin STR/VGR "I am afraid to die" build. Bonus points if you played Glass Cannon as your first playthrough of the DSIII.

        • Anonymous

          01 Dec 2019 01:08  

          For optimization purposes, the sorcerer class is the way to go for pure INT builds and DEX/INT builds. For a STR/INT build, prefer the warrior, and for a quality/INT build, prefer the knight. You can use the high luck for some original DEX/INT/LCK builds, or other elemental DEX/LCK builds.

          • Anonymous

            30 Jan 2019 12:06  

            I was hoping to possibly use Dorhys gnawing but that’s 18 levels I’d need to get so that might not happen

            • Anonymous

              19 Jun 2018 16:27  

              I am wanting to use the Great Scythe with a Crystal infuse and basically go for a battle mage build. I am not very good with how gems hurt and help scaling yet. using my magic to punish foes from afar but be able to also fight up close. The Great Scythe has a pretty nasty sweet spot with it's range, or so I feel. Thoughts?

              • Anonymous

                12 Mar 2018 10:51  

                There are only 8 weapons in the game that a sorcerer can onehand without any stat investment or rings: Dagger, Bandit's Knife, Handmaid's Dagger, Mailbreaker, Stormruler, Rapier, Caestus and the Dark Hand.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Mar 2018 07:21  

                  The sorcerer class for me has always been the OP start. Two reasons -one is the soul arrow spell and two the starting weapon is the best critical and shield punching weapon around.

                  Just set the Shield Breaker raw, buff it with magic or applied buffs and you won’t really need any other weapon for PVE. I’m not sure about PVP for I’m offline, cannot afford it. Anyway, everyone complains about the hard strength start but with the high starting luck but honestly, your prime is magic and not melee.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Dec 2017 06:21  

                    Testing damage stacking of sorceries from different items for PVE sniping (one shot kills using hidden body and soul spear).

                    Lloyd's sword ring increases spell damage.
                    Scholar's candlestick increases spell damage even if two handing the staff to use weapon art, and no need to level faith to meet requirements.
                    Flynn's Ring has no effect.
                    I didn't notice any damage increase from Pontiff's Right Eye when using Great Farron Darts, but could only get about 5 hits in on a Pontiff Guard before he died. Might not be enough to proc.

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Dec 2017 12:36  

                      Step One: Get Hidden Body
                      Step Two: Get Slumbering Dragon Ring (I think it is called, the one with the muffle sound effect)
                      Step Three: Ignore 90% of the game as no enemies will ever know you are there.
                      Bonus: It becomes even more effecient if you also run with ring that increases buff duration since I believe Hidden Body counts as a buff.

                      • Anonymous

                        19 Nov 2017 14:43  

                        base strength is so low that you cant even use broken straight sword in one hand. not much more to be said

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Apr 2017 00:16  

                          My thoughts on Sorcery. Its the best at pve but the worst at pvp.

                          Sorcery is the worst class and route to befor pvp. So much so a large portion of the spells are melee range. Which just tells you that you mc*****ed up and should've gone melee build over sorcery and save resources for estus instead of splitting them in 2. Out of the 3 mage routes it has the least utility so you're not only good at surviving but a waste of space on a team when you could be replaced by someone who can use pyro or miracles which can heal and do more aoe spells than sorcery. Its spells go in a straight line so moving left, right, and in some cases forward at them will avoid it all. Once the opponent is up in your face you can't do anything in terms of spells.
                          If you build tanky you wasted damage, if you swap to melee or melee spells why didnt you just build melee to begin with, and if you cast again... well you *****ed up there and just got 1-2 shot by the melee build meta, if you do manage to hit them then gratz and surprise they have tears of denial so all that damage and they just 1-2 shot you, or you can just have them go on a whacky chase scene because if none of the above happened then this will and they eventually kill you.
                          Not to mention even if you are on a team, any good player would just drop everything and even ignore the host to kill you first because that is how much of an easy target you are.

                          For PVE on the other hand this class is the best. AI doesn't dodge much so hitting is several hundred times easier. You deal more damage then anyone. And you're very few useful utlity spell are actually now useful. Especially if you just want to speedrun through the place with spook and hidden body. Or kill bosses with ease with mercury (greatwood's worse nightmare).

                          So if you play Dark Souls for the pve pick sorcery, but if you play for pvp then recreate another character.
                          IMO best roles: Melee>>>Miracle=Pyromancy>>>>>>Level 1 guy>>>>>>Sorcery.

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Oct 2016 22:00  

                            Hey anybody I need Ton's of help with the dancer and wondering what ranged spell to use for it let me know or put a summon signs down around 4:45

                            • Anonymous

                              12 Sep 2016 23:37  

                              The sorcerer is cool and fun to play but is limited to so many items that they can use i wish there was more armor sets that could either boost damage or even lower casting time the sorcerer is the best ranged character in the game but it is so difficult to out fit for your playstyle when you only have at most 15 items to combinate with

                              • Anonymous

                                07 Sep 2016 08:58  

                                So many people complaining that sorcerers aren't viable (in terms of PvE) in souls 3.I agree they are underbalanced in PvP, except in terms of briefing (very fun).Imo, if you cant play a sorcerer in PvE without *****ing, don't bother. I've had a far greater success rate vs ALL bosses on a sorcerer as opposed to any other class in souls 3 , taking down all bosses in less than 3 attempts (or less) on my first ever play through of the game.Intel sharp cap and staff aren't the only sources of win for this class. Learn to play it before you badquit.

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