Level 9

STR 13

VGR 12

DEX 12

ATN 10


END 11


VIT 15

luck 7

Knight is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

An obscure knight of poor renown who collapsed roaming the land. Sturdy, owing to high vitality and stout armor.



Knight Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • This class has the highest starting vitality to hold its heavier armor.
  • Attunement, Faith, and Intelligence stats are average enough to use spells later on.
  • Starts off with one spell slot and with 1 more point into Faith or Intelligence can use Heal Aid or Soul Arrow respectively (If you buy the sorcerer's staff or talisman from the shrine maiden).


  • A recommended class for new players of the franchise, due to the 100% physical defense shield, good weapon, and good armor.


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    • Anonymous

      04 Mar 2021 00:59  

      Want pure INT+FTH build? Go Pyromancer. Want pure physical build? Go Warrior. For everything inbetween, go Knight.

      • Anonymous

        17 Feb 2021 06:57  

        For some reason my first play through in these games are always with the Knight class, it just feels right y’know? Plus this and the elite Knight set just look so cool

        • Anonymous

          26 Aug 2020 17:33  

          The Knight Class is basically the Deprived, but for rich folk. You start with shiny gear which is fancy AF. You get 1 point from INT and FTH, and 2 from LCK taken away and put into stats you will need for early game anyway. If you still want to do magic, having a 9 on both INT & FTH isn't too bad. It might not be optimized, but if you think about it, optimizing stats is really about getting value out of every point invested in your soul level. Sounds good on paper, but it only really increases your actual output/chances by 3-5% or some other small amount.

          • Anonymous

            11 Aug 2020 22:51  

            As vigilant as i am about pickin this class on every character i make, i hate it. This class virtually completely removes the need for any other class to exist. Even if this class started naked with plank shield and club, i would still pick it simply for the ridiculous stats. Not to mention the club is actually quite decent its not a PvP weapon by any means but you can do quite a bit of damage with it.

            • 11 Jul 2020 15:47  

              Good. In fact too good. Wearing a shield, longsword and a complete iron armor should come with a fat role like in DS1. But it doesn't and so the other classes pretty much pale in comparrision to this agile like bee goliath.

              • Anonymous

                27 Dec 2019 23:06  

                "Humans will optimize the fun out of anything." Find a "for optimization purposes" on every single class. jfc

                • Anonymous

                  01 Dec 2019 06:16  

                  For optimization purposes, the knight class is generally the best one for STR/DEX aka quality builds, and also for quality-INT or quality-FTH builds. This is also the class of choice for an original STR/INT build. Finally, the vast majority of weapons requiring STR and DEX only, this is also often the best class for raw/fire/deep infusions-based builds to create for example a super tanky character.

                  • Anonymous

                    21 Oct 2019 08:05  

                    even though warrior might be slightly more optimized for pure melee minmax, i'd still go with knight. the extra dex allows pure strength builds to use a greater variety of weapons and the high vitality allows for better armor. meanwhile warrior has 11 wasted points in luck for some reason

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Nov 2018 21:00  

                      This class is extremely strong. So strong in fact, you can easily beat all of the bosses with purely what you get from picking this class without a problem.

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