assassin small

Level 10

STR 10

VGR 10

DEX 14

ATN 14

INT 11

END 11


VIT 10

 luck 10

Assassin is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

An assassin who stalks their prey from the shadows. Favors sorceries in addition to thrusting swords.



Assassin Starting Equipment

estoc icontarget shield iconsorcerers staff iconspook iconassassin hood iconassassin armor iconassassin gloves iconassassin trousers icon



Notes About This Class

  • Spook could be considered one of the most useful starting spells, as other means of negating fall damage don't appear until later in the game. 
  • This class is very good to start with if you want to use sorceries as well as normal combat effectively. You can use Dex weapons from the onset and add Int as you go.



Builds That Use This Class

  • Int/Dex builds (Warrior Sorcerers)
  • Dex builds



Academy Assassin  ♦  Cleric  ♦  Deprived  ♦  Herald  ♦  Herald of White  ♦  Knight  ♦  Mercenary  ♦  Northern Warrior  ♦  Pyromancer  ♦  Sorcerer  ♦  Thief  ♦  Wandering Knight  ♦  Warrior

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    • Anonymous

      Mock this class as you will, but i've found it worthy of being used for builds that use a combination of all stats. I have a status buff and debuff/luck sorcery/hollow weapon build. It's just so good for when you need many stats, especially if you want/need to start with better gear then the Deprived class, especially if you are specializing in one stat and want to start with a boost ahead of time for all your dabbling needs.

      • Anonymous

        I like this class, this is the 2nd class I beat the game with. I used a claymore and magic buffs. Lightning claymore, fire claymore, magic claymore etc. Fun build, fun class, would recommend

        • Anonymous

          pve speedrun/low lvl pvp class
          pretty fun if you played as wanderer in ds1 or swordmaster in ds2
          a shame only scimitar and pontiff knight curved sword have that funny moveset of backflip for kick and swag parry for heavy attack when on left hand

          • Anonymous

            For a lot of people the assassin is a bad class and some thinks a true the start-level-ups are pretty expensive , but its good class for Dex/Int builds and the estoc is a pretty good starting weapon because its fast and thrust can be pretty useful . I recommend a lightning-infusion .

            • Anonymous

              The assassin is a bad class for optimization purposes. For DEX/INT builds, sorcerer is best for example. So this class could be useful for a very hybrid class, or for very specific weapons, such as maybe a blood murky hand scythe...

              • Anonymous

                If u use best class finder assassin can't level dex past 15, I usually go around that with the help of hunter ring which gives 20 dex total, enough to use most weapons. Next - u can't level faith at all, even sorc can, but assassin - no. Sounds like a perfect class for a hexer - leave regular blue-ish magic to sorcs. Staple build - 27+ vigor, med-high attunement, str 30-40, dex 15, int 45+, faith luck vit untouched. Hope this helps somebody.

                • Anonymous

                  I've done dozens of different builds and this class is the only one I've never used as a base for anything as it seems like the weaker option for everything I've come up with so far. Very strange.

                  • Anonymous

                    I think this is the best starting class for noobs, not knight

                    Spook for backstab cheesing all the tough enemies, making it easier to allocate more of your early stats to vigor/endurance and not suffer from having pathetic damage during tough 1v1s against enemies like the lothric knights.

                    Also allows stealthing through tough areas and negating fall damage to take short cuts

                    Only pyro is cheesier early game, but then you unlock orbeck and buy spook and backstab everything with Dark Hand instead of spamming fireball.

                    • Anonymous

                      It's unfortunate that Mercenary actually beats Assassin for making a DEX/INT hybrid. Assassin has few more points in FTH & LCK, which is a complete waste for DEX/INT build.

                      • Anonymous

                        Best Class to start and being gud at invading. Its starts with the infamous Bestoc and has one of the best invade spells, no sound while walking and no fall damage. and don´t forget the parry´ol´buckler. This class screams...low level pvp

                        • Anonymous

                          I've been using an assassin since I first tried DS3. I kind of unintentionally steered it towards a quality build, but I do have to say the assassin makes a pretty decent quality build.

                          • Anonymous

                            I can foresee many speed runners loving this class simply for starting with fall control, AGermanSpy in particular.

                            • Anonymous

                              His stats and gear reminds me the Noble class from Demon Soul. Both have light gear and a thrusting sword. And a catalyst.He seems less OP but his overall stats are quite similar.

                              • Anonymous

                                Intriguing that the assassin starts with the estoc, a weapon that has proved its worth in previous games, and quite long range.

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